Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How much racism does your family inflict upon YOU?

One of the most prominent realities about the African slave trade is how Abba, Father ended this great sin within America and Great Britain. I think not so much about those who inflicted the brutality of slavery on a people group but rather, the people who fought for freedom. My identity is aligned with these individuals.

To spend centuries hating the injustice of the slave trade is more in line with the adversary(s) of God. The fact/reality that millions of people around the world fought the system of slavery should be remembered, celebrated, and in deed, literally acknowledged. Herein lies the lost identity of the warrior, the fighter, the one purposed to walk with liberty in the Kingdom of God. We agreed to keep the rules when we accepted the blood sacrifice; we entered covenant. To ask for forgiveness and then to agree to the terms means we have a part to play, a roll to honor in service to the KINGDOM. One cannot accomplish this when tethered to the enemies deceptions.  

We were never the victims of those who fought for us.

I will spend the rest of my years encouraging Americans to let go of the insanity of racial separation. The "Kid's of the Kingdom" as I so affectionately refer to those who chase after the goodness of Abba, Father must recognize that God created the beauty found in all of us. We stand with awe and wonder gazing up at his promised bow of colors when the rain, the living water falls (at no cost) replenishing, not destroying life.
We must see that same beauty in one another and we must remember those who fought the good fight to bring the amazing revelation of the LOVE of Yahweh forward.

We are the Un-Colored, from racism, Un-Broken, from pain, Un-Ashamed, because of forgiveness MIRACLE that has caused the God of Creation to continue redeeming mankind. This is the heart, soul and conviction of Jeff Morton. There is no other greater purpose to my life than to share who we really are as opposed to the lie that continues to enslave, deceive, destroy.

As family, lifting, encouraging, and pursuing the things of the Kingdom is how [I absolutely believe] God's blessing will chase after us. Those who died fighting for the Kingdom must be the reason we have identity as opposed to identifying ourselves with prejudice, bigotry, hatred and un-forgiveness.

I weep for those who stand with allegiance to racism, bigotry, and biblical stupidity. The world is full of fools just as Abba, Father said it would be. The fools are surrounding us and they intend to kill us.......They intend to try to stop the Kingdom of God from existing because the King of Creation is coming. Remember those who died for freedom. Until the time of rest this insanity continues.

Are you a tare or are you wheat?....It is the simplest of questions to ask ones self!
Matthew 13:30 Let both grow together until the harvest and in the time of the harvest, I shall say to the reapers, “Select out the tares first and bind them into bundles to burn, but gather the wheat to my granary

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