Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"I should have believed them, DEATH really does suck without YEHOVAH!"

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The Matrix

 Those who are living the lie and those who are watching that lie exposed. If you think the activity in the world will subside you are that person, living a lie! If you are that person who is witnessing the lie EXPOSED you are hearing the voice of God. It truly is time for people to get unplugged from the tree of the knowledge of "Good & Evil" We have had nearly seven thousand years of believing, thus, creating a reality that is not truth! Just ask Neo

I watched the following segment on FOX News a few moments ago. The woman claims to have "blinked" while in trouble during a hospital procedure. She said, "I died for nine minutes"

Here is what she had to say:
She makes the following statement when answering Gretchen Carlson's question, "I fail to find human words to describe what I experienced while I was there." [Amazon Link to Crystal's book, click here]

Last November 2012 Abba, Father showed to me the rocks that were going to follow the Messiah when he arrived on the Great and Terrible day of the LORD.
The Wrath of Yehovah, God is not what Crystal McVea saw
 1 Samuel 17
When I had the dream concerning David and Goliath, trying to find the words to describe this dream or to even find a word that was the closest was difficult. The word, "Dream" is the closest word that I could find that describes what I saw. I was apparently sleeping when this happened. However, during this experience I was not sleeping nor did what was happening resemble a sleep, dream of rem type experience. When the Meteor passed by me and blew up a large section of the earth I could hear it crackling.
I could hear the meteor's velocity and I could hear the explosion that occurred on the planet. I was not aware from space that it hit New York City nor did I know from space that it was the United Nations Complex located in upper Manhattan. In what appeared to be a split second in time or a nano second I saw the meteor crash into the complex at street level. The voice that I could hear said, " I warned you with the hands of men" I knew he or the voice was referring to the time when the Muslim attempted to bring down the Twin Towers in 1993.
The voice continued, "I warned you a second time with the hands of men." I knew that this was in 2001 when the Twin Towers collapsed having been destroyed. The voice said, "But this rock is not cut from the hand of men" I immediately knew that the voice was referring to David and Goliath whereby David tossed a rock at the giant. I knew that on the Great and terrible day of the LORD...that something like this was going to happen as a direct result of the Messiah slaying the giants who would come against Israel.

When Crystal McVea made her statement above I knew her words were sincere. I cannot explain it to people but I knew that what she was trying to share...is very, very, very limited when spoken. I immediately came to my computer to write what you are reading.

I would also encourage you to listen to the following interview with Rick Wiles and Pastor Mark Biltz


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