Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This Blogger could use your prayers

We have to move, property being sold
 As some of you know my wife and I have to move. We were told that the house we have rented for  just over a year is to be sold. The process of looking for a home is arduous as many of you all ready know. What happens though when something comes up in the credit check that does not belong to us and yet is attributed to my wife concerning owing money for rent to someone who we or she has never rented from? Trying to get this little gem corrected is like trying to lasso Jupiter! Meanwhile and as a result we are being denied application after application. We did not have the money to move so to be paying for these stupid application fees is like throwing money out the window while driving 200 mph!

Yesterday I took my wife by the hand and said, let's pray! We have turned this matter over to our Abba, Father, for him to solve. We will do what is prudent and necessary to move beyond this bump. It seems to me that we are always under spiritual attack or some sort of blah!. In fact, it seems to come with writing this blog, doing the radio show and everything else that we do as we STAND up for the things of God, YHWH and all that he is doing in our personal lives.

Cancer surgery last year 2012
I was paid an awesome compliment a few days ago. A friend said to me that my radio show is brilliant! He went on to say that, "What YHWH downloaded into your Brain Jeff is amazing!" Adding too, "Jeff, I was praying for you and I got an image of you being on a short leash; figuratively. It is as if YEHOVAH is keeping you close and dependent on him." I was appreciative of his compliment and have often felt this to be true. From the time God reconnected me back to the originality of his word or reconnected the Gospel message to Torah or it's foundation my life has been one gigantic challenge. And so it goes.......

During the most recent difficulty my wife has quit smoking, is moving closer and closer to our returning King. She, Michele, is learning more and more about Abba, Father, the Elohim of Israel and the nations. She is adding to her Christian understanding....TORAH. She is also reading a couple of books at her own pace. Most of the house is packed up and every house, apartment that we have looked at she has found. She is doing all of this while working in the rehabilitation program at the hospital. Okay, so you don't know what that means: What ever a patient cannot do for themselves my wife, along with her co-workers do. From showering patients to toiletry issues. I think that people who do this stuff are amazing. My wife helps people every day that she works. She helps me...We celebrate 1 year of marriage restored on July 22nd. I have known this daughter of the King for almost 27 years.

Our youngest child
Our youngest daughter has been coming to visit more and more. A great big change in her heart has occurred. She said to me this last weekend, "When I come here I feel peaceful with no stress or anxiety about trying to get through another day." A great big yucky chunk of crap is now gone in our relationship YHWH restores, yes he does!
So, as we battle with the current issues, lack of  finances, a place to live and better income for me will you all pray for us?

In all of this I will be in Washington DC for 5 days in July....serving the Kingdom and chatting with Congressmen/women and Senators.

Incidentally, if you still think the anti system is YET to come, YOU are worse then asleep. It is here and getting ready to do what has always been prophesied, duh!

Thanks for your prayers! You can be absolutely sure that the enemy of the throne of Yahweh can throw what every temper tantrum possible; my friend is right. The enemies of the "Kingdom to Come" has no weapon formed against me that can take what ABBA, Father, downloaded into my being. It simply is not possible.

Hey Donna, thank YOU!

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