Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Laughing at God, not taking him SERIOUS!

I absolutely, with out reservation, unequivocally, stand before my God and all of you declaring that what I saw in my dream, [David & Goliath] the obliteration of New York City was sudden, was jaw dropping and happened in an instant. I saw New York City obliterated, on purpose! I was standing above the earth when a meteor or gigantic ball of fire shot past my right side moving like a bullet. Instantly, I saw the ball of fire hit the United Nations complex in upper Manhattan. I saw the impact but also saw a gigantic fireball rise up into the atmosphere as if it was a solar flare. I was standing in space with the presence of my God sustaining me. Somehow, I heard my God say, "This rock is not cut from the hand of men" Instantly, I knew that the first attack on the twin towers in 1993 was a precursor to God allowing men to warn. The second attack which brought down the towers was also a warning done by men. The fireball or meteor was not done by man and God told me that David picked up a rock to slay Goliath but that the rock I was seeing was the one HIS SON picked up to slay the nations that move against Israel......

I understand what Rick Joyner is saying....I too, saw fire!
America tossed God out of our society, the church is muted and people are self serving. It is becoming rare to see a man of God speak warning!.....When Jonathan Cahn spoke at the prayer breakfast I know that God was warning our King and his government that we are set for judgment. It is coming because we are not serving the Kingdom to come! What I saw in my dream is branded into my entire being like a tattoo!

What causes me the most consternation is the church! The church to me is almost like watching a comedy show.....Laughing at God, not taking him serious!

I sat in a room yesterday with very distinguished men and women of faith thinking...Father, we are so broken and we are so fragmented. We are living according to what the enemy has divided. Our identities are based on that division...not your Kingdom.

Unless America repents the tsunami that killed over 200,000 people in 2005, the Japan Tsunami of 2011, the tornadoes effecting our country, the hurricanes, earthquakes and even volcanoes that cause catastrophic destruction will be considered burps out of the mouths of ants in comparison. It will be too late and those who survive will be who Abba, Father purposes to move forward. God will not be mocked....Israel and her history are proof and yet we cannot see!

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