Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Change Has Come To America"

  • 17 Trillion in National Debt (Largest spending in American history, or bankrupting the nation)
  • Explosion of Food Stamp dependent Americans
  • Gutted Military 
  • Mistreatment of Israel
  • Reduce American Military's Nuclear weapons
  • Racial Tensions renewed and or encouraged
  • Obamacare.
  • Bengahzi, United States Ambassador murdered with three former Military specialist left to die. We still don't know what our President was doing on this night
  • IRS Scandal. Inetrnal Revenue Service used by the current administration to alienate conservatives and Christian organizations.
  • NSA Spying on everyone, everywhere globally.
  • Collapse of Republican Party (No representation in Government for 50 % of American Citizenry)
  • Mexican Arms smuggling
  • Collapse of the Border to Mexico
  • Illegal "Cross Border law breakers allowed to stream into the United States of America's southern border (Amnesty)
  • Same Sex Marriage supported vociferously
  • Abortion supported vociferously
  • Student Loans legislation (Government controlled)
  • Auto Industry control (Forced out many Christian owned Businesses)
  • Ended Shuttle program NASA
  • Egypt (Supported Muslim Brotherhood) 
  • Sold Planes to Muslim Brotherhood via Egyptian government i.e Corsi
  • Supported the rebels Libya (Al Qaeda)
  • Supports the rebels Syria (Al-Qaeda)
  • Muslim Brotherhood now serving within US government.
What has our current President done for our country that is in the best interest of our country?

Finally, an EMBARRASSED Nation is currently watching our nation being subverted from the WHITE HOUSE! And we are sitting around allowing it to happen!

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