Sunday, March 30, 2014

Someone Created Something Beautiful, Meet Eric Ian Schwelling

Before you read this post please do yourself a favor, watch this first! The following made me cry. You see, I understand! I know that we are the most precious, most amazing creation, "Something Beautiful!"

These words, this music just bring me to tears. My spirit is touched with every note, every word!

My dear brother Eric Ian Schwelling,

I began reading the PDF file that you forwarded to me. I don't know you other than Facebook and through your mother [who I simply would just love to meet.] I started reading through your manuscript yesterday. I put the pages down last night thinking I will pick this up in the morning. This is one of those books you put down because and only because your eyelids start closing. So, this morning I thought, 'Well Jeff, You have never been to the site, go take a peek." The video was the first thing that I clicked onto once I got there. Now, after reading part of your book and then seeing the video above my whole being connected to you because I too heard from YHVH who asked me to go and tell his people to Un-Color ourselves from all that separates us from him. (Racial and Religious division) 

The eternal revelation born into my spirit over these last 8 years is knowing that in YHVH's eyes, we are the greatest miracle, the most spectacular of all that has been created. You, dear brother understand!

Draft Cover
I thought to write a public note to you because your book or the PDF file that you sent to me is extraordinary and the public needs to be touched by your relationship to YHVH. You have, through His spirit, certainly touched mine. Thank you!

In visiting your website to my surprise I find a variety of studies, additional information to glean; I had no idea! For those of you who read this please let me share the website with you. Just click here

Okay, now that I have blown my nose, wiped my eyes dry and recomposed myself...dear friend your book is terrific, TERRIFIC! I cannot wait to order a copy when published. Of course, you will have to come onto my show via Blog Talk and share the intimacy of your heart, your spirit that so beautifully produced this book and the video above.

While reading the PDF I was noting almost every argument sprawled across the social media...and handed down from generation to generation. I also noted the evidence of his great, great love for us in your words. I took a few moments to write this. I should have most of the book read by days end.....
The pleasure is all mine!

Thank you for writing,  THE EVIDENCE, "The Scriptural Defense For God's Eternal Law" Thank you for sending to me an advanced copy
Folks....for the record, the argument is centuries old. However, The reality of our Creator is new every morning. We cannot afford to miss the beauty that inspires Him to do all that is being done. We are that beauty. Eric Ian Schwelling reminds us of the questions that have kept millions of us discussing the Almighty One. They are questions not battle cries and reasons to hate......Shalom, Shalom, Shalom!
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Consider too, liking his page  

Lamentations 3:22-23
[It is of] Yahweh's loving kindnesses that we are not consumed, because his compassion doesn't fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Question: Are Black Churches opening their doors to hear this message?

I just looked for additional information regarding Elliot Chadoff. I cannot find any black churches/pastors inviting this man into God's house to speak? Please correct me if I am wrong!

For those of you who are interested in hearing what a Jewish person has to offer..Sort of like reading your Bibles which was written entirely by Jewish Elliot Chodoff

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I received and email from Salem Communications

I received the following comment [Unofficially] from a local Syndicated Radio Station consultant here in the Seattle area...
Might go tour their studio and discuss a broadcast show on the radio? (Have to speak with and then hear from YHVH...

Loved listening to your podcast. So much history that so many folks of all races don’t have a clue about. Loved your comment about how black folks (or probably guilt-ridden white liberals) keep changing names (Negro à Black à African-American).

If you’re interested on taking your show to the airwaves let me know. I think since your show is a mix of religion and politics it would be best on our Conservative Newstalk station, Freedom 1590. It could work on our Christian Teach & Talk station KGNW 820 as well though." )

Here is what he was responding to

The Mis-Education of Black America

Check Out The Bible Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Kingdom Kids Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Message For Family

A Message about my Family, for my Family, and because of my Family (2 hours long)
Current The Bible Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Kingdom Kids Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio

If you would like to contact me send to me an email at or

May YAHWEH Bless and Keep you!  

Deuteronomy 6:6-9  
And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart.  You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.  You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.  You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jim Bakker & Mark Biltz, "Who would have ever thought?"

