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WE STAND WITH ISRAEL [and not just because of Genesis 12:3]

Addendum: The comment posted below by Yvonne Kowalczewski does present the truth with regard to "Polish Death Camps." The Polish people did not set as their goal to have death camps...These were a German/Hitler construct in occupied Poland. And yes, great numbers of Christians were slaughtered along with Jewish people. .Gays, Blacks, the mentally retarded (I am not politically correct) and wealthiest of citizens were exterminated via the Nazi Regime. The flier presented below does not specify this truth as it should, which I will address with El Shaddai Ministries

Christians United For Israel invites you to
A Night to Honor Israel in Tacoma, WA.

Why and how Christians support Israel, plus an overview of the
history, growth and objectives of Christians United For Israel.

Monday, October 21, 2013 at 6:30 PM

El Shaddai Ministries
111 112th Street East
Tacoma, WA 98445


Event info & RSVP Click Here
Special Guest Speaker - Holocaust survivor and
International Educator Irving Roth
IRVING ROTH is the Director of the Holocaust Resource Center at the Temple
Judea of Manhasset, New York. A holocaust survivor, Mr. Roth endeavors to convey the
lessons that can be learned from his experience in the death camps of Poland, working to
ensure that an atrocity like the Holocaust never happens again. Mr. Roth has been the
recipient of numerous awards for his work promoting a more accepting and diverse world.
His life’s mission, to make the world a better place, has earned Mr. Roth the Spirit of
Anne Frank Award. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Mr. Roth is a sought-after
Holocaust educator throughout Europe, Israel and America.
*I Inadvertently placed the wrong link on this blog which spoke against Irving Ross, forgive the mistake. Here is the one that I had intended to place here.


Presented  by
Christians United For Israel
If you are able, please attend to show our Christian solidarity.

If you are unable to attend this event
or you would like to do more to support Israel, then please sign the Israel pledge. Your name will be joined with thousands of others from across the country and presented to our elected officials in Washington DC to encourage them to continue to support Israel.

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The Bible without RELIGION

For the past several days I have been purposely divorcing myself from reading the Bible with a religious temperament. In truth, I think this has been the hallmark of what happened to me in the year 2007 when I finally came out of what never made much sense to me...namely religion! I attend El Shadda Ministries for one main reason. This congregation teaches the BIBLE...not a sermon!

Those who follow this blog, who follow the Blog Talk Internet broadcast or who have heard me speak know that I make some pretty difficult statements. To name a few I have said, "Christians know Christianity but most do not know God's word." You may have heard me say too, Christians have missed 98% of the Bible and the 2% that we understand is the very reason we don't see the other 98%
I make these statements not out of resentment to Christians but as a result of Yahweh pulling me out of a religious relationship to his plan. It is fact, nor was it ever my intent to curse anyone but rather to do what God has poured into me to do. I am learning how to do this as much as I am doing what he has directed. I come against the deception woven into God's plan....With this comes a bunch of mistakes made and lives touched......

My Goal in this world is to be a voice asking CHRISTIANS to look at the plan and to see why Israel is....ISRAEL, and why Jesus (Yeshua) along with all of those who wrote the Bible are Jewish. None of which has anything to do whatsoever with religion! I don't  know how to nor do I think it meaningful to speak this message with salutations and pleasantries in the wake of children being gassed or women being beheaded all over the globe. I don't know how nor do I want to learn how to sugarcoat, warning...Believe me folks our Creator is warning all of us the consequences of not keeping covenant and loving one another!

Jeremiah 16:19 Yahweh, my strength, and my stronghold, and my refuge in the day of affliction, to you shall the nations come from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Our fathers have inherited nothing but lies, [even] vanity and things in which there is no profit.

My faith is not based on how well I understand my religious affiliation to our CREATOR.

Since reading Dr. Russ Houck's book, "EPIDEMIC, The Infected Roots of Judaism and Christianity" I took solace in the fact that I was reading a book that was connecting me to the Biblical narrative as opposed to a Christian understanding which I begun to disavow in 2007. Earlier on, I latched onto the so called, "Hebrew Roots Movement" as a direct result of meeting Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries located in Tacoma, WA. Of course, I sought out others who were part of this gigantic mental shift that was occurring in my desire to "KNOW GOD." I found the Messianic Movement and learned as much as I could. The Messianic Movement quickly became the Messy-Antic movement due to the amount of LUNATICS ruining the revelation that Abba, Father was leading me into. I would go on line seeking after others who were part of this Hebrew stuff finding disparaging article after article tossing what was occurring to my Biblical understanding under the bus...Mostly by Christian, seminary pastors, teachers etc....

I sought information from the Jews discovering a world of religious leaders that hated me and people like me. Not all but certainly enough. All the while I am studying like I have never studied. Eventually, I began to realize that most of the Jewish people that I had come to know did not know the scriptures at all. The world of Judaism opened up to me in the form of study. I met several Jewish Rabbis who hated me because I believe in the Deity of YESHUA....I met others who secretly acknowledged Ben Joseph and Ben David as one Messiah. Still, I met others who only understand God via the Talmud and largely only know Talmudic commentaries. I am re-reading the book by Rabbi Itzakh Shapira, "Return of the Kosher Pig" trying to encapsulate 3800 years of Israel and the nations ups and downs in keeping God's covenants as well as the study of God from their perspective. Much of this is so far over my head that one would wonder, why bother. I bother because of what God's plan is concerning Israel.....

I know many, many Christian people who love our God. The same is true concerning so many Jewish people who I have come to know...Nevertheless, in this hour we are a minority in both Judaism and Christianity. Yahweh said, paraphrasing, "In these days men and women would be all screwed up!" Well, if you have not noticed this is truly the case and religion is almost the foundation of all of it......The war taking place within the world's religions is demonic not Godly folks!

