Friday, November 29, 2013

Israel & God is like Heaven & Earth, Spirit & Flesh

Before you read this please know that what is the strength behind why I do this daily is because I know that the Kingdom of Yahweh is coming to Jerusalem. Those who enter those gates will be Un-Colored via racism, Un-Ashamed as a result of his living word, & Un-Broken because of his many, many promises made to Am Israel!

I have a question but before I ask my question let me preface my reasons:

In the year 2007 I asked my then pastor if he would attend a conference in Vancouver, WA with me. The cost was $175.00 for a three day gathering of Jews and Christians. The conference was called, Convergence Northwest hosted by Joseph & Tani Zarelli.Click Here [This is the very conference by the way where I met Pastor Mark Biltz for the first time.]

My pastor would have nothing to do with this gathering. I soon began to see that he had an issue with the Jews and Israel, replacement theology was blocking his abilities. After the conference and the miracle download that occurred with me during the conference, I had a zillion questions. The more I asked my pastor some of these questions, the more irritated he would become. I remember having breakfast with him so that I could try to juxtapose what was happening in my spirit with his wisdom and understanding of the scriptures. I did not know at the time but I was miles, light years, beyond where he was. I have realized this to be true with many pastors, many Christian believers over the course of the last several years. It is just fact folks, not to take anything away from my brothers and sisters who love God.

About a year ago, a friend and I tested a theory. He, a life long Christian from birth and me with the,"Download!" We shared what was in our spirit having both reconnected to TORAH with Christian believers without using words like Jew, Israel or Torah. We were explaining the patterns and repetitions utilized by Yahweh in his written account/scriptures. For example, Joseph a type and shadow but from an Hebraic concept as opposed to linear or Greek. The response was more "Curious, Intrigued, Awesome! We then used words like, Jewish, Law, Torah, Israel, Judaism and the biggie, Talmud! Across the board the response was more defensive, alarmed, doctrinal (Quoting scripture passages) and argumentative. I would watch body posture change almost recoil and withdraw! I witnessed this happen  as recently as two weeks ago.

The entire thing reminded me of racial disparity and apprehension. Sort of like being followed by security because I am black when entering department stores or watching white women clutch their purse a little tighter when approaching me.  This type of thing would happen all the time when I was younger. The issue is not so much based on fear but rather indoctrination and the fact that a some black folks make a living out of ripping off department stores or snatching purses. I have never met a black store owner who hired security to watch white folks visiting their store?  Nevertheless, crime is crime,  and stupid, is, stupid!

Now, it is several years down the road from the moment God (Yahweh) blew up my mind with revelation. I wake up with a joy in my spirit that has not subsided, not even a little bit since my encounter with the GOD of Israel back in 2007. For some reason he wanted for me to see how he sees Israel and his Jewish people.

I see the re-introduction of the Nation state in 1948, the technological, scientific and academic achievements not based on those Jewish people but rather the hand of God despite the Jewish people. I see what he is doing almost in the same lens as if watching the Red Sea open or the fire come down with Elijah (1 Kings18:38) or the destruction of both temples, even the expulsion from the land in 136 A.D. as a testament to what he is doing with His people, his first born again, despite the Jewish people. To think that the nation of Israel is not protected by God is possibly the stupidest, more ignorant concept in the earth today. When I look at Israel I also see God, the two in my eyes are symbiotic. Personally, I fear for the nations that come against Israel in such a way that my skin and bones cry out to Adonai, "Please My Lord, have mercy!"

So, my question: Am I the only one who sees this?

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