Click on the dates to review the shows

                                                                        March 14, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Current Events, Mark Biltz via El Shaddai Ministries

I copied and pasted the following from the El Shaddai ministries website page,

"Current Events"

Pastor Mark will be on the Jim Bakker Show

Banner for Bakker show
Pastor Mark will be on the Jim Bakker Show starting March 13th for 5 days. If you don't get Jim Bakker's Show you will also be able to view though Jim Bakker's archives page after March 13th.
Where to see the Jim Bakker Show in your area here.


5 times on TV! 'Blood Moons' author explains heavenly signs here.

First Christain Book Store to Carry our Book and DVD

Dightman's storefront
Do you live in the Tacoma, WA area? Dightman's Bible Book Center is now carrying The Blood Moon book and DVD. Find directions and hours on their website here.

Listen to Pastor Mark on Coast to Coast AM

Coast to Coast
Pastor Mark provided the “Coast to Coast AM” audience the key to understanding the divine link between prophecy, heavenly signs, historical events and when they intersect. Listen to the interview with guest host Rob Simone on YouTube here.


Last Friday or March 15th, 2014 I attended a "New Member" greet & meet at the Kent, (Washington) Chamber of Commerce. While meeting and greeting others in attendance I met Val (Valentin) Caspaar. Mr. Caspaar is from Austria. His accent is think, personality jovial, with a very charming, enthusiastic presence. Mr. Caspaar is just about to have his grand opening ceremony for a new restaurant located in Kent, Washington. The name of his most recent venture is, "Magic-Flavors" His restaurant has over 250 menu items........
Okay, so for those of you who are not familiar with running a restaurant, you won't understand what I just stated, 250 menu items; My goodness!

Valentin also shared that he and his wife are expecting. "Grand opening, Grand arrival" congratulations! I wish you great success with family and in business.

In the restaurant business you have perishable and non perishable food items. With over 250 menu items the break down absolutely means that the control needed in order to produce a fresh product, that appeals to the customer becomes critical. As I listened to Valentin explain his concept I am thinking...this is bold!. You see, his menu offers "Bites of the World" or a variety of dishes from around the globe; hence 250 food items.

I started out in the restaurant industry learning how to serve the public managing various businesses. The restaurant business teaches a myriad of skills primarily because of what it takes to operate a restaurant. It's hard work! The hours are long and the consumer demands are ever present. If your service is terrible, food inconsistent in quality, and the location dirty, forget it! In America it takes a nano second to loose customers. It takes hard work, a clean restaurant, excellent product and fast, friendly service to build a solid foundation. All of these components are in play according to Valentin in the case of Magic-Flavors Restaurant, which introduces 250 dishes or food items from around the world. All 250 increase the challenge and in my opinion, this takes a special individual to pull such a daunting task off. Personally, My pet peeve is greasy tables!...This alone keeps me from returning to any restaurant, anywhere on earth. Just asking a few basic questions I realized rather quickly that Magic-Flavors has a conscientious, capable leader at the helm.

Mr. Caspaar is no stranger to business but as he put it, "This is a new venture for me." In chatting with Valentin, I was so impressed with what he is doing or attempting to do. I actually had a similar idea years ago but thought, nah, no way! I think this is my attraction to what Magic-Flavors is attempting. I wish them well, I really do and pray for nothing short of great success! I can't wait to get over to Magic-Flavors in order to experience, "Bites of the World" for myself. I work in Kent therefore, this is an easy trek at lunch time! I will see you there.

You can visit the restaurant which is located: They are also on Facebook Click Here

"B i t e s  o f  t h e  W o r l d" tm

21230 84th Ave S, Kent, WA 98032
Tel: 253-981-6590 - Fax: 253-395-8057

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Generation Black, Un-Colored?

Generation Black Un-Colored on Barack Hussein Obama

Generation Black, Un-Colored on Rom Emanuel, current mayor of Chicago!