Which further illustrates my point. The one constant, most definitive factor screwing everything commanded of us is the religiosity interwoven in what we have done to our Creator's plans...Therefore, I am just looking at the plan and just the plan over the last few days. In the beginning YHWH created the Heavens and the Earth.....okay!

As near as I can see the plan involves God creating a kingdom  in both Heaven and Earth. So far, nothing we have done has altered what he set out to do. Nothing that is recorded is done so from a religious construct but rather a commanded activity by a purposed driven Creator. He created humanity for relationship, fellowship, and to reveal himself to this creation who he is and the marvel of walking with him!

The Bible says that Israel is about to loose 2/3 of her people and that the nations are about to experience unbelievable destruction....What is religious about this? Our Creator is unfolding a story about what he desires and he is trying to get us to participate...We instead aggravate and disassociate ourselves from his will and his plans. He said,our behavior has consequences and leads to death and separation from what he is doing. Our behavior when contrary to what he is doing always causes death and destruction. God said I am going to make Jerusalem a praise in all the earth...Jewish leadership is giving away what he told them not to do. Like wise the nations rather then see what he is doing are waring against Jerusalem...hence death and destruction....The story has been repeating for centuries or from one millennium to the next. It is almost as if our Creator is asking us..."ARE YOU TIRED OF The religion of destruction yet?

Zechariah 13:8 It shall happen that in all the land," says Yahweh, "two parts in it will be cut off and die; but the third will be left in it.
  Zechariah 12:3 It will happen in that day, that I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all the peoples. All who burden themselves with it will be severely wounded, and all the nations of the earth will be gathered together against it.

In any event, I am even more determined of leaving behind a church mindset full of differing doctrines on how to conduct myself within interpretive religions. I am even more desirous of leaving behind the Jewish teachings that are born from the ups and downs of historical failures concerning God's plans. I am simply awestruck that despite of every thing that we have erected in our interpretation of God...the plan continues.
What I am not willing to do is throw Israel under the bus nor learn about the plans of my God with an antisemitic hatred or a racial attitude born of hell. The Bible is one record of one plan that was never Old or New but, and rather explicit, everlasting.

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be Done is not a cliche but rather the anthem of the original purpose...Which is still happening no matter how bad we screw it up! I am trying to tell anyone who will listen that we should at the very least consider a Kingdom mindset and try to return to the guidelines of how Abba, Father commands said kingdom to operate.........

The best part about Abba, father's plan is that he knows the end from the beginning. What then are we all grumbling about? Let's just look at the plan from the beginning to the end.......

Rico Cortes brings his wisdom to the table. He understands that the Kingdom is what is coming.

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If the goal is to know the LORD and if opening up the WORD of God is what he purposed in order for this to help us, along with his Spirit, then why don't YOU KNOW anything about the Jewishness of JESUS?
Furthermore, why don't you see that it was Israel reborn, not the church? I have asked the question about the "Jewishness of Jesus,"  of my brothers in the church for over seven years as of this last July. The number one answer that I have heard back is, "NOT MUCH"

The scrolls were all written but the hands of God's 1st born
The Old Testament is actually called the Tanakh and the New Testament is the Brit Chadasha
The nation of Israel was born
The person of Messiah was born
The Paleo Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew are JEWISH as a direct result of our Creator
The alphabet, Hebrew
The Alpha & Omega are actually The Aleph/Tav
The entire book, JEWISH
He was born of Jewish parents
He was raised as a Jewish child
He followed the Hebrew calendar
He kept all of the commanded Festivals
He obeyed the Sabbath
He never disregarded the Laws of  the Father but kept everyone of them even unto death
He never started a Church or Religion
He acknowledge the Father and the will of the Father
He chose 12 Jewish men
He taught them correctly what was familiar to them via the Ta-na-kh
He never quoted the Brit Chadasha
He never placed Judaism above the word SPOKEN
He never called anyone, Christian
He died among his brethren
He was raised up among his brethren
He Told them to wait upon the Spirit of God
He left from Israel.
He is returning to Israel
He was and he is and he is to come...all done via Israel

So what do you know about the Jewishness of Jesus
Why is he called the lion of the Tribe of Judah
Why is he called the King of the Jews
Why don't you know what went on during the Feasts
Why don't you know what happened in the Temple(s)
Why did Jesus go to the Temples and return to Israel 3 times a year
Why does God want us to know about the Blood Avenger
Why does God want us to know about the Scape Goat
Why did God create NUMBERS

Why did the church change all of this so that you don't know any of this?
What was he doing in between the beginning and the time his birth from a WOMAN [and not the dust]
If no man has seen the Father then who did Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, & Joshua see?

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you may be no priest to me. Because you have forgotten your God's law, I will also forget your children.
Hosea was talking to Israel...but Israel is being, regathered and restored?

Have you ever felt crappy and hopeless at the same time?

My Website:

Elie Pieprz, who wrote back to me the following:

"I feel my faith is enhanced when I realize the magnitude of the battle that HE has allowed us to partner with HIM.  It is not for us to finish the battle"

Elie reminded me that it is a battle...Elie lives in the West Bank, (Judea and Sumaria) Israel, He ought to know. I met Elie in Washington, DC in July at the CUFI Summit. He is an incredible individual. I credit him with helping us to gain access to certain Congressional leaders that we would otherwise not have had an audience with. His entire email to me (and others) is listed below. For those who are not in the know especially those persons of faith, YOU should be involved...more so now than ever before.

