Thursday, April 11, 2013


Okay, so now I know what happened on the previous visit with Pastor Jason Swofford  to our broadcast back on March 31st. The time zone changes are a bit confusing for, guess who? Yup, I was scheduling the shows for 6:00 PM Pacific....In order for the host or NCI Radio [New Covenant Israel] to accommodate me better they changed it to 6:00 PM too. Here is the problem. When they changed it to 6:00 PM too, my show went live at 4:00 because I am two hours behind Central timing...Are you confused yet?

When Pastor Jason and I sat down to chat we had only one hour left because I had been broadcasting according to the computer for an hour already. When I called into start my show the computer counted down because to it, I was supposed to call 1 hour and 15 minutes earlier.....It was a mess!

Why am I telling you this?: 

The one hour that Pastor Jason Swofford and I spent talking is the most listened to show since Un-Coloring Race, Returning to the Beginning  launched back on February 24th, 2013

We have received a few contributions which were used to purchase better equipment for sound quality. I also need to get a hold of a headset and MP3 Player. Looking for a EMF headset so I don't cook my brain. As always YOUR SUPPORT is what makes a lot of this happen.

My voice has changed due to the cancer surgery I underwent in January, 2012. I am probably a bit more conscious of this change then I need to be...oh well!

Now where was I? Oh yeah,  Pastor Jason Swofford will once again be my guest this weekend. Our previous show...with all of the technical issues is here
[Sometimes it is better to open the show in your player.]

You can listen to any of the previous shows here You may even find other broadcasts via NCI that you find worthy of your time.

Pastor Jason Swofford is the Pastor of Myer's Road Baptist Church located in Bonneylake, WA.  He will discuss, The "Path to Salvation" keying in on, among other things, the Biblical Feasts of the LORD and how they are truly a path into the Kingdom of God. Check out some of what Pastor Jason Swofford has swirling around in cyber-land better known as U-Tube. I should mention, too that Bill Cloud will be visiting this congregation on May 16th, 2013...I think this is now confirmed?

We are making improvements to what we are doing so bare with us as we get better!

Thank you for your support and for tuning in

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