Sunday, May 5, 2013


Send Jeff and Michele to Washington DC for the Christians United for Israel Summit. Make contribution today [Thank You!] 

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Tonight's show will start at 6:00pm West Coast time. 

If you have been considering a blessing, something very special that you want to do for someone else I know just the thing. Over on the left hand side of this website/ can click onto the PAYPAL tab and make a contribution that will send two people to Washington DC for the Christians United for Israel Summit. Now we all know what it feels like to bless someone, here is a chance to experience that feeling again. I am sure that the two people who are needing such a blessing will be blown away. Now remember, this is an opportunity to make a difference in the life or lives of someone else...Won't you join us and make this happen for these two wonderful people of faith? Below is a picture of the needy couple. May God bless you for making a difference. Shalom!
OUR one year anniversary is July 22, 2013 having remarried on this day last year....the same time of the Summit...My wife just reminded me...oops!

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