Friday, April 26, 2013

Tennesse County asks, "Okay to bomb Israel, teach our kids lies about why?"

The growing controversy in Tennessee concerning a book which is in circulation for advanced placement students is in my opinion, another method used to revise history....If you are from the ghettos of New York we call it "Lying yo a-s off!"
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So, let me break it down for you:

If Israel protects itself from people like the Boston Marathon bombers, or Al-Qeada, or the terrorists who took down the Twin Towers, or the nut balls running Iran, or the Syrian monster using chemical weapons to stop Al Qeada from taking over Syria, or the Shoe bomber, or other Muslims who live in order to kill people...around the globe, they (Israel) are performing war crimes and injustices for the Arabs who are now called, Palestinians.......This thinking goes way beyond STUPID!

Why on earth would any American parent stand against anyone teaching their kids that Israel is the boogie man? [Especially when a horde of Arabs are trying to wipe an entire race of human beings off the map.]

These parents are being called Israeli sympathizers, excuse me!..How about decent parents who stand for truth. How about people who are trying to stop the poison being taught to our kids. I don't know if you are paying attention but by the time your child completes college most of them love the terrorists....

It's true, our kids are being taught that anything insane is now normal and what is normal is now insane! The American public, like the folks down in Williamson, Tennessee better wake up and stand up before this nation protesting the lunacy that is now replacing American Exceptionalism....How come the school boards across the country are no longer teaching that history? I could write for the entire weekend concerning the American brainwashing now occurring in the public School system... I need to, actually, WE NEED TO support anyone who stands up saying, NO WAY! Thank you Williamson, Tennessee!

I will be speaking with Laurie Cardoza-Moore this Sunday night on my radio broadcast. (6:00pm Pacific, 8:00 Central)  I am absolutely, positively certain that we will talk about this issue; hope you tune in. In the mean time, take a peek at what this book is not teaching down in Tennessee.

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