Wednesday, May 28, 2014

About having "Jitters!"

Prior to 2007 and shortly after selling my company in Portland, Oregon I had the grandiose idea of creating an umbrella organization that encouraged black conservatives to be more cohesive. Truth be told, I soon realized that many educated black folk especially clergy were more interested in self promotion. I understood why which is another article in and all by itself. Suffice it to say, I chucked that idea under the proverbial bus!

The fact that I did not finish college, obtained a GED in 1984 after serving in the US Navy and have spent most of my adult life managing companies or developing business is a far cry from being able to write a personal vitae full of accomplishments. [Trust me]

Of course, becoming addicted to cocaine while trying to run several restaurants was possibly the greatest boo-boo of my life. I had the occasion to meet a few judges during those personal mistakes, and so it goes.......

One day the God of the Bible showed up! He took me from where I was to where I am now.  I am still trying to figure out where the, "Here now is" but, I know where I am not, and where I will never be again! With a grateful heart my entire life changed. For me, living in past mistakes, lack luster accomplishments, cataclysmic failures, along with emotional scarring from youth have all prepared me to jump into a fallen world with purpose. I feel like every blood cell in my body has the word "JOY" written on them! I understand what God is doing....I live on the edge of my seat watching our Creator "Fulfill."

The lunacy that being separated from YHVH, from his ways, has reached a 6000 year fever pitch. The noise and human debasements, replete with dysfunction, selfish, murderous, madness is running most countries on the earth. Somewhere, someone has to shout back. Many of us are doing just that. I absolutely realize that it is not a black or white thing, conservative or liberal but rather, life or death!

So like the Biblical disciples, Queen Haddassah, Joshua, Moses, so many individuals throughout history, I am taking what I have, who I am, and shouting back the chaos.

And my fear is momentary, my resolve is sitting on the edge of my seat with me

Thanks to Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel for reminding me of the bigger picture!

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