Wednesday, May 7, 2014

AM Radio Program?

So, a couple of months ago I was chatting with Mark Griswold of Political Bistro (Facebook) who also works at Salem Communications. One thing led to another whereby eventually,  I was invited to have a meeting with Mark Griswold, about doing a show on AM Radio. Yesterday, I toured the studio in Belltown, Seattle (very near to the Space Needle.)

We spoke about two possibilities AM 820 [Christian Programming] and AM 1590 [Conservative Talk] We all agreed, Jeff Morton can talk for an hour. We met with Chuck Olmsteen, Director of Local Ministries. My message to Christianity is not a soft one, not accommodating, "edgy" was a word used yesterday. I don't have a Sunday morning message to Christianity, more like "Here's what is wrong with Christianity!" [I have no problem telling anyone willing to listen] Most Christians don't want to hear that message, trust me! Chuck Olmsteen quickly realized my passion but also my conviction to return to an Hebraic understanding of  the book those Hebrews wrote for God.

I am a conservative from a biblical perspective who believes God broke the Ottoman Empire in order to [along with other reasons], destroy the captivity of an entire people! Most black folks don't want to hear that message. They would rather believe they were, "Kings & Queens of mother Africa. It is a hard pill for many to hear, Nope, slaves of Islam!

I am a staunch supporter of Israel and will fight with every breath in me to come against the insanity, on going for centuries against the people whom God calls, the Apple of his eyes. Equally, I abhor racism and rail against prominent individuals who use racism, in my opinion for profit. Who then further the kingdom of darkness in this earth. The ghettos keep getting bigger, better, more improved, huh! In fact, Detroit I hear, is having a ghetto sale!

So here are the questions: Who would sponsor a program that challenges all of the above with honesty, integrity but, with point blank, and at times extremely provocative directness? Who would listen? Who would agree to come on and discuss these topics with an, Israel loving, no longer part of the Plantation Nation, Torah/Gospel believing, Un-Colored, kid of God's Kingdom who admires Allen West? Who would be a part of the "Listener Supported" hour long program?

The biggest question I have is this: Abba, Father, My LORD, what is your desire?

I am waiting to hear back from Salem Communications with their proposal, more importantly, I am waiting to hear from my Elohim, YHVH. [In Babylon, the cost is always a factor, no different here.]

So, this blogger thanks you for your support, encouragements, prayers and your understanding!


Moed Torah said...

I would!

Dan from Auburn

Andre Pigott said...

Great! News let God's will be done in all the earth

Jim Grapes said...

Do they offer a trial period for you to develop a support base??
Do they offer any assistance with farming a supporter list you develop??
Would they provide the producer support??

Jeff Morton said...

@ Jim...Nope, Nope and Yes