Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hello Everyone

Just wanted to tell you a few things.

 The new,  "LIKE"  page on Facebook is being designed. You can like this page and glean what I post from here in the near future [Blog-Talk-Radio-Un-Coloring-Race on Facebook] Link will follow soon

The amount of money needed for me to attend CUFI or Christian's United for Israel Summit 2013 has been achieved. [less a bit of spending money and food etc, etc, the entire cost including airfare and room accommodations has been met.] THANK YOU!

I believed that Abba, Father, wanted me to go to DC this year having never attended. Additionally, I believe that Abba, Father wanted me to consider the time spent on Facebook verses the time he wants me to spend sharing with people face to face. I have limited my exposure on Facebook to a simple "LIKE" page featuring my blog, the blog talk radio program and the as yet, unfinished website. I am trying to set up that page now realizing that others are far better at these things then am I.

The book,"Women, THE CROWN JEWEL OF CREATION" is coming along slowly but, it is coming along.
Consider watching the following  presentation by Dr. Frank Seekins

Personally, I have been upset spiritually concerning the horrific events taking place. I see the world through a different lens. I see events unfolding that are totally, absolutely poking my God in the eye with impunity. Boiling just under the surface is an explosive hatred that is soon to be unleashed upon all of the God Fearers. The solider killed in Britain is not an isolated occurrence but rather a foreshadow of the kind of killing and brutality soon to be unleashed globally. I also see such a disconnect among believers in the principles of God's family within the earth. We are almost sitting ducks not really realizing that we are the target of the next Holocaust.

Often times there are churches, two three, four or more within the neighborhood whereby these "God Loving" communities do not know one another...what kind of family is that? What sort of salt does that produce? I have a growing passion to bring Pastors together......The enemy is coalescing and surrounding the camp! Far too many leaders do not realize that the hatred for all things of God is why. Far too many think that God will save the day...However he created us for a purpose and we must honor our purpose. We were created to do something. If we cannot be politically righteous, wholeheartedly, ONE BODY then what does the enemy have to fear?

I am probably the most grateful person that I know...Nevertheless, I am in disbelief far too much of the time concerning the church, religious leaders, and the state of God's people in America. If my people will pray....perhaps this should also say, "If my people will PRAY, STAND, and BATTLE the enemy?" We are in a battle...

Anyway, I so appreciate what God is doing and very thankful to so many, many people, "YOU GUYS" for supporting what he is doing with me. [As imperfect as I am]

I will leave you with this thought:

If the IRS, EPA and Department of Justice are setting up a governmental hierachy that locks us out of the system or worse destroys our ability to have a voice, or even worse yet, sets up a governmental system supported by people who hate us, should the dollar collapse how much political representation would we [God Fearers] have?  The need for us to come together is an imperative. Christians United for Israel, Israel, where our KING shall stand upon the Mt of Olive or Mt Moriya has the right idea for such a time as this!
Israel is currently surrounded by her enemies....
Time for the Non Jews to wake up!

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Nancy said...

Can't wait to read your book, if you need someone to edit or proofread or write a review, let me know...

Nancy King