Friday, July 12, 2013

Killing My Joy!

If you read the articles posted on this blog most are not grammatically correct, proper punctuation, and proper sentencing are a myth to the overall quality of what I personally have scribed here. There are 1127 articles posted here. I have been doing this since 2007.

If a person were to sit down and read everyone that I personally wrote that individual would undoubtedly acquire a relative understanding about how the mind of Jeff Morton works. Why have I done this?

This is an easy question for me to answer, I love people! The Internet has opened up for me a collage of the world's talent and creativity. I marvel at what the human spirit can accomplish. I have seen some of the most unique, eye catching artistry, photography, and architectural brilliance pour out of the lives of people. I have read articles that capture the heart, take ones breath away, or leave you speechless and often in tears. I have gazed into the world from my computer and branded to memory some of the most exhilarating, spectacular moments of my life. I see people all over the world bringing forth this incredible gift we call life. I have said and will say again, "Each person represents the miracle of life."

I have seen the death, madness, and carnage that living disconnected from the miraculous produces as well. It would seem to me even more so that this sort of reality is over taking the human spirit. We continue to loose the unbelievable.
Steven Curtis Chapman wrote a song which stays connected to my spirit, Great Expectations:

Albeit, I continue to learn, to grow, and to release the pride that dilutes the soul, smothers the very spirit of God within each one of us. The journey continues. 

A friend shared with me a miracle. He said that he was asking the Father if the entire congregation would fall to our knees in worship and prayer to him. This happened last week at El Shaddai Ministries. My friend prayed this prayer during our worship service. As soon as he uttered the prayer to himself the Ministry leader asked everyone to get on our knees. I actually did not hear this but when I opened my eyes virtually all 700 or so people in our congregation were on their knees. I was one of a few still standing, I felt convicted. I was thinking, "Well, maybe I should get on my knees, or they will be getting up soon...I did everything except get on my knees. A simple thing really but, I was having a personal conversations with self..."Self, what should you do?" Moments later I felt as though I had made the issue about me and not my God. This is where the convicting occurred. 

Even in this I continue to hear my Father, "who art, all around us" whisper, "I don't love you in the way that you know love." I keep hearing in my spirit that through Mercy, Patience, and Eternal Grace have I loved you, all of you. He does not love us from a fallen concept but rather a perfect, pure, magnificence! 

With this in mind....I am tired of fighting with fellow believers. I am sick of the bickering and brokenness. The racial division among believers is beyond my ability to articulate. The pride that supports the worlds' religions is demonic...This is how all of us for the most part do anything. We are part of the fallen way which ejects holiness like a missile launched

I started doing all of this because YHWH showed to me something mind-blowing! I have been since 2007 shouting from my soul about this single experience. It is for me like knowing what is on the other side of the universe and trying to tell someone, anyone! I found others who had similar experiences and that is when the in fighting went to a level I had not even known in the churches. Returning to the churches would be the equivalent of asking Dracula to bite me a few more times, never going to happen! Being Messianic is like being rolled over by Jupiter in my mind much for wanting to know others who were sharing TORAH and reconnecting TORAH to the Gospels or God to God..."the oxymoron of human existence in my opinion!

I am convinced that religion is where the devil deceives virtually all of us. God knew just where to put him in order for us to practice choosing between life or death. The division among the most amazing, miraculous aspect of God's plan is really is! Far too many of us choose death. The people on this planet are broken in such a way that it truly will be God who repairs the breach, restores the people, all of us know this. We try to do our part in being in step with his plan but the hatred and brokenness of people is also mind-blowing. We get sucked into doing religion because we abhor relationships apparently?

More and more I just want to fade into the back ground......
My God knows that I am starting to not want to be out here sharing from the heart.....
The insanity is killing my joy! I am starting to miss my grand daughters more than I want to do any of this!

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