Friday, July 26, 2013

Washington DC.....and Jeff Morton!

My flight arrived home at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport just after 10:00 PM. The flight home was thankfully, uneventful. During my travels yesterday from Washington DC to Memphis, and then onward to Seattle-Tacoma I thoughtfully considered the trip to the 2013 Christians United for Israel annual summit. Possibly the most amazing thing about this summit is that it happens at all, and, that it does so annually with now 1.3 million + members across the United States of America as well as Internationally.  I am one of those members and stand behind what Pastor John Hagee set out to accomplish some 25 years ago.

Overall, I thought the summit was extraordinarily well done. When I entered the Walter E Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC the first day I was markedly impressed with how well organized, professional, and coordinated the event was. The entire facility was draped with Christians United for Israel placards, flags and banners. The security and staff were exceptional. I truly could not have been more impressed with the presentation. I have no idea how many people ultimately converged on Washington DC for this summit but in the main events I would estimate possibly 5, or perhaps even 6000 people were gathered.
In one hall there was a beautifully placed, Wall of Remembrance" Pictures of those killed by terrorism along with their names and stories stretched virtually the length of the corridor....I understand the lie that is so promoted around the world. I saw the consequence of this lie that our college campus have embraced. The people whose lives were taken were of every race, every culture and every age. I stood at this wall for  possibly two maybe three hours reading about those who died because of hate.

There were so many highlights to this trip, so much to take in. I met some incredible people from across this nation. I had the good pleasure of speaking with several Jewish people. A particular family stood out who were not even a part of the conference. Theses folks were visiting Washington DC. Two of the young people from our ministry were wearing the CUFI T-Shirts when, while at the White House taking pictures, the  father of this Jewish family living in Israel asked, "Your T-Shirt, what is this? We shared with him why we were there. His appreciation ingratiated us into a wonderful moment with he and his wife and their two children. The son was celebrating his bar mitzvah! This was a very tender moment for me personally. The family was obviously touched by the support.

While traveling home I thought about how I was going to write this post. Their are bittersweet moments for me as well. I decided however, to not allow them to overshadow the last five days of my life. You can be sure that I will share several of them in the coming days but not here and not now.

We spent an entire day walking though the Senate and the House of Representatives offices speaking as constituents with our Washington Sate elected officials. We had several appointments. This was a first for me and possibly the most educational. Perhaps even more important is that our Representatives were very, very, [I mean very], appreciative that we were there. It was as if the reality for them to have us there [and those of their staff members] bothering to appreciate them for the work they do was almost unheard of!  I learned something invaluable...stay connected to the process. These people truly want to hear from the voters. This is branded into my head having never been one who sits on the sidelines. I saw the process and the desire of those we send to Washington. I was reminded of all of the teachers who virtually rolled out the red carpet for parents like me because...we involved ourselves with what they were charged with. The feeling was identical for me. I remember teachers almost begging the parents to be involved...sadly most were not!

We addressed several pieces of legistaltion now making their way through the House and in some cases, the Senate:
  • Stop Iran H.R 850
  • Stop the persecution of Christians H.R 301 (The Companion in the Senate is S653
  • Strengthen the US-Israel Strategic Partnership H.R. 938 and on the Senate side S462
For those of you who are not asleep please bother yourself to step up to the plate and call your congressman/woman or Senator and support all of the above. Kim Kardashian is not more important!
(If you are waiting for the rapture, I am something in the meantime, duh!)

The news is reporting that the Lincoln Memorial was splashed with paint and now this monument is closed. I was standing in front of this amazing part of our history two days ago. I hope they catch the folks who did this, put them on a plane to Afghanistan and leave them with the Taliban.......

I am grateful for all of the support, financial gifts and overall love shown to me by so many, many of you that helped this trip happen. This was for me...Amazing! Seeing the history of Washington DC 1st hand, walking around this city while at the same time understanding it's historical, appointed purpose by our most gracious Creator was immeasurable for me. Next stop, Israel!

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