Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Note to the Fund Raisers and Prayer Warriors

 UPDATE Christians United For Israel...Summit

Well, here is the skinny......

I have received $300.00 towards the trip to Washington DC for the
Christians United for Israel Summit. I had a person, just today who
lives in Beaverton, Oregon pay $225.00 [on my behalf] for the cost of members to attend. I
am a member. Still lacking is the airfare and hotel accommodations. My
beautiful wife realizing the costs said, "You have been doing all of this
for so long and have so much to say...I think it best that you go without
me if/when God provides the resources"

My wife knows my heart. To not take her means that I would love to see
Pastor Jason Swofford and I go together. Prayerfully hoping that he too,
will receive the funding to go... Please prayerfully consider our need
(after those in Oklahoma) before our great God,Yehovah)

If then, you can or would like to contribute to the fund...the Paypal
account can be accessed via...my email address at jubean59@gmail.com or you
can contact me directly. It is cheaper if I go with someone splitting the
cost of the room...that is where Pastor Swofford comes in handy...

Thanks to all of you supporting what we do

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