Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Radio Show is a place for you to share, too!

I will be chatting with my friend Nancy King this Sunday night at 6:00 pm Pacific. June 9th, 2013

Nancy was introduced to me as a result of people whom I have met on the Internet. Nancy is like your neighbor or the person in the check out line at your grocers. As a believer who lives accordingly, Nancy and I are just going to have a little chat about doing life together for such a time as this. She will share a bit about her testimony, current activities, and about how her life continues to transform as she walks with our Creator.
Life is not always difficult but when it is we have to overcome and forge ahead. Nancy is no different.
As I move forward slowly, carefully writing my book, Women, The Crown Jewel of Creation YAHWEH continues to pour into me just how much his daughters are the living manifestation of HIS very heart. It is a remarkable experience for me to be shown how God see's women. I look forward to whatever the end result is because I am re-learning or better yet, learning for the first time why the creation of women was truly God's wisdom displayed concerning, "Saving the best for last!" Hope you can join us.

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