Well as a blogger I put a lot of personal info in front of only, "God knows who." (Idiom for those who have no objectivity) As a person vehemently against our current presidency and political leadership I have no idea how many folks in the so called,  "Transparency Government" are watching what little bit I contribute.....but I am screaming often via some of my blog articles

A few of the guys in our weekly gathering asked of me (once again), "Do you have any idea of the spiritual battle that you are under?" This has been said to me numerous times. Folks, I really don't think about this stuff, I really don't..They suggested that I read Frank Peretti's, "This Present Darkness" I did the Amazon thing and thought, well, I will get it on CD so that my wife and I could listen to it together. Perhaps when the next money truck comes by I will order it....I think it will be good for both of us to heed the guys suggestion.

Rather than think about how perfect our Biblical enemy is what I think about is my four adult children who are (for the most part0 clueless about what I go through and why I do this. I worry about them prancing around in life almost oblivious to the depth of madness enveloping mankind. They just want to get through life. I am watching what they call life swirling down the proverbial toilet flush.

I think about paying the rent and supporting my wife. I think about the madness all around me and my family who I love more than every breath that I take. I see the world not from a religious framework but rather a planet's inhabitants slipping into absolute chaos as I watch the Biblical broadcast get louder and louder telling those of us listening...YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!"

Now I have these medical issues which seem to be problematic anymore. Going to the doctor only to be cut open and medicated back to a semblance of health...Meanwhile, and like many folks, the money just ain't their for these sort of setbacks and so it goes......

Christopher Lane
Hearing about a young college student, Mr. Chris Lane gunned down just because three monsters were bored is like having your gut kicked in  for me....It is an emotional pain that I experience. Or, hearing about a WWII veteran, Mr. Delbert "Shorty" Belton  allegedly killed by two black kids, emotionally causes my day to be impacted. My world aches for there families.This stuff puts my countenance in shambles, it really, really does. My days get all screwed up over this sort of stuff.

You see, I think that when caught and found guilty all of these perps should be burnt at the stake! I don't care what their lives were like. I don't care how old they are. I really, really don't give a damn about them if they committed these horrible, senseless, crimes! I am not the one who called forth Light (Genesis 1:3)

I feel hopeless a lot of the time, I feel crappy too...BUT WHAT sends me to the moon is not seeing the same reaction that Trayvon Martin received when he attacked George Zimmerman......He was hailed as an innocent child with the media plastering his prepubescent photo from 600 years earlier all over the airwaves. All of the community that came out for this young man are invisible for Mr. Christopher Lane and Mr. Delbert Belton......Trayvon Martin attacked a man with a gun and got dead..I did not feel remorse for this young man not one time, not one second. I thought the whole thing was terrible of course I did but when I found out the facts.....Hey George, BRAVO!

Shorty Belton
It would have been no different with me. Their are five youths being accused of killing two people...George Zimmerman is exactly what most of us would be today...Someone who killed one of these out of control teenagers.

American society made it legal to devalue our kids with laws governing CHILD SACRIFICE and now the reality of those laws are Kids learning death first and they are killing back...very simple to comprehend really!

Well, they may have to open up my brain again. Maybe too, my stomach who knows, even my groin might see another the meantime, I feel crappy and at times hopeless. Looking at dead kids gassed in Syria or rockets raining down on Israel from the north now while my kids are just trying to get through another day...LIVING without the YHWH that I know....kinda wears one down!

A dear friend from Facebook wrote to me yesterday, "Just needed a prayer today that's all. Sometime my friends over here they all look at me like a rock of Gibraltar and they forget I need prayer also. This wonderful person lives in Panama and little did she know, I understood what she wrote completely. 

What keeps me going is this...I see the plan of our Creator unfolding. For me it's like driving through the dump while looking at the eternal realm of YHWH unfolding all around the lunacy......So, when I feel crappy or hopeless both are experienced upon a foundation of unspeakable JOY! 

Well, then there is the crap that I have to work out with Abba, Father about how I fail in my walk with HIM...and so it goes.

Elie Pieprz

It was great seeing you last month at the CUFI conference. While I hate being away from Israel, having the privilege to participate in the annual CUFI conference is an opportunity that I look forward to each year.

I wanted to provide you a bit more background on my new role with the YESHA Council.  The YESHA Council is the umbrella organization consisting of the elected leaders of Judea and Samaria (often called the West Bank).  While much of our organization deals governing issues, coordinating between different regions, I have been charged with establishing an external relations division which focuses exclusively in reaching outside of Israel's borders to educate and inform influentials in politics, media, diplomatic corp and think tanks about the nature of the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria, and how the international focus on a two-state solution is not only doomed to fail, but it is harmful for American interests, and is actually toxic towards an environment conducive for peace.

While I am currently building a robust website as well regular communication platforms, we regularly host influentials in Judea and Samaria - elected officials in the US and abroad - so they can begin to understand the reality on the ground here.

Just last week, we hosted Israel's opposition party, the Labor Party, (who are absolutely supportive of a two-state solution, and literally giving away Israeli land in exchange for 'promises' of peace) to a full day tour of the region, where they were shocked to learn of the level of cooperation between Arabs and Jews in professional and educational settings.  We also met with the first Muslim US Congressman, Rep. Keith Ellison, who likewise was very surprised to learn of the reality on the ground and the efforts by Israeli 'settlers' to improve the human rights of the Arabs in the same region.

In the mean time, I wanted to pass along to you a series of articles by and about our Chief Foreign Envoy, Dani Dayan, who was the YESHA Council's chairman for the past 6 years, but stepped down in order to focus exclusively on this critical mission.  You will notice that not only are Dani's op-Eds accepted in the most influential papers, but he manages to get positive - or at least respectful - coverage in left-wing media, which is critical to our ability to change minds.

