Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who walk according to Yahweh's law"
I was speaking with author Eric Schwelling last night. We chatted via the phone for quite sometime. Interestingly, we share a common bond in a few areas; two of the most pronounced are racial division and religious division. We hate both. Many of you who know me know too, that I am quick to apologize when I need to, quick to say, "You're nuts, stupid, crazy or just a damned fool as well! I am going to be who I am for the rest of my life. I am a work in progress, sorta of like all of you, huh? Having said that-----

You also know that I come against Christianity "that ignores" Tanakh. I believe most of Christianity is bed-rocked not in the life of Jesus and what he represented but rather "REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY because of the life, death, burial of Jesus at the hands of Jews. I find it ironic that many beliefs within Christianity are centered around the failure of the Jews while at the same time EVERY church on earth teaches what they wrote. Jesus kept every Law, every commandment. His very death followed the law perfectly hence.."NO SIN"....revelatory huh?

So when reading Eric's book whereby he literally exposes or rather catalogs (Like YHVH did) the facts concerning Law, Torah, Instructions, and the fact that Jesus represented the Law, Torah, Instructions perfectly, and the fact that breaking the Law is what constitutes sin-

[and for you teachers and truth seekers here on Facebook, Eric chose to use the BIBLE not the Talmud as his means of putting his book together]

-I would find it supernatural if the average Christian, who would read Eric's book(s) to not have at least 5 questions concerning how we have been taught! To not order this book, to not read it, use it, and present it to others is [to be honest] a tragic loss.

I will be presenting this book to my Pastor this morning. 

I have recommended books before......even when and where I don't agree with the theology. Eric's book is not theological but rather a collection of scriptures based on thousands of years of arguments both topical and just damned ridiculous when the evidence concerning YHVH's law is (still) starring all of us in the face via the Bible........

When ever I say "the law" to most Christians they share what they have been taught...not what the Bible says...or they immediately connect it to Jewish foolishness, not what the Bible says. Personally, if you look at the Bible from a Replacement Theology mindset I could say to you, "Look the sky is blue!" But if you cannot see the sky because of what or how you have been taught to look at the will argue, get emotional and eventually angry........

Nevertheless, the sky is still blue! 

Throughout the pages of Eric's book the sky is still blue and the Bible is still true. Religion has never been true............

I make a strong recommendation: Please take my word for it, you will not regret adding this book to your brain.

Thank you

To order the book
God Quotes: The Collection is one of a kind

Finally: I spoke to yet another pastor a few days ago, a real nice guy who did not know Tanahk. If I counted all of the pastors that I have spoken to who do not know the "Old Testament" I would be counting for the rest of this day. Sadly this is very, very true!

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