Monday, May 27, 2013

Okay, and a bit louder! "Let's do Lunch!"

I am making an announcement.

I sent the follow out to a considerable amount of teachers of God's word on May 27, 2013

Not sure how this will happen but I would like to put together a Pastors conference of gathering SPECIFICALLY designated for the the Pacific Northwest. In speaking with many, many, folks around the country, in leadership, our area is almost always deemed the most "Un-churched " part of our country. I will be praying that ABBA, Father, allow me to go forward with bringing Pastors together. The leadership of the family of God together. Moreover and specifically to talk about what we see happening on GOD'S Time Table.

I am not politically correct so I hope you will allow me to say with impunity....The Pacific Northwest is a mess spiritually!

I can rather quickly see in my head Bill Salus bringing a conversation about the Middle East and Psalm 83. Incidentally, Bill will be my guest on June 2nd CLICK HERE for details. I would love to hear from Walid Shoebat, perhaps Pastor Mark Biltz, and E.W Jackson, John McTernan & Rabbi Itzahk Shapira. I can think of a dozen or more folks who are tapped into what is clearly happening in America. I am not talking about bringing religions together or cultures but rather the family of God, imagine that!

The leaders who would dare to stand before the world declaring the WORD(s) of God to update, if you will, what they see occurring from purely a Biblical perspective, What God is doing in the earth or allowing to be done is mind blowing for such a time as this and HE purposed us to be here standing with HIM. I do not envision a prophecy conference or a conference with bells and whistles...let's just simply do lunch!

What I don't want is a group of folks coming together so we can mimic those who were instrumental in bringing charges against our Savior. The pompous, proud, and arrogant...who want to be seen, heard or celebrated..please stay home! We have major Biblical activity occurring, we need men and women of God STANDING!

I am praying that Abba, Father, allow this idea to grow legs.

Recently, I attended a Christians United for Israel Luncheon in Tukwilla, WA This is my 3rd consecutive luncheon. Pastor Michael Stevens has conducted all three. @t the conclusion I asked those in the room to consider not waiting for CUFI to bring us together but rather to do this ourselves as well....Why should we not? I cannot think of one reason why Pastors sharing the word of God would not do so as family? I can think of one reason why the idea is rarely fostered? If the enemy is sitting at the head of the table then all of us have missed the mark....

We have explosive times ahead of us. If one cannot see tribulation and tumult in the offing then in my opinion...God's word has not served you!
If you are willing to leave your theology at the door for a day and just come gosh, what can be gleaned when the 'Family of God,' acts like the family of God?
I am sending this out to every pastor on my list which is considerable as well as to other broadcast entities around the country. I don't have a lot of money....let me correct that, I don't have any money. Nevertheless, I did not just fall off of the "Nut Truck" and realize this will take an active hand of the God of Creation. Therefore, I would ask you to pray about this. If we can establish a fund to help accomplish this that would be fantastic too!

My contact information is below.
At present all I really have is email addresses so this is where I am starting.

I would like to see 100 or more Pastors, Ministers, Bishops etc, etc come together to talk about what we clearly see happening as a direct result of the Bible.
In my opinion...really, I feel like far too many leaders are so fragmented from one another that it makes representing the entire Family of God look foolish. We have a mutual enemy who loves that game plan especially in the Pacific Northwest. 

I would like to have speakers who bring a varied message based on what Abba, Father, is doing not what we think he is doing!...God is tapping the shoulders of many, many people the world over with his book that is possibly unsealed!

If it takes one voice to, at the very least, try to accomplish this...then I will be that voice.
Thank you!

At the very least, spread the word...Cuz I ain't gonna give up on this idea. NO, I am not a Pastor. I am a believer.

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