Generation Black, Un-Colored on New York socialist mayor, Bill DeUrkiddingright

Still wanna keep voting for those Progressive Democrats? If you vote for Progressive Democrats you probably eat Cheerios with a fork too!
President Assad of Syria thinks the same way many of you do! Only, he is advanced! Just look at all of those people that he is killing who disagree with him....He understands tolerant and inclusive too!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our First Black President Lies Too!

Can you dig it?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Adjusting Christianity, Understanding Islamic fundamentals

I met Walid Shoebat a few times at differing venues where he was speaking. I wish he were more Torah based in his understanding but what he has to share is, in my opinion, a first step in helping a great segment of Christianity include an Eastern concept of a book that has been around for centuries...namely the Bible. The Bible is written from an Eastern concept which, remarkably, most in the West simply do not have incorporated into Sunday morning theology....

Check out the following presentation by Walid Shoebat. Add what he shares to your Biblical understanding. It does the body, good!

Why do I support the Tea Party? Because the common sense factor behind much of what we stand for is actually a clarion call for America to return to sanity!.......We have social insanity spreading across this country whereby everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. Laws and legislation are being passed and or drawn up to satisfy the absurd....No society can exist, insane! The American public is fast becoming a a free nation with no representation....How is that supposed to work?

Please Watch, Please Pray & Please Stand [and if you are able], Please Support!

Intolerable Trailer

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Greg Silverman

Greg Silverman Ministries,  Statement of Faith PDF Click Here

I met Dr. Greg Silverman Monday night at El Shaddai Ministries. [His Doctorate is in Music] He came to worship with us at El Shaddai Ministries. Greg presented to our congregation a kaleidoscope of beautiful worship unto our coming Mochiach, or Messiah. Dr. Silverman is an accomplished musician. Born of an Italian and Jewish lineage which presented to him Christianity and Judaism, Dr Greg Silverman raised up worship to Abba, Father, with a bunch of soul, jazz, classical, and a touch of black folk, old, time gospel music. He presented to our congregation his Jewish root to both music as well as his faith. I fell in love with his heart, his message, and his ministry.


Visit Greg Silverman's website Click Here
Dr. Silverman is a conductor, composer who lives to celebrate music, to teach music, and to present a ministry of melody through the lives of those seeking to go into similar ministry. He shared, "We are full time now" which to me means a lot of different things. First, he has felt a call to step out in faith with all that is in his heart to do. Second, his ministry is supported by us both through prayer and financial offerings. Dr. Silverman currently resides in New Jersey but I met him in Tacoma, Washington which presents a third observation. Greg Silverman is traveling and bringing his ministry, his music to congregations across the country.

While sitting in the audience at El Shaddai Ministries I was reminded of how, I did not want to fight traffiic heading from work to try to be there on time. I was thinking, well I took the time to look at a YOU TUBE video to see if I might enjoy going to hear Greg Silverman (who I did not know of nor have I ever heard of prior) While watching the YOU TUBE video early in the day I heard a soulful sound coming out of a rather unassuming guy thinking..."HE SOUNDS GOOD" So now, sitting in the audience about halfway through his presentation I felt encouraged and grateful that I came after all. My spirit was lifted, I was very, very pleased with our brother, Dr. Gregg Silverman and I completely enjoyed his musical ability, his amazing voice and heart for service to our God. Thank you My LORD for your spirit which moved me to go...Oddly, their was no traffic the entire way to El Shaddia Ministries driving from Kent, Washington to Tacoma. (Some of yaw, know what I am talking about!)

I spent yesterday at home due to some work being done in our town home. I took this opportunity to take a look at as much information available concerning Greg Silverman I mentioned earlier that Greg is a Conductor: (Total Time19:29)

The Silverman Family
Dr. Greg Silverman is a father and husband.  I asked him, "Where do you live" He responded, New Jersey. We had an opportunity after his concert of worship to chat for a few minutes. I told him that I have family in New Jersey and hail from New York State myself. I shared with him a little bit about what I do asking if he would like to have an intimate conversation with me on the Blog Talk handing him my card. We have a tentative scheduled date of April 27th, 2014. One thing that I truly connected with while speaking with Greg is his heart to keep moving forward. He wants to do more, much more in preparation of the coming Kingdom. I could feel this in his voice, almost touch his heart with regard to this single desire. Man, do I understand this!

