Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Killing Religion, Restoring Relationship

Zechariah 13:8-9
It shall happen that in all the land," says Yahweh, "two parts in it will be cut off and die; but the third will be left in it. I will bring the third part into the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will test them like gold is tested. They will call on my name, and I will hear them. I will say, 'It is my people;' and they will say, 'Yahweh is my God.'"

Zephaniah 3:12 
But I will leave in the midst of you an afflicted and poor people, and they will take refuge in the name of Yahweh.

As I study the roots of Judaism [which are born as a result of the Oral Torah, in conjunction with what Moses received] or that which came out of Babylon and after the destruction of the 1st temple I see a willful ignorance to what God commanded of Israel. I have spoken to so many Jewish people who have said to me that following the edicts of many of the rabbis is akin to being in bondage. One must ask the question: If Judaism is the strength of a nation why do so many Jewish people reject the heart of its teaching. Israel is predominantly a secular nation. Most Jews do tradition and the same is true for many Christians...We have become an audience as opposed to a family of God.

The Church of western imaginations is now thrown under the bus with the Judeo-Christians nation, America virtually crumbling before our eyes. The American public is divided, ideologically feeding on our differences. We are no longer a people raising up a banner for God. We kicked our relationship to God under the bus years ago.

Both countries no longer walk with God. Neither country has relationship with the God of Creation.
The Rabbi's or clergy in Israel are a select group of religious folks who have yet to make Judaism palatable for most of the citizens while in America the various denominations are discussing the legitimacy of gay marriage and tolerating divorce, abortion and just about everything Our Holy God, YEHOVAH warned against.

The consequence has always been death. However, God always saved a remnant

The great dragon was thrown down, the old serpent, he who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. When the dragon saw that he was thrown down to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child. Two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman, that she might fly into the wilderness to her place, so that she might be nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. The serpent spewed water out of his mouth after the woman like a river, that he might cause her to be carried away by the stream. The earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the river which the dragon spewed out of his mouth. The dragon grew angry with the woman, and went away to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep God's commandments and hold Jesus' testimony. Notice that he comes after the faith based folks since he cannot get those who are protected?

God has always desired relationship...not a religious system. The enemy of God is seated in my opinion over every religious system known in this earth.......Get out of Babylon, Get out of Religion
I am a Christian who has returned to the root...The root is relationship and the more I walk with Abba, Father, through the difficulty of living surrounded by lies I see Him, not a Church or Synagogue! I see life, life eternal. The more that I walk with the gardener the more disdain I have for theology.

Ezekiel 20 and Ezekiel 32 testify concerning the patterns of God's mercy and judgment. For the church to toss out much of what YAHWEH commanded Israel to do tells me clearly that the enemy of God is deceiving the whole world from relationship with YEHOVAH.....Woe to the inhabitants of the earth.

It's almost as if God is saying, "Okay, so you don't want to walk in my statutes, keep my commandments, and obey my laws....Then here, let me introduce you to satan!" Adam, Eve, let me introduce you to, Good & Evil"

God is going to kill Religion. He is going to toss it into a fiery abyss as he restores the relationship that he has always purposed. He is going to restore his family.

Meanwhile or without fail, YEHOVAH continues to honor his covenants, continues to honor the sacrifice of the lamb, and continues to bring to a conclusion the failure of men to choose, life!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

When I think about all of the money that does not support us?

These folks could use some of that money from some of you believers...go ahead, contact them, ask the questions, write the check, make a difference?

God's Everlasting Covenant1
5:29 AM (3 hours ago)


We pray you are doing well and living life to abundance in accordance with G-d's will and purposes. As you may know we answered a calling from the Lord and moved to Israel in early 2011. It has been the most exciting time of our lives. When we heard His call we packed all our earthly belongings and used what resources He made available to us to move to Israel and live for a limited period of time. He also made it clear a business opportunity would be part of the plan. True to His word after relocating to Israel He provided a divine appointment which resulted in the formation of a company that has invented a breakthrough high rise evacuation solution. We have put together a wonderful team and have done all the necessary work to position ourselves to obtain initial funding.
We know G-d plans to bless our efforts, and we are proclaiming this since we know His plan has already been written in heaven. However, our resources have been severely depleted and we only have a few months of funds left. Getting jobs here is not possible because we do not speak Hebrew well enough. If you feel our ministry, [which we intend to continue] has blessed you, would you pray about becoming a monthly supporter?

We have secured one major investor already, so G-d is blessing this. However, we need one additional investor to launch the company. We anticipate this will be a temporary request as we are contending for funding in the very short term.

These days, we know times are challenging.  We ask you to pray for our financial needs to be met, as our God knows what we need and when.  In Genesis 12:2-3, speaking of Abraham and his descendants, God said "I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."  It is a proven fact throughout history that those who bless the Jewish people and Israel will be blessed.  We are here to share our faith in the God of Israel and the Jewish Messiah with His brethren because He asked us to.  By blessing us, you will be a blessing to Israel and the Jewish people.  No amount is too small to consider." The LORD will bless you and keep you.  The LORD will make His face shine upon you and will be gracious to you.  The LORD will lift up His countenance upon you and will give you His shalom.
If you prefer sending a check, drop us a note and we'll provide a street address.
May He continue to be the light on your path….
Blessings from Israel~

       Daniel and Deborah Calic
     Jew & Gentile:  Requisitely distinct, Prophetically linked

         "Israel is not what is wrong with the Middle East"
          -Benjamin Netanyahu

Blind or not so blind, that is the question?

I sat and spoke with a Christian man yesterday, we spoke about the Judeo-Christian nation. I asked the following question: If we are a Judeo-Christian nation and Jesus was Jewish along with all of the disciples &  the apostle Paul tell me about the Judeo aspect of America? His response was, "I don't know how to answer that question." So, I asked another question: Mary & Joseph were Hebrew, so too was Moses, Joshua, all of the writers of the Bible with the possibility of Luke or Lucas being a convert. Every Christian on earth reads what they wrote, about their experiences with the God of creation, and the God of creation raised up the Hebrew people in order to present to the world His Son, His Word, and the history of His people; what do you know about the various Hebrew cultures that span centuries, that God continues to use in order to reveal/complete His plan. He responded, I really cannot answer that question either. I asked a final question: You love Jesus but cannot tell me much about his heritage, his culture, his people, his language, his identity, and his involvement in the world from Genesis to Micah; who exactly are you loving?

The person said to me, YOU have asked questions that I have never even thought to consider....I explained Replacement Theology to which he replied, "Wow, we have been taught to not even think about this stuff"

I said to him, Do you believe that the Jews are blind?" He said yes!  Well, why then do you read the book that they wrote telling you everything that you know? He did say that the Jews are god's chosen people but that they don't believe in Jesus. I said, I would not believe in him either if I did not know anything at all about his heritage or that he did not followed everything Moses taught based on Christian teaching.

Finally, I asked of him,  "Do you love God?" He said of course...All of the Jews who wrote the Bible did too. Maybe they are not as blind as you appear to be? He accepted my dig because of the questions that I posed. We talked about  lot of other issues related to this post. He could not answer a single question that I posed with regard to the Judeo reality of America and the Christian church...He knew well the "Constantinian Concepts" as I have so coined the hellish reality of Emperor Constantin's influence on New Testament doctrines. He did not know virtually anything about the first 3/4 of the Scriptures.

