Friday, May 10, 2013

Fighting While Living With Defeat

The story of the three women so horribly discarded for ten years, treated like personal punching bags or worse, vaginas on a shelf has really taken a great big chunk of my joy this week. I cannot stop thinking about the hell inflicted on these women, nor can I get out of my head the idea that for ten years this man held these girls captive in front of the entire community. The idea of an occupied, boarded up house with a lone man frequently seen carrying bags of McDonald's in and out of this home for ten years while no one thinks twice about it, boggles my mind. The idea of, neighborhood collapses at this point for me. We have become a country where it is common to say, "I have no idea who lives next door to me." This guy punched babies while they were gestating in the womb.....Now they want to kill him for it?

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia Dr. Kermit Gosnel made millions of dollars killing babies, legally! The very idea that he is on trial now for killing a few illegally speaks volumes about how warped the United States of America!

In my personal life, an old problem resurfaces. It has never gone away nor is it being addressed and so this week I feel like I have been kicked in the stomach on a few levels. My world is a struggle just like all of yours and so we fight on. This week however, defeat seems to have jumped out in front of what I do, sort of like a deer in the headlights.

I have zero confidence in the current administration. In fact, how I see what is happening to America is in my opinion, the epitome of pathetic!  Watching the testimony of those directly affected by the Benghazi nightmare which led to the death of four Americans who fought for seven hours unassisted by our Government, our military only serves to further convince me that the United States of America has allowed our government to become.....LIBERAL. The conservative voice of America should be near riotous and yet the political reality of our nations is embarrassing. Incidentally, what I mean by liberal is what I always mean:

I am asking Abba, Father if I can go to Washington DC to participate in the Christians United for Israel Summit knowing that much of Christianity is abhorrent to me insofar as the Christian doctrines have removed the Hebraic reality from God's word. I live to try to get believers to return to the foundation of God's instructions to all of us. He began with these words: In The Beginning! Doing this work, guided by the hand of Abba, Father is not unlike walking to the moon in nothing but your underwear. Sometimes, like now, I ask Abba, Father...why bother? The problem for me is...if we don't do something, say something...who will?

I was listening to Glenn Beck yesterday. He was rallying the bloggers to be the news. Intriguing idea because what we are fed via mainstream media is almost like watching Jon Lovitz at various times of the day

Like many of you..those of us out here trying to make a difference have all sorts of problems that we contend with as well. I received a great compliment yesterday and a familiar let down as well...and so it goes! Speaking of Glenn Beck...He is like the lone ranger. I really, truly don't know how he does what he does knowing that he also has the difficulty of remaining safe, certainly his family all the while screaming, AMERICA, WAKE UP!

I have come to accept the fact that approximately 50% of the folks who are the American citizen are, for lack of a better word...lost! The other 50% are allowing the lost to run the country, go figure?

In America you can now receive pet food stamps, yup!
In America, Al Gore has become very wealthy...but he has no job!
In America, the Sal Alinksy economic plan is now a reality
In America, the father of your kids can now marry your brother.
In America, you can be stupid every time to open your mouth as the mayor of New York City
In America, people like me have to keep picking our selves up because of people who simply don't give a damn!

May God help me to stay in this fight.
[I asked a Christian women yesterday if she thought it odd that the church does not teach her anything about the Jewishness of Jesus...She said to me, why should they, He was a Christian? Geez!

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