Below are some recent media hits - keep in mind that Dani is in the international press on a daily basis and continues to be invited to participate in high level forums on foreign policy and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict throughout the world (he is in Prague, lecturing right now), but here are some that I thought you would find interesting.

Here is a New York Times  profile of Dani.

Here is Israel's left-wing paper of choice Haaretz, previewing Dani's trip to DC this past June.

Here is an interview from the left-wing Salon about Dani's trip and another from the Free Beacon

Here is a report from an Arabist participant in Dani's Council on Foreign Relations roundtable
Here is the  Washington Post's article after the YESHA Council hosted their Jerusalem bureau on a tour of Judea & Samaria

Here are some of Dani's recent Op-Eds in the New York TimesBoston GlobeThe Guardian of London and USA Today

Even outspoken enemies of Israel such as Richard Falk respect Dani's message.

I greatly appreciate your efforts to help ensure that Judea and Samaria are represented in a professional and responsible manner.  Your efforts to assist with that will be greatly appreciated, and frankly may be one of the most effective things that can be done to assist Israel in her time of need.  Feel free to pass this along to any others who you feel should be introduced to the YESHA Council or who should get a better understanding of our effectiveness.

Looking forward to remaining in touch.

Blessings from Israel,

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You can Learn a lot from a Jew, Just ask EVERY CHRISTIAN!


Care to meander through 3800 years of Jewish dissertation concerning YAHWEH and his Son...Well, do I have a Rabbi for you!

Meet Itzhak Shapira.....Now order his book for about 40 bucks and change the course of your life...I am not kidding!

Want to combat antisemitism found throughout New Testament Theology? Well do I have a Rabbi for you!
Meet Itzhak Shapira.....Now order his book for about 40 bucks and change the course of your life
Want to know of the many, many Jewish sages who wrote about YESHUA long before the whole of Israel threw him under the bus? Well, do I have a Rabbi for you!
Meet Itzhak Shapira.....Now order his book for about 40 bucks and change the course of your life.
Want to know why God created Israel, presented to the world through the Jews HIS WORD, His INSTRUCTIONS, PRINCIPLES, LAWS/TORAH/GOSPEL? Well, have I got a Rabbi for you!
Meet Itzhak Shapira.....Now order his book for about 40 bucks and change the course of your life

Want to know why the ANTI Missionary folks are pulling out the stops to shut up all of us who are returning to the TORAH with the GOSPEL presented by all of those Jews? Well, do I have a Rabbi for you!
Meet Itzhak Shapira.....Now order his book for about 40 bucks and change the course of your life

Want to stop being separated from God's chosen people and return to the true meaning of being GRAFTED into YHWH's FIRST BORN...well DUH?

My Gosh when it comes to reading the Bible what harm is it going to do you to learn about Abba, Father AND his SON from yet...ANOTHER JEW? After all Matthew, Mark, Luke and John along with Paul....are related to him!

 For every Christian alive please, RETURN TO OUR ROOT

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Before WE See The Price Tag

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Warning: Not for the weak!

In 2008 My Spirit heard, "HE IS MY JUDGMENT" Victor Sharpe understands


Op-Ed: Obama is a Prisoner of his own Agenda

Published: Saturday, August 17, 2013 10:58 PM
How does Obama react to the Muslim Brotherhood's excesses? With open arms.

If the American President was not a prisoner to his own pro-Muslim Brotherhood agenda, the U.S. Administration would now be applauding the Egyptian military’s crackdown on the anti-Western, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood thugs who have instigated horrific violence in Cairo and throughout much of the country.

Indeed, his own agenda has resulted in untold bloodshed and a human rights meltdown in Syria, Iraq, North Africa, Afghanistan and Yemen. It threatens Jordan, Saudi-Arabia and the Gulf States while leaving Iran free to acquire nuclear weapons capability. And it imposes upon Israel a course which will inevitably lead to national suicide unless the Lion of Judah can finally awake and roar back.

The Egyptian military, acceding to the demands of some 33 million of its citizens to remove the Islamic and Sharia colluding Morsi regime, redeployed to end Mohammed Morsi’s Brotherhood supporters from their occupation of areas of the Egyptian capital. They were met by heavy gunfire and over 100 soldiers and police were killed in the first few hours of the confrontation.

Not surprisingly, Obama never mentioned this fact during his August 15th press conference; a long harangue during which, according to former UN Ambassador John Bolton, Obama predictably blamed not the Morsi rioters but the Egyptian military; again revealing this president’s egregious and systemic support for the Muslim extremists who wish to turn Egypt into an Islamic republic.

Nor did Obama castigate fully the pro-Morsi thugs who turned their savagery upon the hapless embattled Coptic Christian community. It is estimated that perhaps as many as 50 churches and Christian establishments were burned to the ground during the Muslim anti-Christian pogrom; this after Copts have been beheaded in the streets of Cairo. And still the Vatican and world Christendom remain in the main deathly silent.

For decades, ever since the secular revolution of Gamal Abdul Nasser in 1954, successive Egyptian presidents and governments have tried to crush the Brotherhood. This has been done by popular demand from the majority of Egyptians.

Obama’s threats against the military thus fly in the face of all reality. His actions will most certainly act against the best interests of the West and particularly of the United States. But there are many who believe that Barack Hussein Obama is on track to tactically do just that – harm America economically, politically and militarily - and not by incompetence, but by a planned and mendacious strategy. After all, did not Obama promise that he would fundamentally transform America?

During Morsi’s time in office, it should be remembered that sexual assaults against women skyrocketed. Islamic discrimination against women in Egypt under Morsi echoed the horrors perpetrated against females under the Taliban in Afghanistan. It encouraged genital mutilation among Egyptian women, opposed any moves to stop polygamy, and rejected any rights for women to have equality in the distribution of inheritance and assets. And still, apart from a very few brave souls, the feminists around the world have remained deathly silent. And was there a word of censure by President Obama? Not one peep.