Israel is fighting to secure the Borders of her nation
Christians are not fighting at all.........?
We Christians ought to think about how we believe? Perhaps we need to return to our Biblical root

Friday, June 21, 2013

REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY [the foundation of much of Christiandom]

But father, Jesus was Jewish, how we gonna do that? My son, let me confer with Lucifer, oops, I mean Emperor Constantine and see what he would say on the matter!


The Christian follows this edict...and does not know what God commanded as a result. Question: what else was changed, revised in order for antisemitic attitudes to prevail as the church was formed and tell me why don't we know about the Jewishness of Jesus or how he would have been part of the culture raised up by his Father?
Leviticus 23 is very clear and so too, is Exodus 12
We need to get back on Yahweh's calendar and stand with Israel. God returned this nation to all of us for a divine purpose. If the Christian or Catholic does not see this, refuses to see this...may God have mercy upon their soul.

Thanks to Nehemiah Gordon for posting the above video on Facebook

Jeremiah 16:19   O Lord, my might, and my strength, and my refuge in the day of tribulation: to thee the Gentiles shall come from the ends of the earth, and shall say: Surely our fathers have possessed lies, a vanity which hath not profited them.

Prophecy is all about Eternity

Back in the day when I first became a believer, learning about the Bible, God and the Biblical account from a Christian perspective (alone) I soon became fascinated with prophecy. [Big surprise their huh?]

How can one not become enthralled with what was going to happen. For me it was like imagining another episode of the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits at the time. I read Hal Lindsey's book, "Late Great Planet Earth" and followed a lot of the Prophecy Club stuff. I even purchased the entire Left Behind series and read every book passing them onto my younger son. I read books concerning the devil, going to hell and back, the afterlife, a myriad of writings all titillating the senses concerning the great and terrible tribulation to come. The rapture concept did not escape my need to know what was coming....

At the end of it all, for me personally, I was defeated. My attitude was, why bother?...The end of the world is coming and were all going to die! This became a pervasive, all encompassing aspect of how I saw the world. My Biblical life was without hope, no joy......Time to smoke crack!

Years later I realize that my God is not a mean, terrible destructive monster who was going to punish the whole world with absolute destruction and cataclysmic suffering. I now realize that we are the ones who do those things and that Abba, Father is going to judge his house in righteousness and love. The word Judgement itself has a variety of meanings in the Hebrew all relative to justice, fairness or even vindication.

 (Mishpat Search for 04941 in KJV.) One can also see 08199. (the root Shaphat,  shaw-fat' Search for 08199 in KJV)

Anyway, Yahweh is a lover of what he has done. His patience is truly Biblical, his ways are not the ways of men....Understanding prophecy must include this aspect of who the majestic creator is verses who we have made him into.

God is not wiring everyone's cell phone to a central command nor is he spying on humanity. He does not set secret plans into action in order to monitor his kids. Their is no central computer system listening to our phone conversations in some gigantic building in the heavens nor is their a squad of elite forces building and extensive network of controls soon to be implemented for the purpose of executions and slavery. No numbering system is in place to track every human being on the planet and their are no governmental forces being prepared to kill larges segments of the population now being readied by angelic beings. God is not sitting on his throne waiting to give an order to search and destroy, no final solution is scheduled. Abba, Father, is not a madman or dictator that he should do a Hitler thing in order to rule the world!

Abba, Father is a gardener who planted untold beauty for his kids. He is getting ready to weed the garden and return it to it's pristine nature......

So I tossed out all of the prophetic doom and gloom opting instead to search the scriptures, understand better God's laws and to know exactly why he purposed, the Ark, Abraham, Moses, Israel, and the Gospels. An eternal plan is in play that was purposed long before the first man made a mistake. This is the prophetic imagery I have. meeting an amazing God face to face who is capable of doing whatever he wants to do. Can you really, truly imagine this sort of friend. Well folks, this is my friend. This is the kinda of friend that I want to know as we face the undoing of the mistakes of mankind. I want to see the serpent kicked out of the garden...To me, this is bigger than seeing 1/3 of the world murdered, who wants to see that?

Men have been on the path of mistaking God for just about 7000 years. We are like children lost. Just like two trees in the garden their are two kinds of people. God offers a choice as a result. I choose life and life eternal. Therefore, I search the scriptures in anticipation as opposed to obliteration. God is a creator, Men have become destroyers...this has to be corrected. My God understands this and has been working on this aspect for many, many years or as he puts it, "A few days!"

I believe that all of the prophecies are actually part of redemption. God is going to accomplish all of his good pleasure as a loving, kind, righteous creator. To think of him in any other manner is to align him with how men think.

Personally, I cannot wait to meet Adam. I imagine I will say to him..."Yo Bro, that was one helluva mistake."

Look up people our redemption is near and while your at it take hold of your bother and sisters hand. Stop arguing about loving one another. Are we the type of people who chooses life or not?.....The other type person is soon to be swept up and removed...After all, who among you prepares a wedding feast in a filthy house with hateful, despotic people?. Our Creator knows what he is doing.....Trust him, act like you have an invitation and help your brother or sister get ready........
Where is the family of the groom?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I am not STUPID

For nearly 1400 years the African was enslaved via the Ottoman empire, via many, kingdoms of the Caliphate. Several hundred years ago, God begun to break the yoke of slavery as it had been practiced for centuries. Without all of the back ground and study that I have spent years researching I want to add a snapshot, if you will, concerning my thoughts as a result.

I listened to the following yesterday for the first time:

I have spoken, written, and discussed what this gentleman is saying for many, many years. I am neither Republican nor an Independent voter. Nevertheless, and please hear me with crystal clarity,  "Hell will be frozen and satan will be begging for a blanket before I vote Democrat!"

I make this statement from a Biblical, conservative perspective. I love what the Messiah taught, what Moses shared and what Noah accomplished. I love the God who restores

The slave trade was broken in Great Britain by the hand of God. Later, in a new country, America, [purposed from the beginning] God abolished slavery. The evil thing that was done for centuries was broken. Abba, Father, was not sitting on the sidelines offering a congratulatory clapping of the hands but rather was deeply involved with bringing about the end of what men had come to believe was righteous and just. God removed the idiocy of how men had come to shackle his brother with chains as opposed to loving your neighbor.

The hearts of men are exceedingly wicked:

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly corrupt: who can know it?

Ecclesiastes 9:3  This is an evil in all that is done under the sun, that there is one event to all: yes also, the heart of the sons of men is full of evil, and madness is in their heart while they live, and after that they go to the dead.

I have watched for as long as I have lived in the earth, as an American, the Democrat party do the same sort of thing that the army of satan does. The history is striking when one goes back and studies the power structure and deliberate evil that drives this party over the last two hundred years. The comparison between Nimrod, and Democrat leadership are patterned based on the concept of right and wrong if one chooses to take a walk back through history. The need for power and the attitude of suppression in order to attain it is a biblical fact...Satan used this tactic in the garden.

Wrong will always be wrong!

I remember reading Wayne Perryman's book, "UnFounded Loyalty" thinking, I could have written this book because I have studied the actual history of the democrat party since the election of Ronald Reagan. I look at the city of Detroit and understand that this is the only outcome of letting a Democrat administration run anything. Ronald Reagan championed American greatness. Democrat administrations always express what is wrong with America.

America voted against slavery...and slavery ended. The Democrat party fought for nearly 100+ years to prevent freedom of the slaves...do your own research. I behold the black person who follows the idiocy of what the status-quot fostered by, Democrat ideas without studying actually history, as sheepish, minions of stupid! I have an aversion to anything stupid! I have never been "Black and Proud" of Ignorance! Racism is practiced in every culture. This alone should clue those of us who are faith based that satan is running that show!

