Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Women Who Stay Engaged, [Meet Linda]

Hi Jeff...
Just watched your online video, and discussion on "The Evidence" and subject of the misinterpretation of the scriptures. I couldn't agree more.  Although I have not educated myself on Hebrew interpretation of scripture as you, I still hold to the concept of Jewish doctrine being the foundation of the Bible.   And yes, there has been a re-writing of its historical significance and most people today have no clue. 


In fact, it was so ironic that your video touched on this because below you will find a letter I just wrote to "Letters To The Editor" of my local newspaper.    I literally sat and had steam coming out of my ears when I read a hateful letter published in that same paper the day before Easter.  ( My letter below is in response to that letter).

The misrepresentation of what has actually been written....whether it be Biblical/Torah scriptures or government writings, needs to be challenged.   You are doing a great service in promoting the writings of those who "get it".   I will definitely go buy his book.  Thanks for getting the truth out there, and in my own small way I will try to do the same.

Thanks for including me in your video's. I  pass them onto friends an family.  
Many hugs!
Love Linda 

*Before you read Linda's letter watch the following with the added knowledge that Charles Darwin was the equivalent of a hippie, naturalist walking through the woods. He had no academic credibility as a scientist! Linda and I have been emailing one another for several years now. We have never met. Linda has supported what we do both financially and as my sister in YHVH.......Thanks Linda, YOU are loved!

Here is Linda’s letter to Skagit Publishing letters@skagitpublishing.com

Inflammatory Words

Evolution versus Intelligent Design can be a touchy subject.  However, I wonder what is so threatening and offensive to those who champion evolution that they need to mock the religious beliefs of millions of Americans?  And with billions of Christian followers worldwide and millions of Bibles sold each year, remarkably in 450 languages, what was the main objective in the letter to the editor mocking God and His followers with inflammatory words such as "an old storybook", or "the intelligent designer needs to go to school and learn some real science"?  Published on Easter weekend no less. 

The letter also referenced the Kansas lawsuit regarding the teaching of Intelligent Design in classrooms, stating that belief in God was just an attempt to undermine the First Amendment.  Not so.  The words "separation of church and state," penned by Thomas Jefferson in his personal letter to the Danbury Baptists on January 1, 1802, was never a part of the First Amendment!  Our Founders main objective was to prevent the federal "establishment" of a national denomination, not to totally separate practices of faith within government.  They had no intention of allowing the government to limit, restrict, regulate, or interfere with any religious practices.  Why?  They had just left behind that same doctrine of separation in England!  Jefferson's personal letter should never have been taken out of context, or used as a national policy or a stand-alone government ruling.  

To those who hold a favorable position on evolution within the context of science, it would be appreciated that they look beyond their personal prejudices.   No one disputes that science played a role in evolution.  The main disagreement lies in who "created" that science in the first place.  We can agree to disagree, but offensive and disrespectful words only divide us further.

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