Thursday, August 8, 2013

You never know who God puts into your path!

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So, I have to set this up.
Charles Edward Brown
Charles Edward Brown sat next to me along with pastor Jason Swofford at one particular venue (Pastor's briefing) Washington DC at the Christian's United for Israel Summit. 
Born originally in Baltimore, MD. A licensed, ordained minister for 30 years with credentials up the wazoo! You will appreciate the following:
Mr. Brown is married 38 years. The Father of four children and one adopted a son, Mr. Randy Jones. Charles has 7 grand children. All of his children graduated college. So too, did the wives and husbands of his adult children.
He himself was educated in the public school system, Baltimore, MD going on to study at six colleges and universities. He earned his bachelor of science degree from Coppin State University in June of 1969. 
Both he and his wife, Mrs. Glenda Brown completed their masters at Fayetteville State University, 1988. Charles completed 30 years of teaching in the Scotland County, North Carolina school district. In 1996, Mr. Brown completed his second master's degree in Administration and Supervision, again Fayetteville State University
The list of credentials and accomplishments continue:
Charles has been a member of the Kairos Prison Ministry since 1997. Most recently installed as a board member of the Band of Brothers Prison Ministry headquartered in Greenville, SC. For the past ten years he has served as the volunteer chaplain at Evans Correctional Institution in Bennetsville, SC. 
Mr. Brown has served as a board member for the Scotland Country chapter of Child Care Directions for the past three years. He is a member of the Scotland County Chapter of the NAACP.
Mr. Brown ran and won a seat on the Scotland County school board in November 1988.  More recently, Charles Edward Brown is now the elected Chairman of the Scotland County School Board. In 2007, Charles was elected Vice Chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party. He continues to serve in this capacity. I will allow him to share more of his vitae [because there is more] August the 11th as he will be a guest on my show. There, we will have a two hour discussion covering a great deal of very exciting stuff!
Due to the "Kabillion" blessings Abba, Father has poured into my life, I was able to share with him the patterns of the Festivals of the LORD (Leviticus 23) in what Jeremiah was doing and also the seven days of creation as well as Moses on Sinai...
My new friend Charles was speechless. He has always been curious about a certain love for Israel, traveling to Israel several times. [Between my sharing with him and his watching the Blood moon/Festival of the LORD connection] I will proclaim here and now, YEHOVAH ordained our meeting, of this I am certain. You see, Charles was another highlight for me on a personal level while in our nation's capital.
It is always of great appreciation when folks older than myself have revelation bounced into there life as a result of what Adonai is doing within mine...PRICELESS! I cannot write what is in my heart in this space nor can I relate to you the privilege afforded to me. I have sent to Charles my book and hope to have an amazing, spirit filled conversation this Sunday night at 6:00 PM (Pacific) Hope you can and will join us


Jimyou said...

Great show Jeff.I'm just a year younger tan your guest tonight so it brought back a lot of memories of the past and what was going on at that time.

Jimyou said...

Great show Jeff,so good to hear someone my own age talking about his past life and what was going on at that time in his life.Some very good things happened then but there were a lot of bad things happening at the same time.thank you again for being there doing what you love for our Father Abba.