Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From the Heart!

An email that I sent out to a "kaBillion" people!

Hello Everyone,

Both my blog and radio show are increasing. I wanted to share something that I think is paramount to doing any of this.

For a few weeks now...
My spirit has been alive with understanding Unity in the presence of our magnificent Creator. For us to think that we have a right edition to what he has born into existence is quite foolish....Who can know the mind of Yahweh? Nevertheless, I am hearing in my spirit that HE loves our discussion of him...not our bickering! This sense of his character has almost reached a crescendo in my spirit

When I started sharing the information poured into my being several years ago...I wanted my fellow Christians brothers and sister to know this...Being, "Zealous" was an understatement! I now realize that our Father's heart is warmed when he hears our considerate discussion of him. Sort of like a room full of our children discussion God not knowing that we the parents, were listening. How much would this warm our hearts? The same thing is possible with Abba, Father.
The more that I learn, the more that I realize how much I don't know but even more then this, the more I appreciate the heart of Father, God.

My blog, the radio show will both mirror this best as I can when discussing HIS word! What will not change is my never ending support for Israel and people of Biblical faith...I will never stop challenging "Replacement Theology" concepts nor will I stop exposing a religious spirit when confronted with religious nut balls! "The Jews Killed Jesus, Death to Christians and Jews and racism....
Among what I call, "The Kids of the Kingdom" the days ahead of us are very, very dark. With our discussions we have to be a light revealing the HEART of the Elohim of Israel...Why do any of this if we cannot represent HIM....This is the call of my spirit today

Shalom, Shalom!
Jeff Morton


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