I have posted the following a few times

Reverend Wayne Perryman sharing actual history

Mia Love
Ben Carson

As for me...I am a Christian who has returned to the root of what God is doing, has always done. I am a person who was purposed to be born for such a time as this, in American (not Africa) in order to be a watchman for the Kingdom to come. I see the Bible unlike most Christians today and reject much of what Judaism espouses with regard to the deity of the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, King of the Jews.

When I see black Americans cling to the insidious history of slavery as opposed to seeing what God did to destroy it, anymore I just see, "Stupid" When ever Jesse Jackson, Al Shaprton, Maxine Waters, Jamu Green open their mouths I hear stupid, think stupidity, and confirm stupidity as the latest identity of many black Americans.....When I see "Pants on the ground" I see stupid!

I pray for many of you but I see God separating the wheat from the tares...my loyalty is to the wheat.

Matthew 13:30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather up first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

Of those who are Christian that live symbiotic to the mantra of hating the white man for his racist tendencies, your acceptance of the God who saves is compromised, your ignorance is astounding. The majority of Americans who voted against slavery were white many of whom were Jewish as well.

For those of you who take offense to my use of the word, "STUPID" Well, the Bible is written to those who choose to believe it and to follow the ways of God as a result. God made every single human being in this earth with the exception of the test tube folks. At his good pleasure do we all exist...he is the one who constructed the color scheme and dynamics of how we were to look, feel and exist. I am grateful to the beauty that raced through his being as HE crafted us in the image of himself. Opening his word and then to read from it while at the same time practicing hate, antisemitism, and racial prejudice; well thisto me, is just damned stupid!

The slaves who endured the hell of no freedom did not ask for the Democrat party to free them. They lived and died while others fought for them. The Republican party historically was formed specifically to fight this fight.....

Mt Hope Cemetary Rochester,  NY (My home town)
Frederick Douglas wrote:
"I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress."
Frederick Douglass

All fall short but, YHWH has never fallen nor is he short of anything....
What has the political structure done for anyone of us lately as the world plummets into tribulation? I am aligned with the Kingdom to come and support those who get this.......

I have written this article not because of anger but because I agree with what is truthful about why I wrote it...stop believing stupid! Stop following color while reading Genesis to Revelation. You dishonor our Jewish Messiah, duh!

Detroit: Democrat rule

Cancer Charities Born of HELL

I can think of a "KABILLION" things I would like to do to serve the kingdom to come that literally requires funding in this current world system. To think that these folks are blatantly (allegedly) just sucking your money up for selfish reasons is infuriating. The IRS is coming after believers while this type of individual preys on those who are possibly dying of cancer.....Those running the asylum stink  of hell.

It was once stated, "Many live for the wealth of this life any way that they can achieve it but, have no sight for eternity!" I cannot remember where I read this statement

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Bible is all about "RESTORATION"

In addition to being restored from cancer (which has now apparently forever changed my voice) the following occurred nearly one year ago. I met Michele in 1986, Portland Oregon. We produced two children together raised four......I have honor and the privilege now to watch Michele learn the most amazing things life has to offer and I get to do it for the rest of our lives together as we walk together with YHWH

July 22, 2013 Bonnie Lake, Washington
Gigantic thanks to Ian Despars who captured this day on film....He can do the same for your wedding too!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Returning to Facebook

I am returning to FACEBOOK......just search for Jeff Morton

I need an expert person to contact me concerning several questions that I have about social networking my blog, website, Like page, blog, talk radio show, etc, etc. I am desiring to be more focused with my online activity...I really do need help with putting all activity on line together. Several people are having trouble finding my radio broadcast as one example (Thanks)

Great show last night with Pastor Mark Biltz, your emails are very, very, VERY encouraging! I have heard from people as far away as Israel, all are very, very complimentary...THANK YOU! CLICK HERE

Some of you have asked about the interview with Shelly & June Volk...CLICK HERE
If you can put me into contact with these two amazing people please I would love to invite them on to my show....

My contact information is
253 448-4777

Really folks, I know how to access programming but I really need help packaging all of the activity that I am currently involved in. I also need financial support...prayer is like believing one can move the earth...Our God answers prayer!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Totally Agree

I am not sure what Yahweh is going to do to shake America to it's knees but I am certain that he will not allow the decay of America go unnoticed...The earth is already vomiting up the evil that men do. I am so in agreement with John McTernan having watched these patterns for several years.


“Gay Month”: God’s Final Warning to America

                          Verse of the Day

Leviticus 18:24,25 Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you: And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.


Fleeing Colorado fire: "Land vomiting out its inhabitants?"
Fleeing Colorado fire: “Land vomiting out its inhabitants?”

If you examine the disasters hitting America, there is a vast increase from 25 years ago. The droughts and floods are showing that God is now in the process of setting the land up to “vomiteth” out the American people just as His states will happen. America is defiled with the blood of 55+ million babies and the homosexual agenda and other sins such as pornography and divorce. The nation is unclean and the land is defiled.

When I was first called into this ministry in 1987, there was maybe one massive disaster a year. Sometimes there were no disasters for a year. Now, the nation is being hit with 10 or more a year! In 2011 there were 14 $billion events which is more than one a month. Last year there were 11 such events.
There was no national “LGBT month” in 1987. Can you see how the disasters are matching the level of national sin and rebellion against God’s word?

I used to match every major disaster with national sin such as “Gay Pride Day”. I can no longer do this as many disasters are connected to long-term drought and heat waves. Some I can, like the recent Oklahoma tornadoes which are tied into homosexual events.
What is missing in these disasters hitting America are earthquakes. I have a “gut” feeling that massive, I mean massive, earthquakes are about to shake this nation. Earthquakes in the 8.0 to 9.0 are on the way. This is a part of the land “vomiting out its inhabitants”.

Extreme weather caused $110 billion in damage in 2012 06/13/13 There are more hurricanes on the way along with powerful earthquakes. Americans are about to be driven off the land for the national rebellion against God and His word.
Remember, and do not forget this: the disasters match the level of national rebellion against God and His word. God is holy and a nation can offend His holiness which America is grossly guilty of. Plus there is so little intercession by His church.
“All told the United States saw 11 weather and climate disasters last year with losses exceeding $1 billion in damages.The total puts 2012 second in total damages behind 2005, which saw four devastating hurricanes, including Katrina and Rita, and incurred $160 billion in costs.Hurricane Sandy was responsible for more than half of 2012′s total, with approximately $65 in claims.
 The Midwest drought soaked up another $30 billion.Sandy also incurred the worst loss of life, with more than 130 fatalities tied to the storm that engulfed nearly 500 miles along the East Coast.But heat waves last year caused more than 100 deaths, and the largest drought in the United States since the 1930s had the federal government declaring drought disasters in 2,600 of the nation’s 3,143 counties.Drought conditions also led to several devastating wildfires that burned more than 9 million acres in 2012, NOAA reported.
 The 11 billion-dollar disaster events in 2012 rank second behind the 14 events in 2011. Those 11 events killed more than 300 people and had “devastating economic effects” on the regions impacted, NOAA said.”
NOAA: Billion-Dollar Weather/Climate Disasters If you want to view all the events, just go to this site.
2 Peter 2:6  And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly;

