Friday, May 24, 2013

Subverting Everything Right Infront Of Us!

I have left the world of Facebook focusing more on serving several goals that I have. I am going to really spend a good amount of time working the Blog Talk Radio show...hoping to upgrade, across the board everything that I am doing there.

Still believing that I will go to DC for the CUFI event or summit [Currently short $1500+] Abba willing, this too will be just a drop in the bucket for him to provide.
If we believe that our current president is unaware of the ongoing investigations then we must also believe and accept that his incompetence is staggering. I happen to believe that we have the 1st "Black Liar" in the Oval office

I am watching events in our Government which truly signal the suppression of the citizens of our country. The kingdom of anti-christ is in full swing in my opinion. According to Abba, Father,...things are not going to get better, first. Trying to bring the body together in preparation for a full assault on believers is what I think we should all be concerned with. It is coming, as we argue the right or wrong of a matter.....

Disunity seems to be the greatest tool operating against believers as we all clap our hands  and stomp our feet singing halleluiahs!

Between the EPA, IRS and CHANGE along with other governmental power structures, we are being overrun with a bureaucracy now focused on shutting down liberty.....The vote for the last election was the catalyst for what they now realize can be done. It is being done and they are the godless who are subverting what God established less than 240 years ago.....

We are allowing these events to become solidified in how our government is conducting itself. The most powerful nation on earth now has installed a government that is targeting the majority of the citizenry. Think about that folks........

Meanwhile the church conducts business as usual from a garbage heap....[the anti system has already shut us up!] The church is waiting for a rapture, never mind standing for the KINGDOM to come(?)

I think it is a clarion call to stand...not sit in Facebook tossing thoughts back and forth. Our hands need to get dirty, not bloody. I think it is time for this individual to Scream and Shout from a different platform...God help us! Don't misunderstand,...I love what Facebook offers and realize the genius behind it but I think that it is time to be engaged differently.

When I think about the British soldier being hacked to death in broad day light I realize tribulation is not coming but rather, happening and it is going to get much, much, much, worse!
I cannot express my profound sorrow for this family. Nothing I say or do can make sense of the madness boiling just beneath so called civilized nations. This family along with so many others understands the insanity now part of everyone's dreams! Personally, I have been outraged since three women were found living in chains in front of everyone. A door was the only thing separating them from the neighborhood. You might consider thinking about that too, my friends. The neighborhoods no longer pay attention!

"Army officials said Lee Rigby, 25, nicknamed Riggers, was married with a 2-year-old son, The Guardian reported. He enlisted in 2006 and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009."

None of us can afford to ignore this story. This horrific murder is not isolated. This is happening globally!
Least I remind you of the Fogel Family

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