Friday, April 25, 2014

How Clive Bundy is a Racist?

If all you had to do was say, I don't like "Black People" publicly in order to cause a furor within the hearts and minds of black America, then black America is possibly the saddest group of human beings on planet earth.

For the record...I dislike a whole bunch of black people! Because I myself am black, who cares but, if I was a white boy with a little bit of fame the Liberal media would swoop down onto me like flies and turds!

The problem then becomes the audience! If this is all it takes to get the black community up in arms, indignant, and pissed off well then we as a people have never really overcome anything. All those folks who died as slaves singing about Moses and Abraham did so for only but a brief moment in time. The media seems to control the "Plantation Nation" with a modicum of print, video and slander.....

Now, Clive Bundy is a racist! By the end of the month he will have become a distant relative of Hitler or  former Governor, George Wallace. By the midterm elections he will be a card, carrying KKK member who purchased the weapons for Frazier Glenn Cross, aka Frazier Glenn Miller in order that three innocent people were slain. By the time half of the black population in America watches CBS, NBC, ABC or any other "I worship the Obama Administration" media franchise we may have rioting in the streets! This is who, according to the reaction these media outlets have promulgated previously, black America is!

Hell, if you believe Obamacare based on media reports reaching 7 million by March 31st, I have piece of property in Harlem for sale. Bill Clinton use to own it when he needed a few useful idiots!

Now the only thing left to do is get Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton before their cameras to do a little dance decrying racism representing "Black Folks" and presto late night liberal TV will have a few jokes to share!

However, for those of you who love truth, who love God, here is the truth about Clive Bundy!

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