Sunday, July 28, 2013

Miss Akaya Lee


Addendum: Perhaps the information that I received was premature concerning Akaya Lee's invitaition to El Shaddai Ministries....still hopeful but nothing is concrete with regard to the statement listed apologies.

The following is something I found on YOU TUBE courtesy of a friend. The young lady you are about to hear is dynamic, passionate and simply put, AMAZING! While at the summit [the1st night] I saw her standing by the CUFI on campus display/room where the youth were gathering. The Holy Spirit or Ruach nudged me to go speak with her.  I introduced myself to her and begun to share with her a little bit about the Hebraic truth found in the scriptures. She was fascinated. I also begun to share with her about what God is pouring into my heart about women, "The Crown Jewel of Creation!"

I was so impressed with Akaya Lee not knowing that she was going to speak in front of 5000 to 6000 people a few nights later. I tried to get together with her along with a few others to share more about TORAH and how the gospel and Torah are the same....I found out just this morning that Akaya has been invited to come to El Shaddai Ministries.....I knew that Abba, Father wanted me to go engage her in conversation but to see what is now happening is for me...priceless!

This is a short, non complete video however, you will get the gist of what Akaya is sharing. Having spoken to her on a few occasions I can confirm her to be a beautiful, articulate, young, brilliant, woman!

Truly a wonderful, spirit filled daughter of the most high Akaya Lee

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