God’s Final Warning to America

The judgment matches level of national sin
The judgment matches level of national sin
Residents displaced by Colorado wildfire see destruction firsthand 06/16/13 “Homosexual month” is not over yet. If the Supreme Court votes to advance the homosexual agenda with homosexual “marriage”, this could be the final act of rebellion against God. The last two months of June have seen awesome disasters hit Colorado. This year was far worse than last year. As the sin gets more bold, so the disasters get more intense.
“El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said the fire’s destruction has made it difficult for his deputies to assess damage. Deputies have said “it looks like a nuclear bomb went off in some of those areas, and you can’t even recognize whether it was a house or some other kind of structure,” Maketa said. “That is the level of incineration and destruction that took place in some areas.”
Colorado PrideFest: Gay Pride isn’t just for downtown Denver anymore 06/14/13 The theme of this is “Gay-er Pride”. Notice that it is not for “Denver anymore!” As the rebellion against God spreads, so the judgment is a perfect match for the rebellion against God’s word.
“The main event, of course, remains the Gay Pride Parade, and the 2013 version steps off from Cheesman Park at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, turning down Colfax Avenue toward Civic Center where the weekend-long PrideFest (running Saturday and Sunday) offers up booths, music and more than a few speeches to get the crowds revved up toward the next political goal.”
At least 400 homes destroyed in Colorado wildfire 06/14/13  The number is closer to 500. The worst disaster coincides with a “gay-er” Colorado. What is next for this state and the nation, as God has now warned for two years in a row!

“The number of homes destroyed  in the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history has risen to 400, officials said Friday night. Developers describe the Black Forest as the largest contiguous stretch of ponderosa pine in the United States. Once home to rural towns and summer cabins, it is now dotted with million-dollar homes and gated communities as a result of the state’s population boom over the past two decades.”
Jude 1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

The "Real World" that ain't on MTV!

Watching this You Tube post.....I am reminded of what I chose to not grow up in. I left the ghetto, never looked back. When I think of the madness that was not a part of the 70's (when I grew up) life up in "Da-hood" is so very, very much worse. Even as a child we knew about the gangs up in Cabrini, down in the Bronx and much of New York, city.

Far too many people have no idea what surviving looks like in the ghetto....I left and swore that I would never raise my kids up in the hood......In my life time, I did not have to.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Acknowledging Abba, Father on this Father's day

So we have had an issue showing up on our Credit Report that was inhibiting finding a new home (Rental). We contested the issue but the process to remove it was/is at best lengthy. We were denied one rental property as a result. We don't have time due to the financial pinch having to move has caused. Nor do we have the money to pay the application fees for back ground/credit reports. On Wednesday night, feeling a little exacerbated I took this issue to prayer. One of the men in our weekly gathering prayed with Michele and I about several issues that we are facing. You all know the drill...Run to the only wise God, the Elohim of Israel, our magnificent YHWH, God of creation, and every nation.
For those of you running away from him, really?
He will chat with you in the grocery store. Oh yes he will!
Anyway, Thursday night I was in the grocery store picking up a few things when I felt the gentle nudging of the Ruach (Spirit of Yahweh) sharing, "I am giving to you the Townhouse." I picked up two steaks (something we rarely eat anymore to celebrate) I did not say anything to Michele other than, "Abba, Father can correct all of these issues we are being confronted with as we look for a place to live, He already knows where that is, don't worry." I spoke these words to her earlier, Thursday morning subsequently heading off to work

On Friday morning I knew that we were going to get the townhouse apartment and it would be the one that Michele went to look at. I also knew that nothing was going to stop this from coming to pass. While at work my employer said, "Jeff, you're in a good mood!" Well, I knew, what I knew even though it had not come to pass. I trust my heavenly Dad, I really, really do. I was frustrated because one particular apartment complex had a possible job opportunity back in the plumbing world which would dramatically change my personal income. Equally, moving is like going to the dentist to have all of your teeth pulled with a pair pf pliers to me, oh well!

Friday at about 4:00 PM, Michele called me to say, "We have the apartment/townhouse" Mind you, I have not seen it yet however, between watching Abba, bless my wife, his spirit confirming his involvement, what do I need to see?

Two weeks ago, Abba, Father, via Dr. Frank Seekins placed into my psyche "Focus on your wife's strengths for a season, even if it is just one." Well, not only does she have a very difficult job taking care of folks who are medically rehabilitating but, she looked for every house/apartment, sent to me countless emails of rental possibilities, has most of our home packed and has quit smoking. Moreover, her job causes all sorts of aches and pains that she comes home with daily. Nevertheless, this is the "Crown Jewel" of my life. It was/is the right thing to do stepping back and watching my wife, looking for her strengths. I got a picturesque view over the last two weeks...

Men, we have an understanding about women almost diametrically opposite of God's intent.

Some of you may not have heard the show that I did with my wife, ..After reading this and then listening to that show, perhaps you will see why I am writing a book about God's daughters.

We still need to win the lottery but that is probably never going to happen. You see, we don't buy those tickets rather, we trust God!
Men, on this Father's day......remember our heavenly Father and the gift he gave to creation, his daughters! I know that I will

July 22, 2012
None of the issues that were causing us problems came up on the final application process, credit check or back ground check. In fact, the owner of this property stated to Michele, "You guys look okay on your report(s)"....I had made the statement to Michele on Thursday morning, "God will correct all of this, don't worry."

To the American Black Christian (who voted for OBAMA)

When did YHWH say it was okay to compromise who HE is for SKIN COLOR?
Taken from John McTernan's blog 

New post on John McTernan's Insights

Third-Graders Introduce Obama at LGBT Pride Event

by JohnMcTernan

                            Verse of the Day

 Jude 1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.


