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PART TWO..The TORAH Portion, Decimated Black Family, and the Deceived Church

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For the better part of the last 37 years I have been a Christian. Never mind that I was a back sliding, drug addicted, womanizing young adult. I was learning about the New Testament telling of the gospel message and sleeping with white, Christian girls on a regular basis. I could walk into any church and be in bed with somebodies daughter or wife at the drop of a hat. Church was cool as far as I was concerned. I was in my early twenties when I married for the first time. I had a wife now so sleeping around was not allowed. Looking back, I sometimes amaze myself with certain principles that I have always had...go figure

Not one time during my entire Christian experience via the church had I ever heard of the Torah Portion or the Haftorah. Not one single time had any pastor, teacher of person in leadership ever uttered to me that God has a calendar, appointments, and his own language. Not one time was I ever encouraged to attend a synagogue or to learn or even consider understanding what the Jewish people understood about God. The focus presented to me which became my biblical understanding of part of the Holy Scriptures was on the son of God, the trinity or holy spirit. The Jews rejected Jesus therefore, doing anything with the Jewish people was not even a dialog or conversation. What was a constant however, was a very antisemitic attitude fostered in much of what I was learning about being Christian. Even learning from the letters written by of the Apostle Paul was never equated to his being a Jewish Rabbi.  My Pastors insinuated with absoluteness that Paul converted to something better than Jewish. This is the mindset poured into me every Sunday while following along with various Pastors concerning much of what Rabbi Shaul wrote. Dare I say the tenants of, "Replacement Theology" to me anymore, are apologetic in retrospect from a Western spin or Greek template. Paul never stood up resembling, Joel Osteen from his miraculous encounter with the Mochiach of Israel while hunting down those who proceeded him in returning to truth. He died a pharisee who I believe, returned to the biblical pronouncement recorded at Mt Sinai. He returned to what Abraham taught to those who accompanied he, his wife and nephew, Lot! He Returned to the Beginning.

Not all Christians carried themselves in the manner that I did. Certainly, far more Christians had a "Closer Walk" then did I to be sure! Nevertheless, I wanted to understand the Bible. Having sex with Christian girls and watching others do the same throughout my experiences put a damper on the Holy aspect of Christianity. for me, I just thought this normal. After all, we were all trying to figure this stuff out right? Being approached for sex by gay men or young adults my age, some of who were in leadership was a twist. I was not prepared for this sort of twist in my church experience but it happened and it happen several times. In truth, I slept with one married woman in the church and swore that I would never do that again...I never did!

I bounced from church to church wallowing in the hypocrisy of it all wanting to be like those who seemed to have it together. I soon realized that many of those people that I thought, "Had it together" were just as screwed up as I was. There was always that select few who seemed to be perfect people and I wanted to be like them. I went to church because I believed there had to be something better than crap! I truly thought that life was a joke played on insufferable, miscreants who screwed up everything anyway, why bother? The antithesis of feeling this way was drug abuse, crack cocaine to be specific. By the time I was in my early 30's much of who  I was, quit! I was running a company, raising a family and trying to be married when in all actuality I was dead inside.

Last week I was in Washington DC at the Christians United for Israel summit. I was grateful to have been able to attend. I have mentioned in various posts of Facebook that this experience was bittersweet. I have been re-writing this blog post for four days now. After you read this you may better understand some of the anguish in my spirit concerning Christianity. To watch 6000 or more celebrate the God of Abraham, Isaac and, Jacob based on one verse in scripture, Genesis 12:3 was so terribly hard for me. There is so much, much, much more to this than one connection. Knowing how most were taught to understand the Bible I knew that they, the church, in most of their minds is separate from the assembly of God...This is the lie that divides us and distracted me from knowing what I now know. "My people perish for a lack of knowledge" was uttered to the nation of Israel. The Christians don't have that problem as far as the doctrines dictate concerning Christ and yet [and as long as this is the mindset] all is well in the church. This is the single most diabolical deception of my generation. I know the difference now. Most of those who I met in Washington DC do not.

I spoke with hundreds of people while in Washington DC. I was not sure why Abba, Father wanted me to go and can only surmise my own thoughts about it at the moment. Insofar as what drives my world, namely reconnecting the Torah to the Gospel, much of my conversation was fomented around this very important issue. I cannot think of anything more important as we move towards the biblical account of Jacob's trouble.

