Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Native Quest & Sacred Red Road Cultural Center

I was floored last night with a visit to the Sacred Red Road Cultural Center last night:

Contact the Director, Melissa  
14806 Pacific Ave S
Tacoma, WA 98444
253 537-7722

I met with folks who have lived through yet our Creator continues to raise them up for his purposes.
If you are a 1st Nation person, the books on the shelf will dazzle you...Shop till you drop! I encourage you who are local to this book store and cultural center...take a moment and visit what they are doing. Our Native Americans have a history that will shock many of you....Trust me! Every book you purchase supports the life of someone in need.

Equally, I meet several woman who were gathered together at NATIVE QUEST a resource and support, non profit for women....I shared with a few in the room...I am so, very, very, very impressed with YHWY's daughters as many of you know...The world has shattered so many of HIS girls, women, primarily because men have lost their identity and now take from women what women are not designed to give in my opinion. I was almost moved to tears to see these women gathering in support of one another.......You will see more from me concerning this effort as well as a planned interview with Sonja Howard, the current director of Native Quest.

I encourage you to support with your giving this dedicated group of woman who are dealing with issues such as domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, rape, abuse...You name it, many of these women have lived it!

These folks are sort of feeling around in a dark world for the light switch...They need help and financial contributions. The revival of what they have always represented is underway...Please offer your support!
Contact Sonja Howard

14806 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, WA 38444
253 353-6643
Currently they need a three compartment stainless steel sink..I will install it for them. Need someone to donate the sink, thank you!

The people that I met last night are folks who are "Un-Coloring Pain. The entire reason that I wrote "Un-Coloring Race, Black to Bresheit" is about freedom from pain!


Michael Hoskins said...

Thanks Jeff for catching the vision and passion of our ladies! If I may make an address correction;
14806 Pacific Ave S Tacoma Wa 98444
Thanks again for richly blessing us!
For Sacred Red Road Cultural Center, Native Quest and Tacoma First Nations Gathering
Michael Hoskins (Blackfeet)
President, Sacred Red Road Cultural Center

Jeff Morton said...

OOPS! Thanks Michael