Monday, May 20, 2013


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This weekend a couple visited El Shaddai Ministries for the first time. Both had come to know "Christ" about four years ago. I sat down and asked them the following:
Mary and Joseph were both Jews right?
Jesus began to teach at the 2nd Temple at age 12 right?
He picked 12 Jewish disciples right?
He sent to the land of Israel particularly the Second Temple the Holy Spirit right?
He is returning to Jerusalem, Mt of Olive right?

They agreed....
So I asked, Jesus seems to have spent a tremendous amount of time with the Jews do you agree? (Yes, was their answer) So, in the last four years what has the church that you attend taught to you about the Jewishness of our Savior? They both said...NOTHING. 
I asked, "Do you find that a bit odd?" They both said...Yes. 
So, I ended our conversation by saying, Jesus was 100% Jewish in the flesh and yet by your own admission you don't know anything about his culture, or identity, or reason for his culture, or identity would you agree?...They both said yes! So, I said..."Who are you getting to know if it does not included this aspect of who he was, is and, is to come? I suggested to them that if you open that door and begin to learn this truth the Bible becomes truly a light shinning upon the nature of our Great God..(she begun to cry!)
[I should also mention that I suggested that investigating our Messiah's "Hebraic Nature" is like finding a key that opens up the scriptures.]
Something else to consider:
For as Long as I have been "Born Again" I have heard/read about how during the end times we would loose our freedoms, be spied upon, turned in to government authorities because of our beliefs, and have brother against brother. I was also told that we would be forced to take a mark or be controlled by the anti system. Those who rejected this system would be locked out of the system. I was told that great persecution would come to believers....Okay, so what part of what I was told is not happening?

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