Monday, April 15, 2013

Do YOU Have A 5 Minute Message (Details Inside)

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I started the radio program with this one thought in mind.....Many of you have a lot to share. For those of you who are destined to enter the Kingdom of Yahweh, Un-Coloring Race, Returning to the Beginning offers you a place to share.

My show is more of a host allowing a guest to share...what you want to share.....

If you have a teaching that is in line with what my show on Blog Talk Radio is all about, what this blog is all about, what I am all about, send to me an mp3 file no more than 5 minutes long...It can be your song, your up coming Torah/Gospel based conference, a teaching, whatever! If it is something that I consider worthy to play during my show I will play it......

I am not asking for payment but you might consider a contribution supportive of what and why I do what I do....or if you cannot do that..PRAY for me and this whole thing that Abba, Father has me doing.
Pastor Jason Swofford was the first to provide me with a teaching. IF YOU ARE TOTALLY AGAINST WHAT I DO.....THIS POST IS NOT EVEN TALKING TO YOU, GO AWAY!


Pilgrims Light for the Path Who is the King.mp3Pilgrims Light for the Path Who is the King.mp3
11253K   Play   Download  
Oops! I guess you have to listen to my show in order to hear what he taught.......
Any questions, let me know @ or

May you be smothered in the security of our Elohim, and The Melek of Israel who leads the nation into redemption 


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