Remember, too, that the first public announcement Morsi made was to call for war against Israel and utter his vile insult – straight out of the Koran – equating Jews with monkeys and pigs.
But what did Obama continue to do in the face of the Muslim Brotherhood’s excesses? Why, he showered the Morsi government with F16 fighter bombers and 400 Abrams tanks – all, no doubt, weapons that eventually could be turned against the Jewish state.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI): Egyptian cleric Dr. Khaled Said, in an interview aired on Al-Hafez TV (via the Internet) on March 17, 2013 described American foreign military aid this way:

“If the (Islamic) revolution declares a framework for dealing with the West and America – they will accept it, kiss our hands, and double the aid they give us. We consider this aid to be jizya [poll tax], not regular aid. They pay so that we will let them be. The aid constitutes jizya.”

All non-Muslims living under Muslim control were forced over the centuries to pay the discriminatory jizya tax if they refused to convert to Islam. Thus American aid to the Morsi regime was considered just that by the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to a report by Debka, an intelligence organization which some commentators often respond to negatively, whether with good reason or not, “President Barack Obama put in a call to Egypt’s strongman, Defense Minister Gen. Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi, debkafile’s intelligence sources report. The US president wanted to give the general a dressing-down much on the lines of the call he made to former president Hosni Mubarak in February, 2011.”

The Debka report continued:  “Realizing what was coming, Gen. El-Sissi decided not to accept Obama’s call. The anecdote shows that the military strongman is not only determined to avoid the pitfalls which brought Mubarak down but is equally determined to keep the US Administration from interfering in his plans for driving the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egyptian politics.”

El-Sissi has a trump card that he will use against pressure from the Obama Administration. Saudi-Arabia has already begun to provide the financial support he needs to quell the Muslim Brotherhood, whom the Saudis loathe, as do several of the Gulf States. All this will create another self-induced foreign affairs nightmare for Obama as an ever-widening rift opens up between the rulers of the Gulf States, Saudi-Arabia and the White House.

Indeed, according to Debka, “Our intelligence sources also disclose that, while President Obama was trying to get through to Gen. El-Sissi, the general was on the phone with Prince Bandar, Director of Saudi Intelligence.”

Sadly, Israel, unlike Egypt, doesn’t possess alternate allies who can help buttress the Jewish state from hostile pressure from the Obama Administration; pressure which has forced the Netanyahu government to timidly accede to obscene demands from the Holocaust denying Chairman of the so-called Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and from U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, to release Muslim monsters with Jewish blood on their hands:  Next, to agree to enter into “piece” talks with the Jew hating thugdom, the PA, that currently occupies parts of biblical and ancestral Jewish Judea and Samaria.
Calls have been made by myself and others in the Opinion columns of Arutz Sheva for a push by Israel to be made to create just such foreign alliances, perhaps with India or China. Israel might not be faced with such intolerable pressures from such a presidency as that of Barack Obama if thought had been given to such a strategy much earlier.

Notwithstanding the above, it would be a salutary admonition to the Netanyahu government to consider what Winston Churchill said during his fractious June, 1940 Cabinet discussions with then Foreign Minister, Lord Halifax. During those dark days, when the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) was trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk, Halifax had wanted to appease Hitler with peace overtures via Mussolini. Churchill withstood the appeasement pressure from Halifax and shot back with the following words:

“Nations which go down fighting, rise again; those that surrender timidly are finished.”

Victor Schlatter Speaks Concerning EGYPT

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Egypt on the Center Stage in the Ostrich Farm

To my friends who really want to grasp the historical significance of the Middle East.

Let’s first have a look at a valuable August 14 article by  Jonathan S Tobin, Senior Online Editor of Commentary magazine, Why Does the Muslim Brotherhood Attack Churches?       Here’s Jonathan:

“The world is focusing much of its sympathy today on the members of the Muslim Brotherhood that were gunned down in the streets of Cairo by armed police and soldiers seeking to end the Islamist attempt to put Mohamed Morsi back into power. The violence is regrettable and the casualties are widely interpreted as evidence of the brutality of the military regime that toppled Morsi and his Brotherhood regime last month.

"But the notion that the Brotherhood is the innocent victim of a nasty junta seeking to bring back Mubarak-era authoritarianism is only half right. Though the military government is an unsavory partner for the United States, no one should be under any illusions about the Brotherhood or why the majority of Egyptians (who went to the streets in their millions to support a coup) probably approve of the military’s actions.

"Proof of the true nature of the Brotherhood was available for those who read accounts in the last weeks of life at their Cairo encampments that were policed by Islamist thugs with clubs and other weapons. Brotherhood gunmen fought the police in pitched battles. Non-violent civil disobedience isn’t in the Brotherhood playbook. Even more damning was the Brotherhood response elsewhere in Egypt. As the International Business Times reports:

“Supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi have attacked  churches in Dilga, Menya and Sohag after…security forces backed by armored  cars and bulldozers stormed protest camps…

Churches…were burning after Morsi supporters set fire to the outside of the  building exteriors and smashed through doors. … Muslim Brotherhood  members also threw firebombs at…a large community of Coptic Christians  who represents up to 10 percent of Egypt’s 84 million people, causing it to burn  down…”  (Abridged slightly for length; see full URL)

"Why is the Brotherhood attacking churches as part of its argument with the military government? The first reason is because the Christian minority, unlike the military, is vulnerable. Throughout the long year when Egypt suffered under Morsi’s Islamist rule, Christians and their churches were increasingly subject to attacks as the Muslim movement sought to make the position of the religious minority untenable.

