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Jeff Morton describes "Muutification" [mute-ti-fi-ca-tion] as:
Placing ones brain, spirit, soul, and cognitive ability in such a compromised state of being, that Righteousness, and Holiness can no longer be heard nor comprehended.
Some examples are: 
Loosing the ability to hear what is decent, good and practical for living. Opting instead to do what is indecent, not good, and maniacal. In the following video, if you are "muutified" then you are most likely quick to reject what is being heard. This may or may not alert you to the possibility that you may be infected. If you cannot see the probably have no interest and are therefore null and void already!

Some individuals who suffer from muutification will begin to laugh uncontrollably, experience condescending utterances directed at common sense and practical wisdom.

Other examples, as noted in the following video cause mutification to act in like similar manner of a virus or viral infection. The person or persons loose the ability to correctly disseminate information resulting in rage or body mutilation.
What happens to those who are muutified is almost beyond description due to the veracious, in deed, insidious lengths that people go to in order to block sensory perception and normality.
A few examples are pictured below

Muutification as a learned behavior. Nothing born inherently resembles muutification. There are no scientific studies that support muutification as a birth defect,  predetermination, or factor in the human miracle. However, muutification has evolved into a normal part of society. In some instances the effects of muutification are mainstream and becoming almost indistinguishable from wisdom and knowledge verses ignorance and stupidity. 
It is believed that muutification began to manifest in the faith based communities of the last 40 years as a result of the1960's. Those who were not faith based were easily infected by the virus due to the manner by which it spread out from literally hundreds of churches that began to value compromise and immoral acceptability.

It is said that the lack of the Christian community to value the Judaic relationship and historical component to the Hebrew foundation of the Bible finally, and after nearly 1500 years began to catch up to the interpretation that was always somewhat skewed [according to recent revelations now occurring in the earth.] This process actually began to flourish with the rebirth of the nation of Israel. Having it's roots in the shock of the "Born Again nation of  Israel by the late 70's, muutification became sort of a buzz word against truth. It seems that muutification was the last component needed in order to dismantle societal order and common sense practices. Antisemitism is also exploding as a result of this prophesied psychosis. In fact, child sacrifice was one of the first things that muutification seemed to allow to explode in the absence of anyone standing firm in support of life. Death is now heralded in many, many societies across the globe.

Additional side effects now described as permanent features of Soulless, Godless and Spiritless human beings have produced what I call the "Jerry Springer Audience" These people also vote. Millions of people are morphed from the natural person to the un-natural person. Possibly millions more who now are affected by muutification are having sexual relationships that will in effect end the reproduction processes that are responsible for all life. The ability however to produce mindless, soul-less individuals via test tubes and genetics is well underway. Muutification produces a desire to want everything but work for nothing.

All in all, muutification is possibly the most diabolical reaction to life and to the generations that have survived thus far. This virus, for lack of a better word has the propensity to cause what was once referred to as stupid to now be called smart or intelligent. We are seeing what was once considered abnormal now normal. We clearly see how the blind truly are leading the blind....One of the most obvious side effects is excruciating back pain and butt discomfort......and a lack of sight or vision

Perhaps, our God, YHWH or YEHOVAH, who is responsible for the beauty of life will soon intervene so as to restore what we have lost and to possibly heal...the world's pain

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