The dream of homosexuals and Hard Left  nearly complete
The dream of homosexuals and Hard Left nearly complete
Has the church in America had enough of "homosexual month" and the Hard Left agenda? What will it take to stir up this apathetic church, led by the VAST majority of the leaders who appear as hirelings rather than "shepherds of the sheep"? The reprobates are pushing their sin right into our face and going directly after our children, yet silence from the church. Have we become a nation of cowards?
I see the church in America now beaten by the Hard Left reprobates. Where is the fire in our soul to stand for the LORD? Where is the standing for the LORD and His righteousness? Where are the real men who will stand up to the reprobates and give leadership. The church now seems divorced from reality.
I see the American church just the way the Jews were in Germany under the Nazis. They were emotionally beaten down, and no matter how much persecution, they just did not believe the Nazis would attempt to slaughter them. This is the modern American church, as it seems beaten and not living in reality.
There is very little to NO fear of God. The reprobates can do anything, and the vast amount of Christians yawn and go about whatever they are doing. This is not a game but deadly reality. The reprobates hate us and want to destroy us and anything that has to do with the LORD. It is a spiritual war that is now in the natural.
Does the American church have a death wish? Do we want to come under the bloodthirsty hatred of the Hard Left? Do we want our children turned into reprobates, as the entire society is now becoming reprobate, with no power in the church to stand against it. The Holy Spirit is receding from America, while the spirit of the antichrist is flooding in to fill the void. Do you think God's Holy Spirit is going to bless the nation during "homosexual month?" No, He is going to turn us over for judgment, yet the vast majority of believers refuse to believe God would judge America or that massive tornado storms are God's judgment!
Maybe the following verse is no longer valid, or God has made an exception for America:
2 Peter 2:6 And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly;
Third-Graders Introduce Obama at LGBT Pride Event 06/14/13 (Video) This is child abuse to use children like this for a homosexual event. He is a real reprobate in every sense of the word. This is coming from the president! Is he trying to turn these children into reprobates like he is? What about the parents of these children? There is now a huge percentage of the nation that goes along with the reprobate agenda. They are like minded with Obama, and that is why he was elected.
California Votes to Allow Boys to Shower with Girls in Public Schools 06/13/13This is more "fruit" of Obama's "Gay Month." The reprobates are now in charge of huge sections of the nation, and this is where they are pushing the country. The population of California and many other states are spiritually, emotionally and intellectually dead. The reprobates are in charge of the military and are turning it into a sad joke. 
From the article: "Would it surprise you to learn that the bill’s author, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano is a Democrat and homosexual from San Francisco? He is also heavily involved in LGBT activist groups. In 1975 Ammiano became the first public school teacher in San Francisco to publicly admit that he was a homosexual."
It appears because of the deadness of the vast amount of Christians who refuse to repent and intercede before the LORD, God is turning America over to reprobates for judgment. This is "homosexual month" so there is no holding back the reprobates. They are bold in their sin without shame.
This is now officially "Gay Month" Is your church in repentance before the Lord? If not WHY not?
This is now officially "Gay Month". Is your church in repentance before the Lord? If not WHY not?
Obama slated to name five openly homosexual foreign ambassadors 06/13/13 This is more fuel to the judgment fire for June as national "homosexual month".
"Emily Heil of the Washington Post speculated that the rash of homosexual appointments is repayment for the massive role gay activists had in the president’s fundraising efforts, as well as on Election Day.  Heil reported that a dozen members of Obama’s national finance team are openly homosexual, and said an argument could be made that gay Americans “handed Obama the election” by voting for him by a three-to-one margin."
If the vast majority lack the fear of the LORD, it does not mean we cannot stand in the name of Jesus. We are to stand for the LORD and His righteousness no matter what others are doing or not doing. We are to be a witness to the end and also to stand as a watchman to warn of what is coming. Even if the masses do not listen, we are still called to warn.
In Noah's day he warned and few listened. Few came out of Sodom in Lot's day. Few listened to Jeremiah, yet God still called him to warn of the coming judgment. Our job is to warn and preach the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Every Thursday night, I have 2 hours of prayer on my blog talk radio show called The Prayer of the Solemn Assembly. If you cannot find a place that calls out to the LORD in repentance and for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, you are welcome to join us.
I see this time as an honor to stand for Lord in face of the Hard Left reprobates who hate our Father in heaven.
May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you.
Psalm 94:16  Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?
(17) Unless the LORD had been my help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence.
(18) When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O LORD, held me up.
(19) In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul.
(20) Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?
(21) They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Gun Control, John McInsane, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qeada, OH MY!

We must take the guns from the American citizen. 
Please give guns to the Islamic insanity spreading all over the World....Huh?

Those fighting the Assad regime are
The Muslim Brotherhood
Al Qeada
Salafist Islam

The following video will shock those of you who don't really know what is coming across the border of Mexico in waves. Too bad that it won't wake you up!

Russia is arming Assad and America is arming the rising Caliphate
The events taking place in the world NO LONGER border on total, absolute insanity.......mankind is miles beyond this.
 America can kill millions and Russia can kill millions........


Breaking Bread Together is now a Prerequisite

I am watching the godless literally feed on one another with possibly the most hell bent determination mankind has ever known. Watching the political leadership, those trying to get answers to questions so as to better understand the lunacy enveloping America or the faith based community arguing incessantly, truth, is now surreal to me. I truly have to take a step back because I am not able to see the battle directly in front of me. The enemies of Holiness have surrounded Biblical reality. I feel as though they are preparing for the kill.

My gut feeling is that societies the world over have literally become, "The Lord of the Flies" Nobel Prize-  winning English author William Golding literally and quite possibly had no idea that he would be writing about us! Nevertheless, he wrote about the possibility.

As I watch the myriad of Congressional hearings now occurring before the citizens of the United States , as I watch the arrogance and insubordinate responses I think wow, zero accountability! Moreover, I am watching the most incompetent, most imbecilic and or outright liars respond to questions that are absurd but that must now be asked. Hillary Clinton was asked basically, "Why are their four dead Americans on your watch?"

The director of the FBI responded to questions in the same way that You or I would because, we are not the director of the FBI

The IRS folks are thugs! The Brown Shirts of the Nazi party rise again. This women makes an opening statement and then says to the world, I am done explaining my behavior?

And then you have "Stinky Finger" himself or the man that I personally credit with starting off the descent into lunacy

Meanwhile, those of us who love the Bible...love fighting over truth more. We are the ones surrounded just like Israel is surrounded. The feeding frenzy will eventually turn towards us.....and the killing will begin. It is time for us to break bread, come together, and prepare for the coming nightmare against believers

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shelly & June Volk "Outstanding!"

If you read my post "Church Nope, Israel Yes" you undoubtedly said to yourself : Self, this man is nuts!

If you are a Christians who does not know or get any of what the post is saying and want to. Well, your in luck! And no, I am not nuts. Please learn why Israel is at the center of every discussion...Un-learning why we don't know this stuff will BLOW YOUR MIND....

My Employer and I were scanning the internet today looking for something to teach us as we were doing work in the office. We came across the following website http://www.gnfi.org/

We listened to the following three part interview with Shelly & June Volk who I most definitely hope to meet one day, perhaps soon! I was so impressed with what they are sharing below and agree with about 97% as a Christian who has returned to the root of our faith (Not religion) You're in luck because you can listen too...go ahead, what do you really have to loose?

Shelly & June Volk

June 8th http://www.faithrootsradio.org/

Part One Click Here to Listen Now!
Part Two Click Here to Listen Now!  
Part Three Click Here to Listen Now!

UnColoring Race "Returning to the Beginning" 04/14 by NCI Radio | Blog Talk Radio

UnColoring Race "Returning to the Beginning" 04/14 by NCI Radio | Blog Talk Radio

We all have a story to tell

    • Our TESTimony! (4 parts long) No cup of tea length! Make a pot!

      (Part 1 of 4)

      Hi. Here is our story.. so far at least... more GREAT stuff to come. (He has plans for us!!!)

      Conceived out of wedlock~ The Med student donor (ha), she was dating, told my mom he would give her an abortion in 1960 while she was attending Nursing school. She said no thanks & never saw him again. She met a man that said he would be her babies dad. He choose me. My mom's decision & my "dad's" choice gave me life. The shadow of this lie hung over my head after she told me my dad wasn't really my
      dad one night during a fight. I was in 4th grade & devastated. My heart was crushed & the shame set in. They divorced soon afterwards.

      My mother disclosed trying to drown me in the bath tub many times as a toddler. She says she would come to her senses just before she knew it would be too late. She says I would look at her puzzled before going back to playing in the tub. She locked me in closets. She locked me in cars. She would hit me & yank my hair to get me off my bed as a little person. She was very angry with her life & took it out on me.

      I found "Jesus" in Bogart Park in Bozeman, Montana when I was in the 3rd grade. "The New Men" came to town to preach & sing. I was there & followed them around from blanket to blanket after the music concert. I was so hungry.

      While attending the Zion Lutheran Church in Ashton, Idaho as a young teenager I met the Holy Spirit & was baptized. Again, I was so hungry.

      My mom than married an Idaho potato farmer. I was 12, he was 22, & she was 32. That added up to trouble. He didn't know how to be a man & now he was an instant father & husband. It was awful. To top it off we were non-Mormons in a small Mormon community. I dated everyone available. I was lonely with out a Dad. I had my horse, my skis, & my "Jesus" to keep me sane. I was hungry to find more of "God". My diary at that time shows how much I cried out to Him.