The Silverman boys

When Greg mentioned his two young sons it was quite easy to see the joy in his spirit at the mention of his kids. His entire being smiled when speaking of them. Those of us who have children could see this as though it was a part of all of us....I just loved how he share about his family. I don't think I was alone in this either. For those who did not attend which was quite a few...You missed a great evening! Can you all tell that I was totally impressed and grateful for his coming? As I write this much of what I experienced Monday night is flowing out of my finger tips with each click on this keyboard. I loved meeting Dr Greg Silverman! Thanks Pastor Mark for inviting him to our congregation.

Hmmmm, the archived event is not posted bummer, I was hoping to post the entire evening via the Live Streaming service that our ministry uses.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Harry Reid, "Supreme Idiocy In Motion"

addendum: 9:42 PM Pacific...When I wrote this earlier in the morning I was outraged. I thought about deleting the post! Truth be told, this Godless man brings out the worst in me....Nuff Said!

According to Senator Harry Reid:

I once made the statement that if you follow Hillary Clinton around long enough you will undoubtedly follow her straight into hell. I stand by my statement. Harry Reid however, is possibly the very one who sits on the throne in hell! I have yet to see a distinction that would suggest otherwise.

Now that you know how I really feel, "Who are the Koch brothers, really?" I will admit that I have heard the name Koch brothers over the years but have never really took a moment to read about them. I was more than impressed to be quite honest. They too, have had ups and downs along the way, overcoming many business failures and family issues made public [just to name a couple.]

According to Encyclopedia Britannica:
Charles G. and David H. Koch, in full Charles de Ganahl Koch and David Hamilton Koch also called Koch brothers   (respectively, born Nov. 1, 1935, Wichita, Kan., U.S. born May 3, 1940, Wichita), American brothers who were majority co-owners of the energy conglomerate Koch Industries, Inc., and major financial supporters of libertarian and conservative causes in the United States in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Through the success of their company, one of the largest privately held corporations in the world, Charles and David Koch became two of the richest persons in the country, with a net worth of more than $20 billion each at the end of the first decade of the 21st century.
The brothers’ father, Fred C. Koch, made his early fortune from his invention of a new technique of thermal cracking, by which petroleum is converted into lighter oils and gasoline. Charles and David were educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), receiving master’s degrees in engineering in 1959 and 1963, respectively. Upon Fred Koch’s death in 1967, his Rock Island Oil and Refining Company was inherited by his four sons: Charles, David, David’s twin brother, William, and Frederick (born 1933). Charles became ... []

Okay, so these men come from a family that represent the American dream. The oil industry produced a lot of wealth for a lot of people. Not because of oil but rather, hard work, ingenuity, and determination!

I started two companies and have an idea of what it takes to do so. I was not afraid to do what was impossible at the time. My credit was poor, could not get a loan or a line of credit which made what I was doing or attempting to do even more difficult but we did it. I sold one while the first one failed. The failure was due to the fact that I was sliding into a drug dependance that created catastrophic consequences. I think the other company was my way of recovering and accomplishing what I knew I could do.....

In other words, I did not do as well as the Koch Family, [wink!]  But, I did not sit on welfare collecting food stamps either.

As an American, a black man...I had the opportunity and the personality so I went for it. I did not have much help or a lot of what! I remember thinking eventually, "I really don't want to do this." I took a profile test wondering what was wrong. The test came back saying that I wanted to teach historical truth and to re-educate people in particularly, the black community...This was in 2005 with IDAK Group located in Portland, Oregon. I paid $800.00 for this outfit to tell me that I loved people. The more successful my business got the more removed from people I became. Hence, I found out what was...wrong!

