Friday, April 25, 2014

OUR Daughters Are Not Sex Slaves!



Yesterday, we released a video featuring a powerful, heartbreaking, and inspiring spoken word performance titled America’s Daughters. The piece was written and performed by a survivor of sex trafficking who we serve and gives us a glimpse into the unbelievable exploitation so many people have endured.

This woman's brave decision to speak out demonstrates the remarkable resilience of the survivors Polaris Project works with every day.

When we posted America’s Daughters on Facebook, it was moving to see the reaction of our supporters. We could all be overwhelmed by the sadness of the story, knowing 21 million people are trapped in the tragedy of human trafficking. We could choose to look away.

But you and the other members of our community won't step away from a survivor. Instead, you chose to stand beside her in solidarity. Here are some of the comments community members left on our Facebook post, showing what the video meant to them:

America’s Daughters demonstrates that every survivor has a story to tell. That people who have survived modern slavery find their own ways to express themselves as they recover from their trauma and achieve the freedom they deserve. It shows that if we can all choose to stand in solidarity with survivors, listening to their stories and heeding their voices, we will build a world without slavery.

This month brought a number of other successes. A law we worked hard to pass was signed by Governor Jan Brewer in Arizona. A man who sex trafficked young women in New Jersey was sentenced to 10 years in prison, using a law we helped pass. Victories like these rely on survivors raising their voices. We will continue to work every day alongside survivors and hope you will commit to doing so as well.

In solidarity with survivors, 

Bradley Myles
Polaris Project

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