      After attending college at Montana State, I moved to Hawaii with my dad & was crying out to "God". The only scripture that
      made any sense to me was : Psalm 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.

      I met Michael, my hubby, while in Hawaii. But after dating for a few months I knew if I stayed I would end up falling in love & marrying him. I knew it wasn't right at the time. I told him that he wasn't the "strong Christian man" that I needed. I left Hawaii & went back to Idaho where my mom was. He followed me & the rest is history!

      We lived in Boise, Idaho for awhile until we moved to Vancouver, Washington to work with the Red Lion. We were
      blessed with two children having them almost 3 years apart. We started attending a small Word of Faith Church. Now, we were both hungry. We grew & got more hungry.

      We were led to a bigger church & again were very involved. I was able to travel & minister with a woman who moved in the prophetic. I was still so hungry.

      We felt led to leave the Portland area, our construction business, & all our friends to attend a new Bible College
      in Southern California. We were the starving Bible College students. Ha! And very hungry!

      In between the two years of school we went on a Missions trip to the Far East for 6 weeks. Afterward the "Lord" blessed us and our two children with a trip to Hawaii for the summer. When we arrived we felt led to connect with a church in the area. We had borrowed Michael's dad's 44' sail boat & sailed to Kauai to work construction. We called & the pastor invited us to a weekday bible study. He picked us up and after hearing our story, asked us pray for all the people at the bible study (instead of what he had prepared). We prayed for him first & then they all wanted to
      be next for prayer. The Holy Spirit started a small revival by how He moved that night.

      Returning to California for the 2nd year of Bible College we had no money for tuition. The "Lord" made a way for us to use Michael's construction skills to pay our way. The school asked him to work in exchange for tuition, before we let our financial needs known. Provision!

      In the middle of the 2nd year some information was given us that we had to obey. It was confidential information that caused us to make a choice for righteousness. We left school & obeyed His word to us. It was very hard but right. We had many students very upset with what we were doing & we were unable to share the information with them. They didn't understand & thought we were missing the call on our lives. We obeyed anyway.

      We stayed in California & were connected with The California PrayerWalk. It was a group of volunteers.We walked & prayed the founding highway. It was 800 miles in forty days from San Diego to San Francisco with 23 other people. We concluded the PrayerWalk with a final victorious procession with banners, dancing, & song into San Francisco on Palm Sunday.We knew after that "We could walk there from here" was truer than we had ever realized before.

      During the PrayerWalk Michael was able to act out a dream he had while we were still living in Portland many years before. He saw himself in the L.A. river praying in the spirit. There were enemy planes in the sky. The louder he got the more the wind picked up. Until they were all blown out of the sky. The place he was standing in the dream was a place we walked while on this PrayerWalk. He had never seen it before and didn't know it was a real location. It was exciting & we felt we were again obedient.

      We had a family of 2 kids, 2 cats & the 2 of us. Because of unusual circumstances of obedience we were without a home
      for 6 months while living in California. We stayed in 13 different homes on floors, bedrooms, extra rooms, etc. It was a time of stretching & crying out to "God" for us. We felt like Joseph in the pit. We looked ridiculous but knew we were obeying to the very best of our ability to His word to us. Again it was hard but we had to obey.

      The next place we felt the Lord leading us was Jacksonville, Florida to join an Missions Aviation Group that flew a DC-3
      into Haiti & Central America showing the "Jesus" Film. We were with them for 1 1/2 years. We lived on the base camp in the "Oven Cottage", a small 600 sq ft cinder block building without air conditioning. Knowing we were finished with this
      assignment we found work. Michael in construction & I with Walt Disney World.

      We were attending a large Baptist Church with the "Lord" leading. After attending faithfully we knew the time was coming
      to a close. There was a group that had been a part of the Missions group that decided to meet & fellowship in a home.
      We were so excited for the change. It was fresh & exciting. It gradually became the "church building system" squished
      into a home setting. It was still the one man show with all the trappings. It became more & more apparent that this wasn't
      the change we had been hoping for. We were hungry & began seeking~ again.
  • MichaelandChari Mountain Peeps
    • Part 2
      2002~ It was a dry desert time for us. We were alone. We heard the "Lord" say to look for "FAMILY". We tried. We talked to others. We shared our hearts & what we wanted to get away from. Nobody was interested. They were fine with their pews. We couldn't go back. But we didn't know where to go or who to talk to. We looked like the odd balls once again.

      We heard the "Lord" say "Why do you believe what you believe"? It made no sense. He was with us the whole time. He knew
      exactly "WHY" we were doing & believing what we were. What a silly question. We kept hearing it. Every time we prayed.
      Every time we were quite. ALL the time. He was not gonna let us get away from this question. Finally, we said, "Ok, what do
      you mean"? He answered, "For example, why do you tithe"? What? Are you kidding, We know exactly why. He should know why. Every church we had been to taught us on the subject & we were happily obedient. No questions, no fuss, just tithe. We
      had been faithfully doing it for years.

      We had been out of the "church building system" long enough to be able to see without the glasses of the system. We could
      see for ourselves. The "Lord" challenged us to look up in His word~ tithe. We spent time studying everything, I mean, everything on tithe. I was SHOCKED. I had read the bible many times but never had the glasses off to "SEE" before. I brought all this information to our family. We sat down & shared all the scriptures I found. They simply didn't make sense for what we had been doing. I literally begged my family to show where it was wrong. That we were mistaken. Because this truth was shaking our very core. I was feeling my foundation of beliefs crumbling. It was terrifying. But the truth of what we found~ stood. And we were alone. We didn't have others to bounce this off of. We were alone on this path.

      2009 ~ In June my hubby was let go from the company he worked for the past 11 years. We were so surprised we really couldn't believe it. He was admired & respected in the construction community. The other contractors were also surprised. They would call & say how sorry they were. They would say they would hire him in a second if they weren't trying to keep enough food on their own table. We just knew something would come up. My husband was talented & had great skills. We watched & waited.

      We had good friends in business with us that shared "Sabbath" with us. We weren't interested. We were Christians & we
      didn't do that. We were trying to get them to do business on Saturday. We didn't see it as a big deal. Until I heard my hubby talking to them. I knew that we couldn't try & get them to do something they didn't believe in. We couldn't talk to them about it again. Seeds in our heart.

      September~ We heard the "Lord" again. This time it was "Study My Feasts". Ha, we didn't even know He had Feasts. So, we began studying His Feasts in the scripture. The problem was this Sabbath thingy kept coming up. It really bugged me. I kept trying to study just the Feasts & kept reading all these scriptures about this Sabbath thingy. The more I read & the more I studied the more this truth kept popping up. IN MY FACE. I took the scriptures again to my hubby. He would show me what I was missing. He would explain where my error was with the Sabbath thingy.

      Surprise, surprise! My hubby couldn't fix it. He couldn't find the error. He was as SHOCKED as I was. The truth was being revealed to our hearts. And we were ready to hear it for the first time. We had a friend call & say she was coming to Orlando for a conference. We went to meet her for lunch. While we were waiting in the lobby we saw friends we had walked the California Prayerwalk with them some 15 years before. It was a divine meeting. We all had lunch & they talked. It was a M.I.A conference. It was a set up.

