Friday, July 26, 2013

A Bittersweet Moment in Washington DC

I asked two men, one of whom was a Pastor if they knew why the moon went from a sliver to a full moon and then back to a sliver? We were walking from the convention center having just attended the main event or the "Night to Honor Israel" There was a full moon illuminating the sky
One of the men answered: (Paraphrasing) "The light of the LORD is revealed when a person accepts Jesus. God uses the moon to show how that light increases as their walk with him increases and as they become more and more involved with their faith. The light of the moon recedes as the light of God grows in the persons heart. The moon represents this relationship"

I asked him if he was serious, thinking he was being sardonic or cynical, he was not. The other person mentioned the Blood Moons [having heard John Hagee address them throughout the last five days] of which I shared that Pastor John Hagee first heard of this from my Pastor, Pastor Mark Biltz. The Pastor corrected me exclaiming, "No, he heard of this from the Holy Spirit.

It was at this point that I stopped, discontinued my conversation with these two men because the abstract Biblical understanding that they had was truthfully, appalling to me! This was a common anguish for me over the 5 days that I was in Washington DC. I had the occasion to speak with several Jewish people who were shocked that I knew as much about the Old Testament as did they...More important was that I knew it from a non Christian perspective.

I only met one person who understood the literal Hebraic context of the Bible who was from a Christian back ground, JUST ONE!

His name is Lyndon Allen
I fell in love with this brother and hope to build relationship with him

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Lyndon Allen said...

Thank you for your kind words Jeff. I too look forward to building relationship.

Your insights on marriage from a Hebraic perspective are deep and refreshing. Carry on!