Saturday, June 8, 2013

For those of you who can FLY all over the country, whenever!

And before you go any further, NO, I don't support the concept of rapture  in eschatology. I see the events more patterned after Noah or the Sinai trek....I see Israel not the church as the main player in coming events. I think Western Eschatology is flawed because it ignores Hebraic concepts; NUFF SAID!

I have always said, "I am not a teacher of the Bible but I like to point others towards the direction of what God is showing to me and to so many others around the globe." The watchmen are watching and YHWH is providing much to watch. It is almost as if God is SCREAMING into the hearts of men, "Follow Me, time is so short!"

And yes, of course I want to attend this conference!

Taken directly from Prophecy in the News webiste:

A second round of vicious tornados tore through Oklahoma City tonight, very close once again to Prophecy in the News and Linda Church's home! She and her family took shelter in their storm shelter while many of our employees who live in SW OKC and Moore ran for their lives and headed south to Dallas! Right now it is sheer chaos in the area with heavy rain, flooding, limbs and power lines down everywhere. The hail was the size of softballs in many locations! Living in Tornado Alley requires much prayer. We'd appreciate your prayers as these dangerous storms are still lingering. C'mon summer! Should you wish to make a donation to the recovery efforts, we will make sure your donation makes it into the hands of the people who need it most, with anything left over going to a local church where your funds will be put to good use. Many have lost their homes and all their worldly possessions. Call us 24/7 at 800 475-1111 to donate to the OKC Tornado Recovery Fund, or make a donation through our online bookstore. This is a great opportunity to help people in real need.

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