      Our friends said they had a book* for us to read. We were ready. The soil had been prepared for us to have ears to hear. The book* was used by Yahuwah to change our life's direction! We had shaking before but NEVER like this. The FOUNDATION
      was being JACK HAMMERED up! It was TERRIFYING! We were CRYING out to YHWH. It felt like EVERYTHING we thought/believed was a " L I E "! Jeremiah 16:19 "O YHWH, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit." (*Christianity Reconsidered by Warren Bowles)

      We celebrated our first Sabbath, alone. Just us & Yahuwah. It was glorious & strange. We didn't know what to do. But we spent the sundown to sundown together with Him & each other. Praying. Reading. We were hooked. The more Sabbath's we kept
      the more we loved them. The more sense they made. The more we wanted to protect them. It was our time with Him. Weekly!

      We watched a video online by Michael Rood about the pagan roots of Christmas. We looked at each other & we both knew we
      were getting rid of every speck. We IMMEDIATELY went to our attic & took bin after bin out to the trash. We spent hundreds of dollars each year on new gorgeous decorations. Our home looked like Macy's! My hubby is very talented with fabric, texture, design. & decor. We looked forward to him setting up our Magical Christmas each year. We set it up early & left it up until my birthday in January. Christmas was in our heart.

      We cried (more than I would like to admit) as we took the stack of bins out to the curb. Funny thing is the trash collection was late that day. When we put the last large bin out, guess who showed up hours late? It was such a confirmation. We were laughing by this time. We were being set free. Free from a lie.

      This was the same day Yahuah revealed the next step in our life. We were led to websites one right after another. It was YHWH leading us. We both KNEW at the same time we were leaving Florida & moving to Montana. (where I grew up, Grandparents farm there, went to College there, got married there, built my mom her dream home there in '05 & our son was going to school there) We began packing that day. It was SHOCKING, exciting, & VERY scary!

      12 days later we were on the road to Montana. It was just the 2 of us packing a 2,500 sq ft home. We packed 10-12 hours & went to our pool at night & cried. We knew what He was asking & we were being obedient. We were in our pool with our hands lifted with the stars in the sky late at night sobbing in each others arms. It was a heart-breaking 2 weeks. Blessed by Obedience.

      The timing was interesting~ We began the cleansing of our attic on the beginning of Yom Kippur. Day of atonement & repentance. Funny how that is just what He did with us without us knowing it was His Feast.

      October~ Arrive Montana...HUNGRY & THIRSTY!
      ( HA~ more words coming!)
  • MichaelandChari Mountain Peeps
    • Part 3
      We arrived in Montana & made a call to my mom. Her initial reaction was very interesting. She said to let her know when we got settled & maybe we could get together. This wasn't what we expected from my mom. There was no hospitality or concern shown. We thought we may be able to stay at least a few days with her while we sorted out what we were doing. HELP, Yahuwah! We got a room in a hotel & started praying.

      I thought perhaps we could connect with like-minded believers in the area. I got on the internet & started looking. I found one man's post in a round about way that lived in the area. I emailed him & waited. His wife emailed back & they were having a gathering on Sunday for the Holy Day. It was amazing. Food, fellowship, dance, worship, & believers.

      We were in the hotel until our money ran out. We even had a credit card call during our stay to tell us for no reason at all they were decreasing our limit. YIKES! We had never been late & we were thinking if it got bad at least we had a few thousand available on our card. Not anymore. It felt like our net was taken from under our tight rope walk. Trusting YHWH more.

      We had given back our Pointer puppy to the breeder before we left Florida. We also made arrangements for our four kitties. Living in the hotel we were so grateful YHWH made a way for them to be taken care of. It was below zero & we barely were able to care for ourselves. It was another act of giving up in obedience.

      We looked in the paper & the jobs we had seen before leaving Florida were gone. The job for a company in town we applied for said we were too upscale for the job. We went through the interview to only find that our Sabbath keeping would be a problem for the owner. No job.

      I had heard "house sit" while we were still in Florida. We had an ad in the local paper to care for a home. We went to an interview with a very nice couple preparing to leave for the winter. It went well but it didn't happen. Another dead end.

      Our friends in West Yellowstone invited us to spend some time there knowing our situation. We stayed with their parents in their gorgeous home basement suite. As the four of us talked we found their desire to start a Bed & Breakfast in a great 2 story building that his father owned in West. We looked at the building & thought it was a "Yah" idea! Moving forward.

      We began making plans toward creating the "Rocking M bar T Lodge". Michael drew up plans, he got his contractors license, we ordered info to get grants, we were excited. They were planning a trip to see his father & it grew to us going too. We drove to Oklahoma with them & flew to Florida to get ALL our belongings. We had left it a fully-furnished home to rent. Instead we packed it up in a 26' moving truck & headed
      back to Montana. While we were in Oklahoma the banker was on board with our plans & it was a GO!

      Our friends would provide the cash to begin & we would provide the furnishings worth about $20,000 to put in the Lodge. By the time we got our truck unloaded in the Lodge the deal with the banker had gone south. They wanted more collateral & our friends weren't willing to put their home & another business at risk. We were at a stand still.

      We had no money, no job, nothing to do but wait. We had a place to stay in the basement of the Lodge. All of our belongings were now in Montana. We left an empty home in Florida. We were still walking in obedience. But with no clear direction.

      We had been attending a bible study our friends were a part of. They were a group out of the church but still had Calvary Chapel beliefs. They began studying Romans. Michael studied & attended with his notes. Week after week they allowed him to come & share. They kept saying he would see where he was wrong as they progressed in the study. He was amazingly patient & persistent. He kept asking them if what he was showing them could be true. They didn't have eyes to see but he planted anyway.

      More & more it became obvious that our friends were parting ways with us. It was so sad. I read the entire book that Yah used to open our eyes out loud to my friend. She listened as we drove back & forth to town. Eventually, it was clear she was happy with her grace & Chuck Missler teachings. She didn't have eyes to see or ears to hear. It was so sad for my heart. I think another issue for her was the franchise she owned. She knew it wouldn't be possible to keep Sabbath & run her business. She wasn't interested in seeking a solution.

      I continued to find like-minded believers on FB & connected. We were having a blast learning & studying everything we could get our hands on. The Sabbath was a day we looked forward to. We had many friends on FB send us material we could study & learn from. A FB lending library! What a HUGE blessing. We are learning~ His name was never "Jesus", His Sabbath is important, He has glorious Feasts, We are grafted into The Olive Tree as Hebrew Kids of His, The holidays we had celebrated were rooted in pagan beginnings, that He is coming back for a people that keep His commandments, That He nailed the curse on the tree not His Law, His Torah isn't a bad word but it's His "teaching & instruction", that it is easy to obey His commandments, We love His Law just as David did, That "Jesus" never ate pork & neither did Paul, That "Jesus" never broke
      a law of Torah but never kept the Rabbinical law, and what He has for us is exciting! We are UNlearning, RElearning, and LEARNING!

      I don't know how we are making it. We have no income. Michael has been able to do a bit of construction but the money dried up so he wasn't able to keep working. I applied for work at a few places but the Sabbath was an issue. Never got a position.

      We were in California helping family prepare to sell their home & move. They are on our same page with the last days & how Yahuwah is leading us to follow Him. He is putting us together with a team. Positively thrilling!

      We were told while we were in CA we had to be out of the Lodge in West Yellowstone. Our friends dad was demanding we are out & we think he is loosing his marbles too. (Very sad.) The finances have dried up. Now we have a 24' moving truck worth of belongings that must go... somewhere. Whew! But when we got to West there was a change of plans. The father decided we could rent the Lodge for 3 more months while they continued to try & sell it.

