Monday, May 6, 2013

Why Try To Be What God Has Not Purposed?

Send Jeff and Michele to Washington DC for the "Christians United for Israel" Summit. Make a contribution today 
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Pastor Jason Swofford called during my show [Click here to hear the entire show] and became the 1st person to make a contribution to get to DC for the Washington Summit...Christians United for Israel. I need 200 people to contribute 10.00 or more via my Paypal account on the blog. More importantly...I need 200 people praying with us that my going serves the will of Abba, Father...Yes, I would love to go chat with my representatives...who can shut me up!

I have no problem asking for help (well, yes I do when it comes to me or selfish stuff) but last night while doing my broadcast I realized that my life really is an open book for many of those who know me. I realize that being open and honest about my past drug use has helped a lot of folks. I have heard from several people over the years who have battled that lie. I am not ashamed of my past. I am no longer bound by it. I look at life as a privilege...I mean really, to be destined for the Kingdom of God...Please! I get so many emails from people who appreciate my openness. I am just trying to be who God purposed.
I have made some gigantic mistakes, like most of us. I am not ashamed to share them. I started learning how not to repeat them rather late in life. I also realize the consequences of trying to do life without knowing salvation

I am sharing my life with the world really because I am free. I have a kind of JOY that powers me through every difficulty. 
Live Free....God has appointed all of us to be free.

I love watching what God is doing as he guides fallen man back to righteousness. I cannot shut up about it.....and so it goes!
Praying for Israel and the Nations as always, may YHWY keep you!

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