Sunday, April 7, 2013

If you stay connected to HOW you have been taught, you will stay "Darkly"

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I watched this segment on FOX & FRIENDS and wanted to SCREAM!!!! The Replacement Theology mindset could not have been more clear...This lie from the pit of hell is so heart breaking because this is taught in Western theology and is as common in today's vernacular as is the FORK...It is un-Godly, un-Holy and just damned wrong! 
This Catholic Priest drives me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After God spoke to me while attending back in 2007, I started sharing the message with fellow Christians. I went to former churches that I attended, talked with former Pastors. I was not received by any of them. The folks at Living Water exemplified what I have always thought we were supposed to be. To this day I am very fond of my time there. What Yahweh audibly spoke to me while sitting in the Pews at this church contradicted what I loved about the sermons at Living Water...I left. 
A month later I received a download of stuff that to this very day  I cannot explain with any real depth. So, I do what I do as a result of these two experiences. I thought that fellow Christians would jump at the opportunity to know this stuff now boiling in my being. I soon found out that nothing could have been further from what actually did happen [and continues to happen.] I understand so much more now however, my greatest hurt, my most heartbroken moments come when I see what the Churches teach verses what they miss and simply do not know....God placed into me..."Go tell the Christians" and so this is what I do...
In the beginning I was shocked at the response I got but now I understand it...How I was trying to convey what I was shown also was rough around the edges so to speak...I keep un-packaging what Abba shared with me realizing that what I see happening virtually every Christians that I speak with does not. Most are in a different concept and so they don't know and cannot see what is happening...It is the greatest, most curious thing of my life. Having said all of this, I will still present to those who are willing....the following message...PLEASE, TRY TO LEARN WHAT this blog post is communicating...In the year 2014 your eyes will possibly be opened but you will not see what you know today...It will be so amazing, so beyond anything that you can even imagine.....
Remember these verses were spoken to Jews of a different time and culture! These Jews knew what Paul was talking about! They had never seen a New Testament.
1st Thessalonians 5:1-5 But you do not need to be written to about times and seasons, my brethren. For you truly know that the day of our Lord so comes as a thief in the night. When they shall say, “There is peace and quiet”, then suddenly destruction shall arise upon them as labor pains upon a pregnant woman, and they shall not escape. But you, my brethren, you are not in darkness that the day should overtake you as a thief. For you are all children of light and children of the day and you are not children of the night, neither children of darkness.

Most Christians do not know the back story, the cultural significance, the Temple practices i.e. "Thief in the Night," or the Biblical Festivals that are wound up into these passages/statements that Rabbi Shaul (Paul in the English) is making and so it is read from a Christian concept that is virtually, diametrically, opposite of what is being spoken of. Once the person explores the proper context they perhaps, will understand Genesis 1:14 and a thousand other verses that are predicated on why God created the stars, the moon and the sun!

Once God opens the understanding a person WILL see what these two men are talking about in the following link, it will take your breath away! You will also understand better why you are seeing comets, meteors, solar activity, the eclipses in the way God created them for our understanding.

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