Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why I Support Israel.

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Understanding why I support Israel is not complicated. In fact, as a person of faith entrenched daily with the WORD of our Creator, a believer in the El of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, one who absolutely, unequivocally, without hesitation believes in the deity of Yeshua, my belief and consequent support for Israel is possibly the most simplest part of my life.

I began to ask a question over and over again: Father God, why do I hear a constant put down of the people who wrote your Bible almost subliminally within church teaching? For more then 36 years I have always heard from the pulpit disparaging remarks, negative commentary concerning Israel, and the Jewish people. These comments were not overt, nor blatantly racist, or antisemitic in general. Nevertheless, the Jewish people as presented to me via my, "Born Again" experience were wrong, Christians were right. God spoke to me one day while sitting in a church in Vancouver, Washington. Subsequently and about two months later he downloaded into my spirit how he see the Jewish people and Israel....

I began to ask questions, hundreds of questions of pastors. Invariably trying to understand why certain passages did not fit with the reality of my, "Born Again" relationship with YAHWEH. My questions caused virtually every pastor of my past to become angry. This was even more perplexing because I was seeking understanding but only instigating anger? I began to study without bias due to my encounter with our Great God. Here is my summation, that was never taught to me in the churches.
God created 12 tribes out of Jacob, keeping his promise to Abraham concerning Abraham's descendants.
God created a nation from these tribes called Israel. He set the nation apart from all other nations.
God poured into this nation his Statutes, Commandments and Laws all of which Adam , Noah, and Abraham knew.
God divided this nation and scattered them to the four corners of the earth
God promised to regather them
God sent to this nation a child born of him.
God said that they would be persecuted the world over as a result of the Child.
God Restored the nation of Israel in one day.
God is regathering the nation out from all of the other nations
God said that the other nations would attack and attempt to destroy his set apart nation
God said that He would send a redeemer, born of a virgin women back to the earth to stop this attack.
God said that he would set up a kingdom in the earth and teach to the nations his instructions from Jerusalem.
God said that the nations would bring their wealth to Israel and they would serve Israel.
God said that he would create a new Heaven and a new Earth at an appointed time.

Zechariah 8:23 Thus says Yahweh of Armies: "In those days, ten men will take hold, out of all the languages of the nations, they will take hold of the skirt of him who is a Jew, saying, 'We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.'"

Okay so...I was forced to stop listening to pastors who would get made at me and justify why they felt the way that they did about the Jews. Their comments were always based on what the Jewish people failed to do. I had never really heard what the Jewish teachers had to say about the Bible but having listened to many of them now I realize they were just as mixed up as is all of fallen man. Restoration comes to all of creation.  They have gigantic problems with the Christians (and who can blame them.) Nevertheless, Abba, Father has many problems with them as well!.....So much for loving your neighbor and honoring the rules of the Kingdom.

So I asked God and he said..."Go find out why Jesus was Jewish." So, I did......I found out that the church was so hateful of anything Jewish that they made Jesus Anglo Saxon as opposed to a descendant from the tribe of Judah thus changing his identity and calling him the head of the church? As opposed to the Lion of the tribes of Israel whose name is not Jesus when transliterated back to his time in flesh.

I support Israel because of what God is doing as he continues the process of setting of the Kingdom of Israel regardless of what men do....I support Israel because the Mochiach or Messiah of God is soon to sit on the throne of David and proclaim justice to the nations......

I feel sorry for those who choose not to see this or who stand in opposition to what God has always been doing concerning his will...and he is not religious! When he reveals to the entire world what he is doing with absolute clarity you can be assured of one thing....This will be done through, ISRAEL!

Currently, I am witnessing mankind scurrying around the planet enslaved to the laws of fallen men. According to our Creator this is all about to be corrected
Isaiah Chapter 60 cannot make why I get this any more clearer.
Therefore, if you are a Christian who celebrates the church or a Jew who celebrates the synagogue but do not celebrate one another or if you are black and hateful of your brother, white and hateful of your brother or Islamic and hateful of everyone...Your religion is about to be obliterated. Adam did not see an Orthodox Jew nor did he see a Vatican Christian, allah did not produce anything.

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