"As the Brotherhood seeks to demonstrate that it is still a viable force in the country’s streets even after its Cairo strongholds are uprooted, expect more attacks on Christians to remind Egyptians that the Islamists are still a force to be reckoned with.

"Second, the attacks on churches are not just a regrettable sideshow in what may be soon seen as a civil war as the Islamists seek to regain power after losing in the wake of the massive street protests that encouraged the army to launch the coup that ended Morsi’s rule.

"Rather, such attacks are an inextricable part of their worldview as they seek to transform Egypt in their own Islamist image. In the Muslim Brotherhood’s Egypt, there is no room for Christians or even secular Muslims. That is why so many in Egypt applauded the coup as perhaps the last chance to save the country from permanent Islamist rule.

"The church attacks should remind the West that the stakes in the conflict in Egypt are high. If the U.S. seeks to cripple the military, they won’t be helping the cause of democracy. The Brotherhood may have used a seemingly democratic process to take power in 2012, but they would never have peacefully relinquished it or allowed their opponents to stop them from imposing their will on every aspect of Egyptian society.

"As difficult as it may be for some high-minded Americans to understand, in this case it is the military and not the protesters in Cairo who are seeking to stop tyranny. Though the military is an unattractive ally, anyone seeking to cut off vital U.S. aid to Egypt should remember that the only alternative to it is the party that is currently burning churches."

Then finally, a brief add-on from an excerpt of 16 August ICEJ News:

“However, hardly all Egyptians are opposed to the crackdown.

‘The Brotherhood would never agree to a political deal,’ said Ismail Khaled, 31-year-old manager in a private company. ‘They are terrorists and violent, and what happened was the only logical way to end their sit-ins, which did have weapons and...violent people.

Thank God the police ended them. I wish they had done so sooner’.

This sentiment was (also) echoed by the government of the United Arab Emirates, which declared it’s approval of the Egyptian government which had ‘exercised maximum self-control’ in the circumstances”.

And I close with a couple of my own questions:

My  first:   Guess which so-heralded “secular” world leader, in sympathy with his up-bringing, still religiously clings to the cause of the Muslim Brotherhood over against the stance of Egypt’s Military Government?

Probe No 2:  What Western nation within some 3 years will likewise be in the cross-hairs for a current Brotherhood encore for their long-coveted supremacy of global proportions?

Never forget:  Hitler--as well as Stalin and Marxism--needed only 10% hard core supporters to effect “full submission”!  And what the Germans also maintained could never happen in a modern Germany actually did happen!

Will all ostriches please arise!

But for all you Eagles, the sky is your God-ordained limit!

Blessings and Shalom,

Victor Schlatter,
South Pacific Island Ministries


Saturday, August 17, 2013

By Ralph Peters


Ralph Peters is fast becoming one of my favorite people when reading Op Eds...I almost agree with every word that comes out of this man's spirit...concerning world events:
  • Posted: 2:18 AM, August 15, 2013
Ralph Peters

Original Post:

What do we want the future Egypt to look like? A flawed, hybrid democracy, or a Sunni Muslim version of Iran? Based on his bluster yesterday about events on the Nile, Secretary of State John Kerry prefers the latter. And Kerry’s remarks must have had White House approval.

In full outrage mode, America’s most famous windsurfer castigated the Egyptian authorities, insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood had a right to “peaceful protests.” Apparently, “peaceful” means armed with Kalashnikovs, killing policemen, kidnapping and torturing opponents, turning mosques into prisons, attacking Christians and burning Coptic churches.
The Brotherhood protesters rejected all offers of compromise and all demands to disperse. The interim government’s response was heavy-handed, but the Muslim Brothers chose violent resistance — using women and children as shields (a tactic typical of Islamist terrorists).
Do we really need to have sympathy for the devil?

With its blundering, fickle, late-in-the-day support for whoever appeared to be gaining the upper hand, the Obama administration has managed the remarkable feat of alienating every faction in Egypt. And it’s a sorry day when an American administration abets religious totalitarianism, as this White House did when the “democratically elected” Morsi regime tried to Islamize Egypt’s government and society for keeps.
There was, indeed, a coup. But not all coups involve tanks. The real coup came after Egypt’s premature, badly flawed election, when Morsi and the Brotherhood excluded all non-Brothers from the political process; curtailed media freedoms and jailed journalists; attacked Christians; and rushed toward an Islamist state that the majority of Egyptians did not want.

Tens of millions of Muslims took to the streets to protest the Brotherhood’s plunge toward tyranny. Only after attempts to persuade an unrepentant Morsi to compromise failed, did the military move against the regime. The people cheered.
Yet our breathtakingly inept ambassador backed the Morsi regime right to the end. That isn’t diplomacy. It’s idiocy. But all you have to do to create witless panic in Washington is cry “Military coup!” Well, sometimes — regrettably — a military is all that stands between a population and deadly (and anti-American) fanaticism. Despite yesterday’s bloodshed, would we really prefer a return to Brotherhood rule? Stuff the political correctness and get real.

Is the Egyptian military an ideal ally? Nope. But it’s a far better bet than Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood turned out to be.
The danger now is that the administration and naïfs in Congress will cut aid to the Egyptian military and curl up into a snit. That would only make the Egyptians who want a reasonably free, generally tolerant and ultimately democratic Egypt even madder at us. And Egypt’s the most important Arab country.

Do we really need to make additional enemies in the region? Of moderates and secularists? In a quest to be “fair” to fanatics?

Official figures allow 275 dead in yesterday’s violence, while the Muslim Brotherhood claims more than 2,000. The latter number’s preposterous — you can’t hide that many corpses from prying journalists — but the reality is probably somewhere in between.

