Thursday, July 18, 2013

Going Back to Sunday Church.

It was stated to me the other day, "Jeff, you don't seem to do as much teaching concerning the Hebraic understanding of the Bible anymore."

I thought about the question/statement for a couple of days. I will offer a brief response:

I have never been a Torah teacher per say, nor has it ever been my resolve to teach people. God showed to me possibly the most remarkable thing of my life namely, " To learn WHY Jesus was Jewish."

I now know him to be Yeshua and have reconnected him to the CULTURE that God established, via Moses, that he wanted for His son to be revealed through. The people that God raised up to present to the world the Messiah in the flesh is largely what the Bible is sharing with the world. I now understand that Jesus was in the garden, with Noah. He was also very much a part of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.  He s through out the Bible while the New Testament records his presence via a virgin birth, perfect life, horrific death, and resurrection in order to redeem mankind. I recognize all of this is God's plan and that Jesus followed the laws of God perfectly and will rule and reign from Jerusalem very soon. Now, what is most amazing about what I just wrote is that their are layers and layers of information being revealed about all of this from Genesis to Revelations. As a Christian, I only new ONE layer.........
As a Christian I could not see the "kabillion" layers of what the Bible is sharing.

I did not know how the Old Testament was written or much about it at all. When I say, "HOW IT IS WRITTEN" many will think I am talking about the actually recorded books....NOPE I am talking about how God has shown to us exactly how he is doing everything, everyday and for eternity all of which is revealed in HOW the Bible is written. Virtually every Christian that I know is CLUELESS...totally and completely, and yes of course I will add remarkably ignorant (in the true sense of the word) about HOW God wrote the Bible via the hand of men.

I no longer want to struggle with closed mines and rejection....Most Christians especially Seminary Christians only know what they have been taught....To try to show them that what or how they know the Bible blocks them from the 98% of other information being revealed is a fight I simply don't want to have anymore.
I don't want to struggle with Black Pastors who have a degree in Roman/Greco Biblical studies about a very Hebrew people and a Jewish Messiah of which most are utterly and totally void of in perspective.

The messianic crowd has found another religion, I run from many of these groups. To see Jeff Morton chuck all of what Abba, Father has shown to me and return to Sunday church would be no different than watching a group of pink elephants crossing the surface of pluto...It will never happen!

What I can do is see what God is doing through his hand about the judgments coming to his house, watch the hell rising up against his people, understand the failures of his people to honor his commandments and covenant relationship, pray for the Christians, Muslims to be free from the Babylonian mind and try to do what ever God puts in front of me to do.....

Right now he wants to regather his family and to show to them who they are as opposed to who we are not. He is revealing more information in this generation then at any time in human history and he is asking his family to come out of the things that we have been taught that are useless and vain....That's what I am doing and I share what I am doing with whoever wants to hear.

I have thrown RELIGION of all kind...under the bus. Like Dr Russ Houck asks...."Will the family of Yahweh come together and stop fighting." If you are fighting over our Father and what he is preparing for his SON to do....then we are religiously divided......Is this not what satan has done to perfection?

According to the Bible Israel is about to go through hell with 2/3 of the population being destroyed...and the nations are about to be decimated as a result! Why are we fighting one another when this is looming just over our heads?
For me to chuck the deity of Jesus...(Yeshua, proper)... would be as crazy as if I were to also chuck who I am in the Father in order to be a sheep following Al Sharpton or any BLACK man because of the color of my DEAD skin. (Judaism that rejects my LORD, my salvation, is insanity to me!)

I also come against the tares`...people who promote themselves and not MY GOD!
I also have just been damned wrong a few times as I learn all of this....

Therefore, who I am is an "Un-Colored (racially) child of the coming Kingdom who has RETURNED to the Beginning so that I can better understand the end of a fallen world which will soon usher into creation the Eternal purpose of my Elohim, YEHOVAH!" this is what I will share with anyone who wants to understand what God has shown to me about WHO we are when grafted into his beloved...ISRAEL and become truly "Born Again" into that Kingdom

No offense intended however, if I did offend you It was not intentional....

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Roger L. Reeves said...

I believe there is a spiritual battle when sharing Hebraic Roots, Appointed times, or anything about Israel. I and my wife have literally seen a persons eyes glaze over as we spoke and we both knew that only through prayer could we hope to reach some who are entrenched in false doctrines, and yes even fasting. Thanks for the wonderful read.