Monday, April 28, 2014

The Plantation Nation and The Vidiot Nation [Part Two]

In part one, I attempted, as a suggestion to connect violent behavior for example, the proverbial "Whoopin" that many black families know all to well to the "whoopins" and beatings that slave masters often perpetrated on their, "Property!" My sister once told to me that, when you see black folks bow their head and put a finger up in the air during church this is a generational hand me down from the slave days? I have subsequently learned this to be the way a slave would seek permission to be excused from the presence of their master. Curiosity of course caused me to study more. One particular book, POST TRAUMATIC SLAVE SYNDROME that I have scanned but not read fully theorizes about the generational impact that continues to be past down through black America. The Bible specifically tells us that "SIN is generational and curses move thru the centuries

Numbers 14:18 'Yahweh is slow to anger, and abundant in loving kindness, forgiving iniquity and disobedience; and that will by no means clear [the guilty], visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and on the fourth generation.'

What caused the slavery issue that so engulfed and entire continent? Based on biblical fact, almost always was a rejection of YHVH and his ways. Sodom and Gomorrah are the most glaring accounts.
So, if this is true, what sort of impact are we programming into our youth based on the sins of our nation today? Follow the lunacy if possible

During the Scopes Monkey trial the idea of evolution, although defeated gained a foot hold into the psyche of America. We all apparently and according to a hippie, naturalist, Charles Darwin we evolved from something else into something else. Today I call this liberalism on steroids or "That which insists on making no sense at all" 
Please watch the following:

The Scopes Monkey trial precipitated a movement to kick school prayer out of the lives of our children which produced Roe verses Wade or the law allowing women to kill their kids before exiting the place God created in order that all of us live namely, the womb. The only thing the female womb has evolved into over the years is a death camp for children, some children!

Finally evolution now has our kids sitting in front of electronics learning how to kill one another as well as anyone else who does not think in like manner......In each instance we take on a more devalued sense of life and what God purposed. Our behaviors are changing and our children are weaving and bobbing through violence, rape, drugs, and lunacy UN-paralled in human history!

What is a Vidiot? Urban Definition
I would go one step further by adding, anyone who seeks entertainment above God......electronically!

We keep slipping down a slope where the momentum is violent, the outcome is dead people. How much of what we do today is changing how our kids see tomorrow? We started all of this by saying they came from monkeys, tossed out God, and evolved into murdering people before they breathed air. Now we are teaching them to kill one another; our method is the death of family! Death, dead, and deadly are over taking life and life abundantly!

If a "Whooping" is both a visual and generational outcome of the violence perpetrated on slaves world wide and now handed down....Electronic programming is a universal reality in our generation that is fostering what exactly....?

The Plantation Nation, the Vidiot Nation, and virtually every nation on earth all have one thing in common...None represent a Biblical Nation. Hence, generational sin continues to Rob, Kill and Destroy!

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