I salute Pastor John Hagee for responding to what I see as a gigantic movement of God to return Christianity to it's foundation. We are after all grafted into Israel. I wrote earlier, "Doing anything with the Jewish people was not even a dialog or conversation" The irony of this thought, which is pervasive in much of Christianity is that everything we do is a direct result of the 12 tribes of Israel, and the relationship fostered by the God of Israel which gave to the world an historical account of what God has always been doing. The Bible is a testimony of this simple truth. For those needing proof, "Please open your Bibles to, etc, etc, etc"

Al Shapton, Joel Osteen, or TD Jakes did not write one syllable found on the pages of this book.
Al Sharpton, Joel Osteen or TD Jakes, to the best of my knowledge have never taught the Torah portions consecutively or the Haftorah and dare I say, none know what PARDES is! I know that Pastor John Hagee has much to learn or unlearn. He is a man who was willing to take that step and Abba, Father blessed him in ways that are indescribable, go figure!

I have for many, many years seen the racial stupidity locked in the minds of black America as possibly the greatest robbery of humanity. God purposed me to be a product of racial bigotry. He also purposed me to not find my identity in this form of sin. In 1948 the Jewish people begun to return to there biblical land, promised.

Today, Israel is a thriving testament to the promises made by God...Having been slaughtered and chased through the centuries by just about every lunatic or civil society the world over and, after Hitler these people chose to live. These people turned a desert into the most fertile land of the Middle East. True to form the world's idiocy presents to this remarkable achievement the threat of death, daily, and constant. In spite of  a sinful people he has prospered this people in much the same way that America prospered for spreading the Besorah or "Good News" of the Jewish men who wrote about the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

When the slaves of Africa were shuffled out of the Ottoman Empire dispersed around the globe in chains, most only knew enslavement and degradation. Much of the horn of Africa's societal infrastructure was  accustomed to this sort of civility. In a sick and twisted way one could even go so far as to call the slave trade as "Sharia Capitalism!" Get your  bag of spice, a little sugar, and a few "Raisin Heads" as the prophet Mohamed referred to blacks. This was part of the market system. After all, oil and petroleum was not being pumped out of the ground back in those days. Selling blacks was lucrative. Castrating black men and placing black women into harems was as sexually accepted as is the sex trade today. Sin is sin the generations don't change it, they simply repeat it. Millions of blacks throughout the centuries of the Caliphate under Sharia were slaughtered.

The societies of the Caliphate were not very enterprising but they knew how to enslave nations! Great Britain, through the wisdom of Abba, Father decapitated this monstrosity otherwise known as the Ottoman Empire. Blacks were finally free of this hellish nightmare...God begun to bring them to freedom...Some of those who now walk among us blame white people as opposed to thanking God for deliverance.....
Slavery perpetrated by America and the British Empire was not because of hatred of blacks but rather because the societal position of blacks around the globe was as slaves (In my opinion) For centuries blacks were victims Thus, people like Al Sharpton have an unlimited supply of people who do not see what God did but rather who languish in the failure of lost people who could not overcome their sinful nature, too!

I think God created a free nation that people like John Willis Menard, George Washington Carver, Booker T Washington, Frederick Douglas Jr., and yes even Prince Whipple played an important role in changing the mindset perpetrated on Blacks as a result of centuries of slavery. These people would have never celebrated an Obama phone nor would they,  in my opinion follow Al Sharpton and his sort of liberty and justice.
The Louis Farakhan's of this generation do nothing better than what they can do for themselves. Far too many people of Biblical faith do not know history or the Torah Portion and Haftorah. People like Farrakhan pop up like lice infecting an entire population. When one looks at the contributions of Frederick Douglas Jr., George Washington Carver and the likes, it become glaringly obvious that people like Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton and even the honorably nutty, Sheila Jackson Lee are nothing without a liberal media who has chained them to the camera for the purpose of what I call the "Plantation Nation" certainly not Holiness! When one understands the Torah Portion and the Haftorah no evil on the planet can kill the identity of that people. Those who returned to the land in 1948 returned with their history as known to them as is the sun and the moon is known to humanity.

The black community keeps morphing into one disappointment after another in many, many communities found in America. Black men  across the spectrum never knew the Torah Portion or Haftorah. For a black man to teach this history to his kids would have kept hope alive. Jesse Jackson kept his wallet alive so he could pay child support and manipulate the desperate, in my opinion. The choices made for black America seems to have died with the likes of Frederick Douglas Jr and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Detroit is a perfect example of what blacks can accomplish when not understanding who the God of Israel is....yup, I said it. Booker T Washington Junior and so many of his peers set out to change the image of black America. Snoop Dog and Jay Z have single handily shot that all to hell in our generation, in my opinion. I would not want my wife shaking her butt across the globe half naked before throngs of people as an alter ego named Sasha.....Hell, why go to Cuba to see poverty?

Talent is serving my God who allowed the death of his son in order that I know the difference. Besides, I can't sing!

