Tuesday, April 2, 2013

YHWY said, "Not so fast, Mr. Man!"

I was ready to chuck Blog Talk Radio when Abba Father said, NO! Here are a few folks that apparently God wants you all to hear from...I have spoken with everyone below...Not sure if Bill Cloud has agreed to chat with me in the up coming shows...It would be great to also hear from Tony Robinson as well

So, I am going to move forward. I need folks to help me put together a more professional package...need funds, and need help!
Pastor Art Palecek

On April 7th Uncoloring Race, Returning to the Beginning [My Blog Talk Radio show] will interview Julian I'mtiredoffolkslyingonG-d Jackson

Pastor Julian Jackson
Chloe Simone Valdary
Laurie Cordoza-Moore
Sam Clarke
Rico Cortes
Tony Robinson, Bill Cloud and Me
Pastor Mark Biltz
Nathan Grapes

On April 14th I will re-interview Pastor Jason Swofford

On April 21 I will chat with ChloƩ Simone Valdary

I will eventually have a conversation with Rico Cortes and Bill Cloud, Pastor Mark Biltz, Laurie Cardoza-Moore, Reverend Sam Clarke and Pastor Art Palecek.

I am looking to share with our growing audience your story as well...Stay tuned....

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