Regrettable? Yes. Inevitable? Also yes, thanks to the Brotherhood’s intolerance and intransigence.
It’s time to get over ourselves. Our narcissistic belief that we not only can, but must, decide the destinies of Middle Eastern populations is destructive. We can, at times, play constructively on the margins, but we’re not even good at that.

The Obama administration needs a new foreign-policy motto: “First, do no harm.”
And we need to base our policies on our long-term interests, not on here-and-gone headlines. The enemy of the Egyptian people and of the American people is the same: Islamist fanaticism. And defeating radical extremists isn’t a smiley-face business. When someone insists that he knows what God demands everybody must do, you can either submit or resist. Egyptians chose to resist. And the Muslim Brotherhood, not the Egyptian military, chose blood.

* Ralph Peters is a retired Army officer and Fox News’ strategic analyst.

Friday, August 16, 2013

NATHAN GRAPES [totally get's this thing going on in my spirit]

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Before you read further, I wrote this in January, 2011 Click Here

Yesterday, my employer, Nathan Grapes exclaimed, after reviewing Rabbi Jonathan Cahn's July 6, 2013 presentation concerning the Messianic reality of our time the following:

Nathan Grapes
"Christianity has gone so far away from what the Jewish disciples were teaching that people like YOU, Jeff  run up against controversy and resentment because the world's Christian community is facing a sort of Culture Shock that many are resisting."

When I started working with Nathan he was a bit put off by the conversation that I was having because I challenge the status quot of Christianity. Not because of arrogance but rather because of what Abba, Father, our Creator is doing....
Nathan said to me yesterday, "In light of what is happening I have great respect for what you are sharing, Jeff, for as long as we have worked together you have never wavered in your message!"

Nathan was already questioning many of the tenants of what he has known his entire life. Nathan is a life long Christian from birth. His parents raised him via the Assembly of God church. Nathan knows my life intimately and continues to support all that I do. He is even writing his own book now as well as running a small company. He is a truly a gift to my life. We have shared hours and hours of study together over the last 1.5 years of our lives. Nathan's life mirrors mine on so many levels that it would amaze many of you if we shared those details...YHWH put us together, of this I am totally convinced...

We listened together to Jonathan Cahn, at the end of the following presentation Nathan turned to me and said
"This man is talking about YOU"

Saturday Evening 7/6/2013

In 2007 God poured something into me that CHANGED how I see the Bible. It is impossible for me to see the Bible from a Christian lens today.......I have been for as long doing everything that my mind can think of to communicate this single event to anyone willing to hear...or even help me to understand. I weep for what Christianity has become. The nation that God raised up is collapsing because of how far the Christian has gotten away from God's word. If their is one among you who thinks otherwise YOU are in for a dramatic Culture Shock and RUDE awakening...and you don't know it!

I am trying any way that I can think of to share what is in my entire being...God is warning humanity of what is coming. What is happening to the Christians in the Arab world is not just spreading in the Arab world. It will be global and probably most horrific within the United States of America

N.E.W.S. [North, East, West, South]

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" All Christians,
whatever race or background or nationality, owe an incalculable
debt to the Jewish people, a spiritual debt. Every spiritual blessing
we have ever received we owe to one nation, the Jewish people.”
                                                             ~ Derek Prince

Country Plunging into Civil War

             Churches Get Torched

             Hamas Issues Denial

·            Palestinians Welcome Murderers as Hero'
 Israel Releases 26 From Prison; Among Freed is Axe Murderer

·            Video: More 'Pallywood' From Muslims
             Phony Pro Morsi Demonstration by Egyptians

             Reflects Huge Increase in Muslim Influx

             Also: Wrap up of Recent CUFI Event

·            Israeli Davis Cup Tennis Team Fined
             For Not Wanting to Play on Yom Kippur

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Daniel and Deborah
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

BRILLIANT! [From Arutz Sheva]


Elul 10, 5773, 8/16/2013

The Pernicious Price of Capitulation

By Chloe S Valdary  

After the release of 26 murderers as a gesture of good faith to Abu Mazen’s relatively moderate terrorist organization, I wondered if anyone viewed Israel in a more favorable light. After all, what other nation would negotiate with terrorists in order to achieve a semblance of peace with those same terrorists? Would America release hundreds of terrorists from Guantanamo Bay in an effort to make peace with the Taliban and al Qaeda? Would America do so to improve its image in the Muslim world?  
The answer is obvious but I think it’s necessary to examine why. 

America would not release hundreds of terrorists in order to appease al Qaeda because it recognizes that al Qaeda will only be ultimately satisfied with the dissipation of Western civilization, the leader of which is the United States. So, to release terrorists would only serve as the first step in its own national suicide. The quid pro quo America would gain for its appeasement would be its eventual self-destruction. 
America would also refrain from releasing terrorists to improve its image in the Muslim world because, from a philosophical perspective, it recognizes that a world which holds murderers in high esteem should itself be compelled to improve its image in the eyes of the Western world, and not the other way around. The onus therefore is upon the Muslim world to improve its relations with Western civilization. A good start would be to introspectively examine its own value system and cease from praising Jihad seekers who cause death and destruction, not demand that those same individuals be released in the name of a quasi- peace. 

In other words, America realizes that when it comes to its own self-interests, negotiating for peace with those who seek, indeed, live, to see their destruction, is a futile mission. The creed upon which the United States was founded is ‘liberty and justice for all’, and as such it is their duty to resolutely uphold their good name and the principles upon which they were founded. To do anything else is to give those who question these principles moral legitimacy and a voice on the world stage. 