      We kept looking for property for the four of us. We felt like another state was the place to look so we searched. We thought we found a 20 parcel & we drove to it after spending 6 weeks in California getting the home ready to sell. We were pretty sure it could be the place. But it wasn't. It was very discouraging.
      We felt the realtor kept some of the negative aspects of this property out of the video he sent us. We pressed on. Asking, seeking, knocking.

      Yahuwah led us to another property on a mountain. It was beautiful. Amazingly beautiful! Our only concern was there wasn't surface water available. We had been looking for property with surface water. It had a place in our heart.
  • MichaelandChari Mountain Peeps
    • Part 4
      We felt led to meet some Torah Keepers in Idaho that were preparing for the upcoming financial collapse in the U.S. We spent the night with them & connected. It was so exciting. We decided to look around the area for land. We found a little piece of land about 5 miles away. We went forward in purchasing it.

      Our brother & sister from California came to Idaho to look at the land to see if it would be adequate for our needs. We wanted a place to get off the grid. We wanted to prepare an "Ark" for people as we felt Yahuwah was leading us to do. As we were waiting for the closing process to conclude we decided
      to attend a Pesach (Passover) with a new group of friends/family in Washington. We drove there & had a wonderful time meeting new peeps & keeping it as Exodus 12. Whew! We were in tents & a RV in a field with elk & wild animals surrounding us. It was beautiful & raining. (Washington!)

      We still had a few things to get out of West from when we moved out to Idaho. We headed to another state to get the items. At the very last minute we decided to take a detour to show the mountain we found to our brother & sister. We thought a nice hike up the mountain would be a way to let them experience it even though we were moving to Idaho, We were headed to the hotel after the gorgeous mountain top view, when we got a call about the surface water on the Idaho property. All three sources were positive with ecoli. This was serious for us. We planned on making a place safe for children & animals. This didn't work for us. We called to see if the mountain was still available after seeing it 33 days ago. Since it was a High Shabbat on Unleavened Bread we couldn't actually call until after sunset. We waited patiently.

      The High Shabbat was over the next evening & we called the realtor. There was an offer going in the next day. But she said we could put our offer in FIRST! It was a miracle again! They accepted our offer & we waited the 60 days for it to close. It seemed forever. We have been bouncing around the last 6 months seeking His will & His way for us. Our belongings went from Florida to Montana to Idaho & to another state. We were finally in one place.

      We have been on our mountain since May 2010. We have a woodstove that we cook on and warms us. We have a wind turbine for a little bit of power. We put in a well & septic. We have no hot running water. We mill our own lumber. The boys are building a barn with a living quarters above. The house we live in is very small almost 1200 sq ft. Both couples live in it. For months we could only use the lug-a-lou out under a tree. We take bucket showers. Our small fridge is propane powered. Our mountain is a challenge & it is a gift.

      We have celebrated His Feasts since we have been on our mountain. They have been precious. For Sukkot, we stayed out doors living in Sukkas. These have been our first Feasts. And they have been a blessing to all four of us. We keep/guard His Shabbat each week. We still are getting the "preparation" thing down. It seems on 6th day we are hurrying more than we would like. If we go to town to get supplies for Shabbat & our week it seems to dark faster.
      We keep trying.

      Obeying Yahuwah is glorious. It is a challenge. Finding what pleases Him by reading His word has become a passion of ours. It has always been in His word but we didn't have eyes to see or ears to hear. We are trying to catch up for lost time. He is a gracious Elohim. He is sending us teaching by many means via DVD's, CD's, books, internet, etc. We are still HUNGRY! Gobbling up His truth day after day!

      Walking out our obedience to what He shows us isn't easy. Not one bit. But it doesn't matter. The whole story on how we found out about the reversal issue is AMAZING! ...He literally took us step by step. (both men had vasectomies years before)

      This scripture grabbed all four of us individually in the same week! It was YHWH leading us..

      Deu 23:1 “No one wounded, crushed or whose member is cut off does enter the assembly of Yahuwah.

      Deu 23:1 "A man with crushed or damaged private parts may not enter the assembly of ADONAI."

      Deu 23:1 "No one who is emasculated or has his male organ cut off shall enter the assembly of the LORD."

      Deu 23:1 "No one who has been emasculated by crushing or cutting may enter the assembly of the LORD."

      We saw the problem of what we had done almost 30 years ago in His word. The SIN of it was heart breaking. We looked for a solution. Than He directed us to a doc in CA that specializes in fixing reversals that didn't work. I mean, he is THE doc to go to! We made an appointment. That one fell thru since the money fell thru. Than we rescheduled. We didn't have the money in hand when we all got in the car to leave. But we KNEW we had to go to be obedient.

      The fear of the surgery was there. The fear of NOT doing it was bigger. The fear of where does ALL this money come from was there. (it's a LOT) While we were on the road we checked in with how we were getting the money~ there was a DELAY. Now, mind you... we are almost 1/2 way there. We prayed. We KNEW we couldn't turn back. But Pharoah & his army were on our tail! The sea HAD to part!

      We drove up to the hotel with enough money for one night for 2 couples. (his brother too!) We checked in. We literally went day by day paying for the rooms with miracle monies as they came available! It was a test! It was nerve racking. We kept going forward.

      The day we went to the doctor for the consultation we asked them to hold the check. (we felt awful but we couldn't turn back & we didn't know what else to do) The next day was the first of the two surgeries.. The money from the sale came thru and the doc did not hold his check like he said he would! Ha! And it still worked PERFECT! Praise Yah!

      The surgeries were successful. We are believing if the gift of children is to happen Yah will bless us with more. And if not then we trust that we obeyed His word to us anyway. At our ages having more seems CRAZY but it seemed that way to Abraham & Sarah too. We cry out for His will in our lives. And raising children with this truth of Torah would be more than wonderful. We are so grieved that we gave our adult children a faulty compass for finding the Creator. We were sincere but sincerely wrong.

      YHWH blessed us with a mutt puppy from the pound. He was a ball of black and brown fluff that looked like a bear cub with huge paws. We named him, Dobe. It is Hebrew for "Bear, Restful, Quiet, Strength". He was 20 pounds at 8 weeks. He is now 55 pounds at 5 months. He is a blessing from obedience.

      We just got our first snow while our brother & sister were out of state visiting family. The ground went from dry & cold one day to frozen & covered with a foot of snow the next! And it just keeps snowing. It's breathtakingly beautiful scenery. And our wood stove named "Queenie" does her job keeping us toasty. We drive up our mountain and our driveway with chains and 4WD. We have a "s" curve on our road that is an E-ticket ride! And the adventure continues.

      Spring is approaching quickly! That means Pesach. Getting our goats. Preparing the land for a garden. Finishing the Loft in the Barn so the two couples can have more privacy. This is a BUSY time.

      He is leading us... We continue to seek hard after Him... to be continued

      I actually need to add more in here.. Ha. Our son had a brain injury & we are victorious over cancer. Both on CaringBridge links.
      Our son~ http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/miraclemilligan Our victory over the "c" word~ http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/miraclemilligantoo

      Now... yours? Please!!

      Our daughter's story.. happened after our son's brain injury & our cancer battle..
      Then comes.. this~ http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/miraclemilliganfour/journal/2/createdAt/asc

      Jeremiah 31:16-17
      But now this is what Yahuwah says:
      “Do not weep any longer,
      for I will reward you,” says Yahuwah.
      “Your Brookie will come back to you
      from the distant land of the enemy.
      There is hope for your future,” says Yahuwah.
      “Your Brookie will come again to her own land.
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