Monday, April 22, 2013

I received the following Prayer Request

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Dan Calic is my friend...We have never shook hands but one day, perhaps in Jerusalem?
I understand the heart of this request and will earnestly pray that every need be met. I am posting this because, if their is that one person or those people who are able to help financially Debbie and Dan Calic accomplish this, please go before Abba and seek his will on how to best serve our brother and sister. Thank you!

Who is Dan Calic?
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God's Everlasting Covenant

Shalom friends,

We have a prayer request.

Daniel has one child, a son. He is a legally disabled adult. He suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, ADD and Autism. There are no physical disabilities, only mental. Upon entering high school the school psychologist told Daniel and his late wife their son would never graduate due to the extent of his disability.


In his junior year he was taken out of special education classes and placed in mainstream ones. Something miraculous took place. He began to assimilate and comprehend. Not only did he end up graduating, he did so cum loude!

His mother who was gravely ill at that point was able to attend her beloved son's graduation. It was a momentous day for Daniel's family. Later that year she went to the L-rd at the young age of 44.
On May 4th [which is also Daniel's birthday] his son is set to graduate from college with a 3+ grade point average! He will become the only member of Daniel's entire family to have the honor of graduating from college.


This brings us to the prayer request. Daniel would love to attend his son's graduation. Our prayer is for provision in order that he can share in this joyous occasion with his son. No grandparents are left on either side of the family, so without his father there Daniel's son won't have a parent or grandparent to share in this once in a lifetime experience.

Thus we lift up to the L-rd and ask for your prayers for provision for Daniel to fly from Israel to California to be with his son on this special day. We stand in the gap and pray the L-rd sends His Holy Spirit to call from the Heavenly realms that a way will be made for father and son to be together.

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I received this email from Deborah, Dan's wife! You gotta love God's Daughters!

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