Terms like African American, or what the the rap industry fosters and the bling, bling catch phrases, describing "bitches and hoes" represent to me a fatherless society....come full term! When black America is not afraid to hold itself accountable for this sinful fact then perhaps the God of the Jews who inspired the book that the black church holds up on Sunday [in between the Voodoo and Kundalini experiences found throughout the Holy Ghost world]...Perhaps Yahweh will return even those folks back to what he commanded to occur in the 1st and 2nd temple of Israel. The black church today is more like the boyfriend to the black women. The father is simply not present on a scale far worse then the practice of slavery under Islamic rule and the Western church fathers who tossed out the Biblical truth and a very Hebrew collection of scriptures. Those who worshiped in the temple(s) of Israel were of every race. So too, were those purposed from the mind of my God when considering Adam.

So, I mingled for a week realizing that when I left the Sunday understanding of "Church" I began to see the Gospel message as the natural course of the Torah and the instructions of a Holy God. I realize that seeing God is as easy as seeing Israel of whom every Christian is grafted into. I realize that Abba, Father's grace is sufficient for even the nations. I know that he has room for the church in his heart. Reading the Old Testament and realizing that it is more than old but rather foundational to all that the church tried to effect in me separates me from most of those I spoke with. I don't see Jesus in the way the church taught me to know him. I see him as the servant branch, the root of the olive tree that makes me see YEHOVAH in everything. I understand that he is completing the desire of a Holy God...namely to establish a Kingdom in the earth.

Knowing that he was the Mezuza nailed to door way of the father's house in order that I might one day cross over the threshold filled with his blood causes me to mourn for those stuck in the matrix of replacement theology. God created a perfect enemy to lie to us, and to lead us astray. He wanted us to make a choice therefore he provided the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil. We have been stuck on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because of a poor choice. He delivered this option through two trees and the tapestry of how he does everything is realized: day, night, wet, dry, wisdom and stupid!

I understand that Christians United for Israel is actually, to use a phrase that I heard while in DC, "Israel uniting Christians" or better yet, Yahweh returning us to his assembly. In order to best understand this we have to know the Tanakh. Most of those whom I met in Washington DC did not know this word or the acronym that is represents.

Un-Coloring myself from the world of racial, religious, and flawed wisdom adopting instead to return to God's family and to stand with what he is doing forces me to now cry out to Christians, "What you don't know will cause many to perish!" For me, to say that Christianity is wrong on so many levels is no different than a Jewish person exclaiming the same concerning Judaism. (I happen to know several) I think all religious systems outside of the conversation between Moses and God, Joshua and God, Jacob and God is interpretation at best. The problem with interpretation is that it produces something else. The best example of this is the languages themselves. English was not a spoken language 2000 years. I mean, today people speak Starbuck, and cypertalk for gosh sakes! Words such as BRB or OMG  are making possible the next generation to exclaim WTF...I am sure you get the point!

When Dr Danny Ben Gigi showed to me why God wanted that crown of thorns placed onto the head of Yeshua the Messiah my breathe left me. I had no idea that all of the Kings of Israel were crowned on Pesach! When Ian Despars, a 21 year old young man shared on my radio show why the temple veil was ripped in two and why the blood, and the Mikvah was to be done prior to entering the Holy of Holies my heart skipped a beat! When God showed to me that his daughters are the warrior presence of his heart upon the earth......Well, I can never be as abstract about my God as were those folks in Washington DC anymore than I can ever be Black and proud or African American.

Israel is fighting for the land...The church is fighting for what exactly, and black America is killing itself. Somethings take forever to unlearn I suppose. Islam is doing much the same thing.

Here is why I could not vote for President Barack Obama....He is not someone I want governing the Kingdom of God which is coming to Jerusalem....God is not going to allow gay marriage, abortion and lying reprobates to rule his kingdom. But he did appoint many of this type of person to Judge his people.

I see him doing what is his will everywhere and in everything. This was magnified into my world via the Torah Portion and Haftorah readings as well as when I was led to understand the very Jewishness of a very Hebrew King! If there was one thing that I saw again in Washington DC is this: The Christian understands God from a Christian world view. None of the writers of the Tanakh had this sort of understanding and none of the writers of the Brit Chadasha would have followed Jesus if he had not referenced the Tanakh. Jesus did everything that Moses commanded based on the instructions of the Ketubah or TORAH. I just lost virtually every Christian who read this blog post.

I want the majority of the world's Christian to go back and learn the 3/4's of the Bible that they do not know. I want them to do it from the lens of the writers rather than the interpreters....I am absolutely certain that the greatest revival of human history would ensue.

What I want and what God is doing are different...my ways are not his ways. However, he spoke to me 7 years ago and changed my life from trying to keep it together to that of a man driven....

I shared with a young Christian, college student how to see God's calendar concerning Pesach. This, after sharing with her what Pesach is. Her eyes became as big as 50 cent pieces as she exclaimed..."That is incredible!"....... And so it goes!

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