Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Christians United For Israel Pastor's Luncheon Summary

Pastor, Dr Michael Stevens
I had the good fortune of attending another Christian's United for Israel pastor's luncheon today in Tukwilla, Washington. Tukwilla serves rather nicely a middle ground location/community bridging Seattle and Tacoma. This is my 3rd luncheon hosted by Pastor Michael Stevens who is officially the African American Outreach Coordinator for CUFI. Pastor, Dr. Michael Stevens is also Senior Pastor of University City Church of University City, North Carolina.

Bishop Edwin C Bass
Among those in attendance were Pastors Mark Biltz and Art Palecek of El Shaddai Ministries located in Tacoma, Washington, Senior Pastor Dr. Larry W. Carter of Good Hope Community Church, COGIC, Tacoma, Washington, Reverend Kenneth J. Ransfer, SR of Greater Mount Baker Baptist Church Seattle, Washington, Bishop Edwin C Bass President, COGIC Urban Initiatives INC, St Louis, Missouri, Pastor Elizabeth Itegi, representing Pastor Ephantus Itegi of Tabernacle Temple of Praise Worship Center, Federal Way, Washington, Pastor Nathaniel Kinlow Jr, Faith Temple COIGIC, Bremerton, Washington, Senior Pastor Reggie Witherspoon of Mt Calvary Christian Center, Seattle, Washington, Dan Cathcart of Moed Ministries, Auburn, Washington, Pastor Jason Swofford, Meyer's Road Baptist Church, Bonneylake, Washington, Pastor Sam Bass of BibleScope, Spanaway, Washington, Pastor Dave Pearson, Seattle Church and several others who I may or may not have spoken with.
Pastor, Dr John  & Linda Penton
Possibly the person that I would love to know better who was also present is Pastor, Dr. John W. Penton of Roosevelt Heights Church of God in Christ. I would also add, I was hopeful that Pastor Penton would be there and he was.
Pastor Jason Swofford

Pastor Stevens of course talked about Christian United for Israel and what this organization is doing across the globe as well as on the American College Campus's to counter the incendiary lies and total misrepresentation of Israel for nearly 2000 years. I am familiar with the presentation having participated for several years in CUFI sponsored events. I always thought I was a member but realized today that I was not and so I took care of that prior to the luncheon, how odd?

I sat in the room this afternoon peering out over a rather distinguished group of folks thinking, Father...bring us together in the way that you bring your kids together. I started the year out with a prayer. Abba, Father...please allow me to be the catalyst that would bring hearts out of the last 2000 years of separation and rejection.

Pastors Ephantus & Elizabeth Itegi
I pray often that our "Great God" would tear down the walls of division however, I am not soft, gentle nor do I participate in political correctness. Equally, I am not from the mind of the current generation. My grandma would have damn near killed me if I talked like some of the folks today!

Pastor Art Palecek

Nevertheless, I sat in a room full of folks who can cause a gigantic shift in how our Father responds here in the Pacific Northwest. I spoke privately with Pastor Stevens concerning how difficult it is to do the very thing that he came to Seattle, Tacoma area to do namely, bring folks together. He agreed this area is very hard to reach however, his optimism was not dampened nor was he a bit discouraged. He was here and so was I to do what can be done.

I suggested to the room before everyone dispersed, "Why not continue to do what CUFI is here to effect, lets have lunch and get to know one another!" I wrote about this very thing in February.
Rev Kenneth J. Ransfer Jr

The unlimited word of our maker is opening up just as Daniel the prophet records "But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run back and forth, and knowledge shall be increased."
 .....The knowledge has always been about the book or HIS word......

What God has poured into my being most do not know, certainly in many churches throughout the world. I sat in this room with all of these wonderful people feeling as though I was going to explode because of what is brimming in my spirit concerning; increased knowledge. I could not help but to think, Father YOU are doing something extraordinary in the hearts of your people forever recognizing that HE is doing it, not Jeff. This simple truth causes me to diffuse, to relax...to have a smoke & relax [metaphorically] as someone close to me so often shares.
Pastor Mark Biltz

Because I am a Biblical conservative, speak what is in my heart, and toss STUPID under the bus, folks are a little tempered concerning how Jeff Morton is...so be it! An outrageous war is soon to overcome much of the planet certainly, the Middle East. All the while, God's word is returning many of us, "Back to the Beginning." I see opportunity, I see the Ruach of our Elohim rolling across the planet announcing, RIGHTEOUSNESS is coming. I am asking the Father to cause others to see it too. This is what I watched today at the Pastor's luncheon. The God of Israel, the God of every nation, every people, every skin color truly does answer prayer.

The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation is exploding like in the same way a sunburst shoots from the surface of our son. Those who are willing to step up their game by submitting to all that the Master is doing, will have a mind altering, out of this world spiritual experience......The Creator is turning on the lights!

Pastor Reggie Witherspoon
Abba, Father will you not open these doors too? You wrote your word through the Hebrews and they taught the nations. Will you honor, for your name sake what by restoring all of us from the lies that we have inherited?

Jeremiah 16:19
Yahweh, my strength, and my stronghold, and my refuge in the day of affliction, to you shall the nations (Gentiles) come from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Our fathers have inherited nothing but lies, [even] vanity and things in which there is no profit.

I added the following because...well quite frankly, Jesus was Jewish


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