Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DC trip up-date

For those who are supportive of what Abba, Father is doing with the entire reason I do any of this please understand...I HAVE NO IDEA what God is going to do or preparing me for. Like you, I sit and wonder, "What next Father, what next?"

Currently the fund to get me to Washington DC for the Christians United for Israel summit July 21-25th has been support with $375.00, and the cost of the event is now paid. Lacking is the airfare and hotel accommodations. [I ain't got no cousins up in DC so, I have to stay in a hotel]

Currently, the airfare is about 500.00+ and the rooms are right around 200.00 per-night, within walking distance. With respect to timing, booking this trip soon is very, very important as these costs change as the days dwindle. Your support, generosity, and participation is what I am asking Abba, Father to honor. Ultimately, and I do believe this...HE will be the reason I make this trip. A certain responsibility to you and to those who have already contributed is why I am posting the following update. Typically folks fly me in to speak or accommodate my being there...Obviously, this is different situation with me believing that I am going to this summit...

Thank you

A gigantic thank you to James P...(thanks dear friend)

[Needed still is 1500.00]
Michele will not be making the trip with me. Our personal situation and finances requires her to remain standing guard!

Contributions via Paypal:
Please use my email address or the tab on this blog located at the left column or you can us the following non profit per Dr. Russ Houck as long as you make a specific notation....Un-coloring Race, trip to Washington DC Click here
You guys are the best, We thank you!

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