Thursday, May 30, 2013

Doing the Radio Show & the Okie Doke!

Funny how Abba, Father provides a blessing [Trip to Washington DC for CUFI event] and then the world snatches away the joy or at least tries to. Let me explain:

I am a renter,  We have not owned a home since 2007. The last child left home in 2010, I relocated to Tacoma, Washington from Vancouver, Washington. I have lived in 7 locations since 2007. We were informed yesterday that the rental is to be sold. Okay, no big deal this is what happens when one rents. The problem is moving, yuck! We don't have the income that we use to have so packing up and moving is a hardship for us. We are not becoming homeless and so let's keep all of this in perspective. Our world did not end with this news.

My little dog, Scruffers was killed by the landlord's dog a month after we moved in to this property in front of my wife. So, the blessing..we rented a home, a friend handed to me $3000.00 in order to rent this place, a month later my dog is ripped to sheds. This is how fighting the battle is for us. The landlord informed us that he put his dog down when it killed ours but he never offered recompense and so it goes. I opted not to pursue all the legal rights that were available to us. Who wants to have that kind of sourness between men? Nevertheless, it was a tough, tough, day coming home from a speaking trip to Vegas knowing that my dog of nearly 11 years was dead. We have lived with this memory for as long.

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I am being contacted by some amazing folks concerning the radio show or Un-Coloring Race. I have stopped the Messianic eye poking but unequivocally support returning to our ROOT. God purposed the Hebrew realities as a way to reveal himself. Here is the bottom line for me, My favorite teachers of the Bible are Pastor Mark Biltz and Rico Cortes. I don't see the Bible from a religious perspective particularly Christian anymore but rather an authoritative perspective. I have reconnected my Christians understanding of God's word to it's root. This alone has enhanced my understanding of God about 98% more then what Christianity teaches. But to throw what God is doing in the assembly of the church under the bus is silly! God is God, not a denomination. Nor is he a particular Jewish sect. It is not possible for him to be allah. The Bible is the revelation and instructions of the God of Israel who is redeeming the nations that he purposed to exist. He has rules and brings forth his Torah/Gospel through LOVE, JUSTICE and HOLINESS. Many in today's generation are fornicating themselves out of participating in what is to come. I bring people on to my radio show who promote the Kingdom of Yahweh and whose lives have been changed because of asking God to include them in his plans. Nuff said!

The Blessing: El Shaddai Ministries handed to me a check for $1500.00 asking me to accompany the leadership to Washington DC. Several others around the country have also made this trip possible. I am grateful, full of gratitude. The robber, thief, comes to snatch away the blessing. Headed to Washington DC in July and having to pack up our lives and move before July 1st. Incidentally, our first year anniversary of being remarried is July 22nd. I will be in DC. My wife has to begin the process of packing up a three bedroom home (with me) in between her job, look for a place to live and then watch me get on a plan for DC when the dust settles. She is a trooper even when she hates, "trooping!"

Since leaving Facebook I have received 47 letters from people expressing to me how they have appreciated my posts and information. I have not stopped folks just being redirected. I appreciate every letter, every phone call. Thank you!

God is moving us and opening doors. The enemy is trying to rob us and beat us down!...I refuse to see things through the eyes of a defeated foe. No, we don't have money to move and no, we are not jumping up and down at the prospect of moving! No way am I looking forward to trying to find a home, paying the fees and filling out the applications with a marginal credit history [being unemployed for nearly 3 years has had its affect.] No way am I looking forward to what my wife must now go through, she hates this, hates it! Michele, my wife is actually a warrior rising. Of this I have no doubt!

I am however, looking forward to what YHWH is doing. I am looking forward to finishing my book. I am looking forward, beyond this moment, and saying to the God of blessings, "Here I am LORD, what next?"
We need all kinds of resources and money to move. Therefore the Elohim of Israel, of whom I serve will provide all kinds of resources & money necessary. This is how it works when called out of Babylon.

Keeping those of you in prayer who are in far, far worse shape, always!...When all is said and done, may we  enter his gates with thanksgiving and praise!
Our friend Cheryl Lewis cooking raw in our home last year. A picture of optimism!

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Ahuvah Lewis said...

That's a cool sista at the end of your blog! lol!! But on a serious note, I believe that Abba is positioning all of us to get us all prepared for what is to come. I am looking at my situation of most likely having to move with optimism. Because even though it doesn't look like it now, it might be a great thing. And just think, we have lived here almost thirteen years so just think of all the unnecessary stuff we have accumulated!