Sunday, May 19, 2013

Doing Life!

WE have $300 bucks so far for the trip to DC in support of  Christians United for Israel...Obviously we need more. We continue to believe! Thank you!

I received the following Email: (Only sharing a part of it)
"Why does it seem like you want to quit so easily? I've heard this from you on several occasions.
What is it that makes you want to flee from time to time? I'm asking honest and sincerely because I don't know much about your life.
Have you ever considered this to be some kind of spiritual warfare and if so, have you considered seeking out someone to help you work through it?"

Now this person is a friend but does not know my life intimately....

In 2007 the LORD showed to me the Bible in away that blows my mind even to this day. At the time, I was selling my company, my kids were now graduating and I was going to soon be 50 years old. I had, had brain surgery, survived a serious car accident and had been out of the drug addiction since 1997...The consequences were in full swing! I decided to be open with my life and share with so many of you that we are all not so different...Quitting, no way! Getting kicked around, making mistakes, getting pissed off, and also fighting this battle is what all of us are doing, I do it a little more publicly I also talk with a lot of Biblical/Torah teachers and know what they go through privately...Most are not so different.

I choose to be be somewhat exposed and to be available. My wife said to me two days ago: "Thank you for loving me, I appreciate your strength, your wisdom and your protection.".....Music to any man's ears!

This crap ain't easy! But Joy keeps me going, watching God do what he does is exhilarating. I am not him but I share what he is doing in this/my amazing life with all of you. I don't have the kind of money we once had for sure, really sucks! But to see my brothers and sisters strengthened, Our mother come alive, to see my children overcome and manage, watching both of my sons with children doing the right thing as fathers raising their daughters etc, etc is also very rewarding....

Now if you all want to acknowledge satan and his roll in all of this go ahead because like I once wrote, "satan is like the page number in every book...He is on all of them" so what, who cares?...the satan is going to do what it was created to do and so am I....Spirtual battle yup, you're damned right! Battle against this wretched skin YUP! who among you is beyond that! I abhor what I call "Stepford Christianity" If you ask me how I am doing, I am going to tell you. I don't do it with correct posture, hands neatly folded on my lap and a hideous smile upon my face...its not how the ghetto works therefore, not how I was raised....

Last night I had a friend call me broken because his wife failed...really failed. I MEAN REALLY< REALLY FAILED>....Their are things my dear friend does not know about my life one of which is how often my phone rings with people who relate to my world, we talk about it at all hours of the night and from all over the world...We lift up, encourage or sometimes just weep together. A lot of women call me. I am starting to hear more from men as well.

Read my book.."Un-Coloring Race Black to Breisheet....You can order it from me is about a life that is an open book...YOU see, I believe that as we [Kids of the Kingdom] fight this fight, we need each other...nuff said!

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