Thursday, August 15, 2013

Messianic age or Messy-Antic believers, What is God doing?

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Daniel 2:20-21 Daniel answered, Blessed be the name of God forever and ever; for wisdom and might are his. He changes the times and the seasons; he removes kings, and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to those who have understanding; he reveals the deep and secret things; he knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with

Yesterday, I was sharing with a faithful Christian brother how to connect many of the things that Yeshua did to the TORAH. I showed to him how the Seven days of creation, the Jews leaving Egypt, the events of Sinai, Joshua entering the land promise Abraham were all tied to the, "Festivals of Adonai."  
(Exodus 12:1-2 Leviticus 23, Joshua 4:19)
He was amazed at the connections and fluidity of patterns that are very succinct when one understands how to read the, "OLD TESTAMENT."

Curiously he asked, Jeff why are you so controversial? Can you not explain what you just showed to me to fellow Christians without causing such resentment and controversy? I asked, [and believe me, I was not trying to justify how I do things]..."Did what I just share with you offend you? Was what I showed to you controversial? Do you feel as though I, "Beat you over the head"

His reply was, "Not at all!" So what point are you making exactly........? My friend said, your method is so harsh...towards Christians. I said, YOU have known me for four years, is this how you see me? He said, NO! I asked him, "Is what I just shared with you more important to understand or how I showed it to you?" Finally, he said...I was willing to hear this, I suppose that is the difference. To which I replied...YOU LISTENED as I showed to you a different way to see the Bible, He agreed.

I have asked of Pastors, Ministers and the like if I could share with them some amazing truths pouring out of the Old Testament concerning Israel? One pastor said, "No, I don't really need to know any of the Jewish Stuff!" Another said, "These things are very important but if you don't have Jesus and the Jews don't, then what difference does any of it make? I have had numerous Christians ask, "Why are you trying to put me back under the law?" I have over the last several years experienced this sort of reaction far more then not.

I am controversial not because I set out to, "Beat People Over The Head" but rather because the information pouring out of the scriptures in these last days is difficult for the Christian mind to surrender to. For 2000 years the Gospel message was presented to the earth via a Gentile interpretation...This interpretation is being challenged as Abba, Father, begins to unravel what was added to and or taken away.
I along with countless others are part of this process. Just as their were those in the time of Jesus, (Yeshua) in the flesh, after the 2nd temple was destroyed, the Puritans of the reformation which inspired the Evangelical movement or Great Awakening of the last 600 years. The Father, in my opinion is reconnecting the first to the last or the end back to the beginning (Isaiah 46:10)
Moreover, I believe that the veil covering all nations is being lifted (Isaiah 25:7) Finally, I think that the rebirth of the nation of Israel is the very visible, tangible miracle, testifying to God's process, Abba, Father's patterns.

The problem I face is most have preconceived absolutes.....I think Rabbi Jonathan Cahn get's this absolutely correct. He is far better at disseminating what is happening in the face of rampant evil now enveloping mankind unlike never before. Please consider the following: Warning, ONE HOUR LONG!

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