The Koch brothers or Koch Industries however, have/has done what I am not wired to do! Koch Industries employs countless individuals, invests in the lives of people who earn a wage, feed their families etc, etc. The Koch family values, commitment, and dedication to what they have accomplished is both remarkable and solid. Just in the brief, cursory research that I have done and because I have a veracious appetite for facts someone like me can't help but to be impressed with the Koch family success (Unless you are in the camp of Harry Reid)

Oh I could probably dig a bit deeper and find all sorts of issues that I might find egregious, possibly worse. Or just the opposite could happen. Nevertheless, the history of the Koch brothers and what this family has accomplished makes anything Harry Reid has to offer, telling! Ever notice how an idiot has the remarkable ability to make known the strength of their character regularly? Harry Reid, like satan are both accomplished fools destined for separation from the purpose of why we are created in the first place. God made men and women to be fruitful and to multiply..........He also tossed into the mix a bunch of tares!

To answer an idiot with facts: 
This morning on FOX news, Stuart Varney of FOX Business made the comparison of donors to the Democrat Party saying by far "Union money pours into the Democrat party with the top five donors all unions"....Click here. The Koch brothers donate to many, many causes and to the Republican party but are way down the list in terms of actual money in comparison.....
So the union task masters, slavishly take from their workers and then pay off idiots.

Like I always say, "Hell would be frozen before I vote for a Democrat!" I am a, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Allen West, Ben Carson conservative for the record. Ya'll probably figured that out by now huh?

The Koch brothers are conservative, believe in smaller government and reflect hard work! My kind of people and company ethics. Senator Harry Reid lives in the fantastical world of make it up or just out right lie your butt off! Either way folks down in Nevada vote this imbecile into office or the Unions keep this refuse in political power. I am sure the Koch brothers have a certain integrity built into the brilliance of what they have done that Senator Harry Reid can only imagine. Even in this I am generous with such an assumption concerning Reid. How many of you who understand what the Koch family has accomplished would ever support a moron? 
How many union folks love the fact that their money goes to people like Senator Harry Reid? Maybe folks down in Nevada have stopped buying the Kool-aid? If this is the case [and I believe it to be] then money is what keeps this idiot in office...

Statement from Koch Industries in response:

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Statement by Philip Ellender Regarding Remarks by Senator Harry Reid


“It is clear that there is a big difference between the vision of Senator Reid and of Koch as it relates to the future direction of this country.
At Koch, these are the things in which we believe: a government of appropriate size and scope such that it allows Americans the freedom and liberty to pursue happiness and well-being–for themselves and their families. We also believe in a government that operates on a balanced budget and does not burden American taxpayers with things like unfunded liabilities and mandates; a government that respects the integrity of our country’s Constitutional principles; and regulatory bodies that don’t impose needless burdens on entrepreneurs and job creators, both large and small.

This topic is worthy of vigorous dialogue and civil debate between people who exercise mutual respect for others with opposing viewpoints. We are disappointed that Senator Reid is attacking private citizens rather than the problems facing this nation. It is no wonder that Americans have lost faith in Congress.”

Philip Ellender
President and COO,
Government & Public Affairs,
Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Avi Lipkin Breaks It Down Concerning Russia

Part One:

Part Two

Part Three

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

God cannot be a man.....So who created dirt?

Following Christ is one thing. Understanding why he was Jewish is an entirely different thing!

Question: What is worse, Jesus nailed to a cross or YHVH nailed to a tree?

Exodus 20:3
Exodus 20:23
Exodus 34:14
Deuteronomy 5:7
Deuteronomy 6:14
2 Kings 17:35
Psalms 81:9
Isaiah 42:8
  Did you look up these verses
Hosea 13:4 I have been Yahweh your God ever since the land of Egypt; you know no God but Me, and no Savior exists besides Me.
So, God separated the
Heavens from the earth
Darkness from light
Water from the ground
Women from man
But he could not become God of Heaven and God in the born as a man, through a virgin!
So who created "Virgins?"
So who created "Born?"
So who created "Men?"
So who created "Women?
So who created everything that we know?
And who or what is Genesis 19:24 talking bout people!
Who did Joshua see 5:13
Who did Gideon see Judges 6:14
Who did Abraham see Genesis 18:2
Who did Balaam Numbers 22: