Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Note to our supporters

Yes we are still trying to go to the Christians United For Israel Summit in July
And yes I still am planning on speaking with our elected officials...

And, YES we still do not have the needed funding far short at this point. We believe Abba, Father, will provide all that is needed...If he allows us to attend.

I continue hearing from some of you expressinjg that my Paypal account is not working, have yet to figure this out. It worked for me? I also have received several contributions so...WE don't know what the issue is for some folks. Nevertheless, thank you.
I use or as my email address for the Paypal account (?) Or the tabs on the left side of this blog work

Incidentally, when attempting to set up a non profit I encountered a ridiculous amount of obstacles...I said to myself, "SELF, screw this!"
I now am realizing that perhaps I too, was a part of the IRS's witch hunt?

You can also make a tax deductible contribution via
International Medical Missions
Very Important: You just have to make sure to designate Jeff & Michele's trip to Washington DC

Last May, I was gifted $3000.00 dollars in order to move into the home we now share. Michele rejoined me in June and we were remarried July 22nd. Pictured above is...Michele's move in day. I went to Vancouver, Washington to get her and all of her belongings. Restoring 26 years! God is good, is he not!
Those of you who are interested...Michele is going to participate in the following
Please keep her/us in your prayers as we move away from brokenness. I will support my wife in whatever it takes, less the anger. I understand something that I have never understood...God is amazing and I am willing! Thank you!
(We share our lives with you hoping that our journey helps others to hang in there God bless you all, WE ARE FAMILY!)

Here is a Google Search of my radio show...the links represent archived shows.
Here is the show where Michele talked about being raped at 17 CLICK HERE

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