Monday, April 8, 2013

Supporters, support, Right?

Click this link for the most recent internet radio broadcast. *Thanks for your continued support* CLICK HERE 

How the Blog Talk programming works: 
I was gifted a two hour time slot via New Covenant Israel or NCI [
 Dr. Russ (Pappy) Houck invited me to participate in the line up of shows on their Network offering me a two hour time slot. I was also offered a two hour time slot via Cornerstone Baptist Church which I am truly grateful for. As I learn how the broadcasts are done and meander through some of the technical curves as well as complaints that I have with Blog Talk I am mindful that this is what God put in front of me and that he continues to encourage. I love doing this but some of the things that I am not familiar with bug me. 
I would also like to improve the shows quality but am limited via how Blog Talk does things...and, improvements take money. When Abba, Father, sends the resources those improvements will be considered. If you are like minded in what the program discusses and would like to send me a mp3 (2 to 3 minute spot) contact me at or the content is something that is compatible with the show or an announcement of an up coming event let's talk about it. I will ask for a financial contribution to be used towards improving the show so please keep that in mind. I would also very much like to donate to NCI from time to time (and will) as they do cover the cost of everything that my show does via Blog Talk
Now, here is a link to my blog that lists upcoming guests who are scheduled:
Please consider a contribution to help, it really does HELP!

I am not going to have anyone on the program whose purpose is to shred what I believe so forget it, don't even ask!.......All other inquiries welcome. The show is gaining in listener-ship.....I am the most grateful man that I know...Even though my voice has changed due to the cancer that I don't have anymore I continue to read your compliments, which encourage me even more so. May you be richly blessed today and thank you 
 Currently, all contributions have to be made through my blog or website which is still not finished yet...But Nancy King and I will get there soon
**Note to Nancy, I simply ran out of time this weekend!**

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