I have no doubt that Israel’s leaders work according to this same formula. So how does one explain its actions vis-á-vis the erroneously titled ‘peace process’? Perhaps Israel believes that in being the ‘better person’ on the playground that is the Middle East where corrupt bullies are the norm and just democratic leaders are rarities, she will gain the favor of the rest of Western leadership both in America and Europe. And, in being the better person, this will gain favors from stronger Western countries with greater firepower which can be used in perhaps attacking a genocidal regime in a certain Persian country hellbent on starting another world war. I understand the logic, but Im afraid that Israel is horribly mistaken. 
It is important to recognize that Israel is not being ‘the better person’ when it capitulates in the hopes of help from stronger countries. Why?
Precisely because of the same principle those stronger countries operate upon: the inevitable self-destruction that comes with that capitulation. Israel is instead being the ‘naive person,’ compelled to refrain from upholding its own national sovereignty by countries who hypocritically insist upon doing so for their own populaces.  It is also important to realize that if stronger countries like the United States do not already realize the strategic imperative which exists in prematurely striking Iran, the fact that they must be bribed into doing so by coercing an ally to negotiate with terrorists who are financially backed by Iran speaks volumes. 
Here is an interesting paradox. The United States which operates according to the formula presented above is actually compelling Israel to refrain from operating within those same logical constraints of international diplomacy. The end will be detrimental for both Israel and the US if they bear fruit. We have the same enemies and the same goals. It is not Israel’s responsibility to convince the leaders of Western civilization to uphold its own standards of justice and truth, nor is it Israel’s responsibility to be made to endure a trial and error process of being the ‘better, naive’ person, which as precedent has shown has only brought death and destruction. 

Instead, Israel’s leaders must understand that by capitulating to the insidious demands of their opponents--whose philosophy in life is unequivocally evil and morally bankrupt-- they give credence to these same despots on the world stage. Capitulation does not paint Israel in a positive light, nor does it help win friends who should already be backing the Jewish state from both an ethical and strategic standpoint. All it does is give greater clout to the illegitimacy foisted upon the Jewish state by dissenting naysayers and anti-Semitic ideologues. ‘If Abu Mazen says that genocidal brothers in arms of his must be released because this is just and Israel yields, than what he says must be right, and Israel must believe it as well.’ This is unfortunately how the world thinks. 

After the release, I perused the various social media sites from Twitter to Facebook and wanted to know what the great journalists, ostensibly representing the sentiment of the American public, had to say about the actions of the Israeli government. Unfortunately, the response was the same: the same incessant false moral equivalencies of ‘terrorist’ and ‘freedom fighter,’ the same description of communities where Jews live as a “hindrance to peace,” and the same whitewashing of crimes committed by intransigent extremists, described mendaciously as acts of liberation. This is unfortunately not uncanny; this must stop. 

I would be remiss if I did not point out the rock and the hard place between which Israel finds itself, especially in the context of cost-benefit analysis. The USA provides a great deal of resources to Israel, especially militarily which can (and I’m sure is) used to hold Israel at the behest of America’s leadership. Thus Israel has a dilemma it must grapple with. Refrain from doing what America says and potentially lose the support that helps to defend the Jewish state from its enemies. This is a hard position which must be worked out by Israel’s leadership but I believe that ultimately what matters are ideas. Ideas inspire. And the idea which Israel must aspire to, indeed the idea upon which it was founded, is the national sovereignty of its own people and their right to live in their ancient homeland. The price of sacrificing this quintessential Zionist creed is far more costly than risking ties with an ally that, in the grand scheme of things, does not seem at present to desire to help it anyway. 

I realize the gravity of that statement, and, as a proud American, it is hard one to make. But I have examined the actions of American leadership, both the current administration and the past, both democrat and republican, and veracity compels me to admit there is a perplexing pattern of coercing the Jewish state into concessions we would not ourselves be prepared to make. I do not know the reasons for it and I am not now prepared to ask the questions for fear of the answers which I may be forced to grapple with for the rest of my life. The implications of such a pattern are too much for me to bear right now. I do know, however, the creeds upon which our two countries were founded, and that if my country does not uphold her own, for the love of humanity and the survival of Western civilization, Israel must uphold hers. 

At this juncture I think it is prudent to quote Leo Pinsker, one of the founding fathers of Zionism and one of Theodore Herzl’s forerunners in the dream of the Jewish State. “Let ‘now or never’ be our watchword! Woe to our descendants, woe to the memory of our Jewish contemporaries, if we let this moment pass by!” 
I hope that Israel’s leaders will not let this moment pass by. It is precisely in this moment of western hypocrisy, growing European anti-Semitism, and seemingly insurmountable pressure from a boisterous sea of despicable despots, that the Jewish state must find within herself the deep unwavering conviction in her ideals and the courage to declare that it by right exists and, as it is her duty, will defend the name of justice and virtue. This declaration may indeed be the noise that wakes up the greater part of Western civilization which has now fallen asleep.

Chloé Valdary is a junior and an International Studies Major at the University of New Orleans. In 2012, Chloé created the group Allies of Israel on her campus to promote the Jewish state and Israel advocacy. In the spring of 2013, She held the first pro-Israel rally on her school’s campus, called ‘Declare Your Freedom.’ Over 100 people were in attendance, and the speech she gave went semi-viral in 10 days. As a result of her work, she has been covered by such groups as Jewish Press,,, The Jerusalem Post, and Israel Hayom, to name a few. She was named one of the top 100 people positively affecting Jewish and Israeli life in the Algemeiner’s inaugural celebration of this category. This list included notable figures like Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Barack Obama, and filmmaker Stephen Spielberg. Chloe has written articles for The Jewish Press, CAMERA on Campus, Arutz Sheva, The Jewish Thinker and The Times of Israel.